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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Home country: United States
Current location: Shebogygan, Wisconsin
Member since: Thu Dec 16, 2004, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 15,618

About Me

Full time caregiver.

Journal Archives

Elizbeth Warren coming up on MSNBC.

Rapekin is finished, per MSNBC @ 9:07

Chuck Toad just said it's the growth of the Hispanic population.

I have been saying all along the Hispanic population is the death knell of the Republican party.

Election day should be a national holiday.

I'M pretty sure Republicans would never vote for an election day holiday, because it would benefit the working class and the poor.

Detroit police association warns public, they enter Detroit at their own risk.

Snip < While the Tigers prepare to take on the Oakland Athletics inside Comerica Park Saturday, members of the Detroit Police Officer's Association will be outside rallying to "let the public know they enter Detroit at their own risk," according to a release posted to the union's website.

Snip< The current contract for the union's 2,130 members expired June 30. In an attempt to save $350 million during the fiscal year that started July 1, the city also called for changes to its heath care plan with increased out-of-pocket costs and changes to pension and work rules.


Am I the only one who hasn't seen a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker?

I live in western Michigan which is hardcore religious right wing. In all of my travels, the elusive Romney/Ryan bumper sticker has not been seen on a single car.

Obama warns Assad U.S. could act

Source: Reuters

Snip < U.S. forces could move against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, President Barack Obama warned, notably if he deploys his chemical weapons against rebels trying to overthrow him.

Snip< Syria last month acknowledged for the first time that it had chemical and biological weapons and said it could use them if foreign countries intervened. The threat drew strong warnings from Washington and its allies, although it is not clear how the Syrian armed forces might use such weapons in urban warfare.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/21/us-syria-crisis-idUSBRE8610SH20120821

When could Israel strike Iran? CNN pushing the next War.

5:08 PM, EST, CNN had Michael Oren, Israel Ambassador to the U.S. on claiming that Iran has enough uranium for 5 weapons. MR. Oren claims they are moving the uranium under ground. The push is on folks for Israel to bomb Iran. " Our clock is moving quickly" Scary situation moving quicker than I would have ever expected.

A quote from Gore Vidal

“The great unmentionable evil at the center of our culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human religions have evolved—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These are sky-god religions. They are, literally, patriarchal—God is the Omnipotent Father—hence the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates. The sky-god is a jealous god, of course. He requires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is not just in place for one tribe, but for all creation. Those who would reject him must be converted or killed for their own good. Ultimately, totalitarianism is the only sort of politics that can truly serve the sky-god’s purpose.”

- From Lowell Lecture, Harvard University, April 1992

Break up big banks, former Citigroup CEO Sanford Weill urges

Source: LA Times

Snip< "I think what we should probably do is go and split up investment banking from banking. Have banks be deposit takers. Have banks make commercial loans and real estate loans. And have banks do something that's not going to risk the taxpayer dollars, that's not going to be too big to fail," Weill, the former chief executive and chairman of Citigroup, said on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-weill-citigroup-break-up-big-banks-20120725,0,2305011.story
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