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Elizabeth Warren Offers Democrats More Than a 2016 Candidacy—She Offers a 2014 Agenda


Detroit—Elizabeth Warren says she is not running for president in 2016—despite the enthusiastic “Run, Liz, Run” chanting that erupted when the senator from Massachusetts took the stage at this year’s Netroots Nation conference. But Warren came to Detroit with the platform on which Democrats should be running in 2016.

And in 2014.

Warren is frequently described as a populist. And she can certainly frame her message in populist terms, as was well illustrated by the strongest statement of her Friday Netroots Nation address: “A kid gets caught with a few ounces of pot and goes to jail, but a big bank launders drug money and no one gets arrested. The game is rigged.”

But as the Rev. William Barber, of North Carolina’s “Moral Mondays” movement, reminded the conference in a Thursday evening keynote address, populism is not an ideology or a program unto itself. Populism can go left or go right. Populism can be cogent or crude. What matters is the vision that underpins a populist appeal.

What Elizabeth Warren brought to the Netroots Nation gathering was a progressive vision that is of the moment—a vision rooted in the understandings that have been established in the years since the “Republican wave” election of 2010. As Republicans in Congress practiced obstructionism, and as an increasingly activist Supreme Court knocked down historic democratic protections, Republican governors aggressively attacked labor rights, voting rights and women’s rights. Citizens responded with rallies, marches and movements—in state capitals, on Wall Street, across the country. They developed a new progressive vision that is more aggressive and more precisely focused on economic and social justice demands, and on challenging the power of corporations and their political allies.

Warren’s Netroots Nation speech incorporated what has been learned, and what has been demanded. She made a connection between the movements and the political process that has tremendous significance for the coming election cycles.

Florida Gov. Rakes in Campaign Cash From CEO Who Makes Millions Locking Up Immigrants


Rick Scott will headline a $10,000 per person fundraiser at a notorious private prison company's CEO's home.

Florida Governor Rick Scott really knows how to pick a fundraiser. Last month, he was scheduled to attend a $10,000-a-plate event at the home of a real estate developer who'd done prison time on tax charges. Hours after Mother Jones disclosed the event, Scott canceled it. Now, on July 21, Scott will headline a $10,000 per person fundraiser at the Boca Raton home of another deep pocketed donor who is the CEO of a private prison company that's profiting handsomely over the immigration crisis at the Mexican border.

George Zoley is one of the founders of the GEO Group, the second-largest private prison company in the country. Among the 98 facilities the company owns or manages are several detention centers for undocumented immigrants run through contracts with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. One of those is a facility in Broward County, Florida, that's been the site of at least one hunger strike and protests over allegedly poor treatment of the 700 immigrants held there, most of whom have no serious criminal histories.

In 2012, members of Congress demanded that ICE investigate the Broward facility after reports the center was holding people who should have been released and that it was not providing adequate medical care to the detainees. An investigation last year by Americans for Immigrant Justice also found credible reports of detainees suffering food poisoning from being served rotten food. The group noted instances of sexual assault among detainees and inadequate mental health care that may have contributed to at least three suicide attempts. Detainees also reported being forced to work for $1 a day and to pay $3 a minute for phone calls.

The Geo Group, which rakes in $1.5 billion in annual revenue, earns $20 million annually just from the Florida center.

Totally disgusting/evil!!

Thousands protest 6-year-old's rape in Bangalore school, want suspects arrested


NEW DELHI: Thousands of people angry over alleged police inaction after a 6-year-old girl was raped at her school in Bangalore rallied Saturday to demand that authorities arrest those responsible for the attack.

More than 4,000 parents and relatives of children who attend the school in Bangalore, India's technology hub, shouted slogans against the school's administration and demanded that police arrest those involved in the July 2 incident, which was reported only this past week.

They carried placards that read "Enough is enough" and "We want justice," and walked more than 4 kilometers (2 miles) to one of the Bangalore's main police stations.

Police said the girl was assaulted when she left her classroom to go to the restroom. They said she was recovering from the incident, but did not give further details.

The rape has raised questions about the safety of India's schoolchildren and sparked nationwide outrage over rampant sexual violence against girls and women. The school has refused to take responsibility for the crime.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/Thousands-protest-6-year-olds-rape-in-Bangalore-school-want-suspects-arrested/articleshow/38688058.cms

MEDIA (AntiCorruption Society)


The following is a collection of articles and videos exposing the reality of our media. A well organized system of propaganda and exploitation has been inflicted on the American population for nearly a century. We have lived our lives in an ocean of deception and we have been manipulated into supporting actions (like wars, including the ‘war on terror) and policies that were not in our best interest.

This ‘system’ of perception management is entrenched in all levels of ‘government’, news reporting, and entertainment. The goals are to a) keep us distracted b) keep us divided (especially conservatives and liberals – which were both contrived), and c) keep us obedient.

Question everything and share this REALITY with all of your friends, neighbors and family.

Fairytale (Mary Burke's response to Walker's freaky attack.) x-posted in video section


Walker released a disturbing attack on Mary Burke: Here is Burke's response:

Dems call on Scott Walker to drop same-sex marriage case; Mark Pocan slams governor's comments

Source: The Journal Times

Democratic lawmakers from Wisconsin are calling on Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to drop their defense of the state's gay marriage ban, saying the efforts are wasting taxpayer money and trying to protect an unconstitutional policy.

The state's 15 Democratic state senators as well as 26 Assembly Democrats sent letters to Walker and Van Hollen on Wednesday.

"We ask that you stop wasting additional taxpayer dollars defending policies that promote inequality, foster discrimination, and limit the rights and freedoms of our fellow Wisconsinites," they wrote.

Dana Brueck, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Justice, said Van Hollen has no plans to drop his defense of the ban.

"We’ll respond to the legislators, but Attorney General Van Hollen has no plans to stop fulfilling his oath or to stop doing what he was elected to do, which is to defend the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin," Brueck said in an email.

And on Wednesday, a Walker spokeswoman repeated the governor's support for defending the ban.

Read more: http://journaltimes.com/news/state-and-regional/337d3642-ad62-5f08-be26-554a5b32950a.html

AFSCME Adds More Than 90,000 Members


CHICAGO – AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders today announced that, even in the face of attacks from anti-worker politicians, billionaires and judges across the country (including the United States Supreme Court), AFSCME gained more than 90,000 new members during the past six months.

AFSCME nearly doubled the goal set in early January 2014 when the union launched its “50,000 Stronger” organizing campaign.

“Today, we are 92,155 members stronger, with new members from EMTs to home care workers, and we will continue our fight for the middle class and the future of this country,” Saunders said.

“Our opponents want to deplete the labor movement of resources, steal our power and silence our voices. They are even undercutting the most fundamental right we have as Americans: the right to vote. Yet, no matter the challenges that face us, the answer remains the same: Organize. Organize. Organize. ”

Included in the 90,000-plus new members are more than 20,000 home care workers, who were the target of the National Right to Work Committee funded lawsuit, Harris v. Quinn, which was recently decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. These caregivers joined AFSCME to protect quality care for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Darrell Issa's Latest Circus Has Lawmakers Shocked That DOJ Fights Fraud


WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee took up Rep. Darrell Issa's crusade against the Department of Justice's efforts to root out petty fraud.

"In essence, this is a government hit list!" declared Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), in what could have been confused for a comment on drones.

"Indefensible and irresponsible," concluded Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.). "If you don't like a given industry, bend your authorities and force that industry out of the financial services space, making it impossible for them to survive."

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), perhaps unaware that Congress is less popular than cockroaches, decided to deride the witnesses before the committee because they work for the government.

"You've come in here and said, 'They've committed fraud!' You're an attorney at DOJ!" Duffy shouted, as if DOJ attorneys were not qualified to identify fraudulent transactions. "We have a bureaucrat in the DOJ who says, 'I think it's fraud, and so I'm going to shut down a legitimate business!'"

The Obama administration has not, in fact, shut down any legitimate businesses. And there is no evidence that it has even tried to shut down one because it doesn't like an entire industry.

All of this House GOP outrage is directed at a Justice Department initiative called Operation Choke Point, which seeks to block fraudulent businesses from using the banking system.

Wisconsin media covers up Walker giving taxpayer handouts to outsourcers


A bombshell of a story broke this week involving the increasingly sketchy Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). We'll let WKOW Channel 27 in Madison give you the details in their story. Basically it shows that not only have WEDC tax credits been handed out like candy while the state has the worst job record in the Midwest over the last 3 years, but in some cases, companies such as Plexus Corporation and Eaton Corporation ended up outsourcing jobs from Wisconsin, while keeping the tax write-offs.

The day after the report aired, WKOW added information showing executives from Plexus had given significant donations to the Walker campaign in recent years, with Eaton being less involved in the quid pro quo .

Members of the board of directors for two companies that outsourced Wisconsin jobs after accepting financial incentives from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation have donated close to $20,000 to Gov. Scott Walker's campaigns since 2005.

Wisconsin campaign finance records show Plexus Corp. board members David Drury and Ralf Boer have each made donations to Walker's campaign. Boer, an attorney and partner in the Foley and Lardner law firm in Milwaukee, has donated a total of $2,300 to the Walker campaign since 2006. Drury, the CEO of Poblocki Sign Company in Milwaukee, has donated $15,800 to Walker's campaign since 2005.

One board member for the Eaton Corp., Gregory Page, an executive with Cargill in Minnesota, made a single donation of $1,000 to the Governor's campaign in 2013.

mazingly, while the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and several smaller Wisconsin community newspapers have carried the story, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Madison.com papers have yet to say a word on it, despite it being nearly 2 full days since WKOW in Madison went on the air with this revelation.

And there’s an extra layer to this story, with events of this week being a factor. In May 2012, 3 weeks before he faced the voters in a recall election, Governor Walker made an appearance at Plexus Corporation to announce that the company was going to add jobs in the Neenah area, with the help of WEDC tax credits. Doubly interesting is the fact that the Walker website has been scrubbed of this announcement, but Blogging Blue still has their post from 2012 about it,as well as the failure to add those jobs later on.
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