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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2004, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 15,585

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War is Very Profitable. Invest Your Own Children. nt

Iraq: on the Front Lines with the Shia

For these men, the Sunnis as a whole are the enemy, regardless of whether they are Isis supporters or not. For them, western strategies of trying to defeat Isis by depriving it of mass Sunni support are nonsense.

"When I withdraw my forces now the Sunnis will come back and they will become an incubator for Isis again," said one fighter. "When I liberate an area from Isis why do I have to give it back to them? Either I erase it or settle Shia in it."

"If it's for me I will start cleansing Baghdad from today," added another fighter. "We have not started sectarian war, we are just trying to secure our areas, but if the sectarian days come back then I am sure it will be won by us."


In my view, this is a 1400 year old religious war.

"you can't win it" - GWB

Prosecution of our own war crimes, and creating a better America here at home, one that we can hold up as an example for the rest of the world, is our best course of action. Not more war.

Foley murder video 'may have been staged'


Analysts believe the British jihadi in the video may not have been James Foley's killer, although it is accepted that the journalist was murdered

The video of James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, it has emerged.

Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

SMH - Beheading Foley is an Attempt to Drag the US Back Into a Ground War in Iraq.

"What's happening is they are trying to get Western intervention in Iraq and Syria," says Clarke Jones, a former national security operative specialising in counterterrorism now with the Australian National University.

"That would enable them to develop a new and powerful narrative of Western oppression of Muslims that would help them attract a new wave of recruits."

Renowned Norwegian terrorism expert Thomas Hegghammer agrees, questioning whether the attack on the Yazidis, raids into Kurdistan and the beheading of Foley could all be a "deliberate provocation strategy".

"ISIS seems to be doing everything it can (short of attacks on the West) to draw the US into conflict," he tweeted.

An angry West suits Islamic State, says Monash University terrorism expert Greg Barton. Hostility to Muslims feeds into their narrative of belittled Muslims persecuted by non-believers. It helps recruiting among their target audience and, at the same time, puts pressure on Western governments to act.


92% of Saudis believe that "IS conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law."

92% of Saudis believe that "IS conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law."

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/politics/2014/07/saudi-families-refuse-condolences-isis-position.html#ixzz3BKY0uTCF

Gotta pay for the new war somehow! Signed, pissed off!

President Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law


China Broadcasting Endless Loop of Foley Execution On Huge Screen In Beijing, (& Ferguson)

That’s Beijing editor-in-chief Steve George told Quartz:”This type of juxtaposition is fairly common in China,” says George, adding that images of peace and prosperity in China are typically contrasted with clips of violence around the world, promoting the narrative that “chaos looms beyond our pleasant and safe borders.”

- See more at: http://yournewswire.com/china-broadcasting-endless-loop-of-foley-execution-on-huge-screen-in-beijing/#sthash.gn1seqVG.dpuf

Glad they all have (our) jobs.

Libya Islamists say they have taken Tripoli airport

Tripoli (AFP) - Islamist fighters in the Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn) coalition said on Saturday they have captured Tripoli airport after 10 days of clashes with nationalist militiamen.

A statement shown on screen on An-Nabaa television, regarded as close to the Islamists, said: "Fajr Libya announces that it totally controls Tripoli international airport."

The strategic site 30 kilometres (20 miles) south of the Libyan capital, has been shut since July 13 amid skirmishes between the Islamists and nationalist fighters from Zintan west of Tripoli, who had held the airport since the 2011 fall of long-time dictator Moamer Kadhafi.


Hmmmm..... do we need to attack these guys too? (sarcasm)

US considers air strikes in Syria after murder of James Foley

Officials briefed American media organisations that the White House was now considering seeking Congressional approval for unlimited use of force against the jihadi group. Such approval was last given in 2001 against al-Qaeda and in 2002 against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

That would allow an expansion of American military action which is at present limited to Iraq for 60 days, under presidential powers.

An administration official told Washington Post that contingency plans for broader air strikes in Syria had been drafted although Mr Obama had not yet asked for them.

Other options include stepping up training and equipping moderate rebel groups or Kurds within Syria.


I love that last line- cuz that's exactly how we got ISIS! Yesterdays moderate is tomorrows terrorist!

It's exactly how we got OBL and al Qaeda as well.

Consider this - one of ours is murdered and the administration wants to spend billions and kill thousands - imagine how the Iraqis must feel who've seen their lives shattered by our 12 years of aggression.

At least, for goodness sake, can the administration press for a tax on the wealthiest to pay for this new debacle???? (of course not - cuz it's meant to benefit the wealthy military contractors).

I also imagine, if you look at a map of force deployment and air strike, that what we're defending is the oil fields.

"We created the breeding ground for a force that is much more significant than al Qaeda.....

Al Qaeda considers it 'too militant'. A force that hardly had any leverage before.

So that in the name of defeating al Qaeda, we invaded a country that had nothing to do with all Qaeda, and now we've created an even worse force in a strategically far more important and sensitive area of the world" - Robert Scheer

Let's not do it again by prolonging our engagement further.
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