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Member since: Tue Dec 14, 2004, 06:30 PM
Number of posts: 15,507

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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

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At age 74, he's still not in jail

If Peter Joseph isn't a visionary thinker, I don't know who is… Exclusive Interview

I know there are questions about the Zeitgeist movement (Who will produce the resources?) but, a resource based economy seems a better idea than the over-consumption and role reversals between government and business under capitalism.

Good interview...

The Black Vault

Here's the vault to de-classified UFO files (some from Project Blue Book)…

Enjoy! http://www.theblackvault.com

Yes, Cardinal Burke, women are TERRIFYING...

Here's something out of today's Sunday edition (Forum) that should make every woman (especially of catholic faith) cringe and want to spit up…

Yes, Cardinal Burke, women are terrifying
A recently demoted prelate speaks for the frightened men of the Catholic church

January 18, 2015 12:00 AM
By Alexandra Petri
Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, the highest-ranking American at the Vatican until Pope Francis knocked him down a bunch of pegs, is right.

Women are terrifying. They come into churches and bring cooties with them, and there is no ritual for casting out cooties. Demons, yes. Cooties, no. They come into boardrooms and take seats. They serve the altar — and they are good at it.

These are all alarming facts to consider.

His comments on the Catholic Church’s man crisis have been attracting attention lately, from men’s rights advocates as well as others, and I think it’s worth pointing out exactly what is wrong with them. (Other than the fact that they came in an interview in “The Emangelization.” If you are trying to use bad puns to keep women down, your movement is already off to a lousy start.)

He notes near the beginning of the interview that “the radical feminism which has assaulted the church and society since the 1960s has left men very marginalized.”

Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/Op-Ed/2015/01/18/Yes-Cardinal-Raymond-Leo-Burke-speaks-for-the-men-of-the-Catholic-church-who-are-frightened-by-women/stories/201501180071

Did anyone catch this documentary Al Jazeera? I'm blown away by it...

- The Day Israel attacked America http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/schedule.html

My husband already told me about the incident, since he found information sometime in the 90's questioning the cover up. I was less inclined to read the same news back then.

I searched through DU and want to thank JohnnyCanuck for posting about this documentary this past October. His post is found in the Foreign Affairs/Veterans' Group when it must have initially aired. He included more than I have about the viewing times. If Al Jazeera re-rain it this afternoon, you can bet it will be on again.

It's an investigation with interviews of the real people who served on the USS Liberty, a US Navy spy ship that was monitoring the conflict from the safety of international waters in the Mediterranean. Thirty-four US servicemen and civilian analysts were killed, another 171 were wounded. Israeli jet fighters hit the vessel with rockets, cannon fire and napalm before three Israeli torpedo boats moved in to launch a second more devastating attack. It's amazing that brave crew members were able to piece together communication during the assault that brought it to a halt. When Washington got word of this, the attack abruptly ended. Later, Israel apologised for what it claimed to be a tragic case of mistaken identity. It said that it had believed the ship to be hostile Egyptian naval vessel. US President Lyndon Johnson was privately furious but publicly the White House chose not to challenge the word of its closest Middle East ally and accepted that the attack had been a catastrophic accident.

There is an undoubtedly huge piece of history that Washington hushed the press over and swept under the rug. I recommend anyone who can view Al Jazeera see this thing.

I ask myself "What is this country willing to do to those in uniform to cover up an incident that would interfere with a re-election campaign?" Here's an example of LBJ's. The carelessness of lives in uniform being trumped by an election campaign is almost as nauseating as seeing children's lives being trumped by the NRA gun lobby.

Interestingly, LBJ must have had a conscience that began with what he knew about JFK's assassination, Vietnam, certainly this incident. Maybe the accumulated guilt is why he decided a year later not to run again. I always like to think of LBJ having a conscience, certainly all presidents since then.

R CRUMB… (Warning: graphic heavy)

Because… I loved that interview I read with him today on DU…

Cuba already went through an energy famine - How they survived "peak oil" (53 mins)

Without, oil, Cuba was already put through what we will inevitably go through after peak oil…

Here's an excellent documentary of how we can learn FAR more from Cuba's sustainable energy, through their political will, rather than exhausting oil. Cuba did not have access to the World Bank, so this is a REAL experiment with an oil crisis.

We can LEARN from this:

N.C. teen's hanging death ruled a suicide; mother says it was a lynching

By Victor Blackwell, CNN
updated 3:47 PM EST, Mon December 15, 2014

This dog doesn't hunt. Big strong kid hangs himself and he just so happens to be 17 and black who dated an older white woman in a small town with a recent KKK march. Oh, and the grave of this boy was pissed on by one of the local brain-dead. This is sickening. Sorry if it was posted before...

The last time Lacy saw and heard her son was August 28. Lennon, 17, played the lineman position for the West Bladen High School Knights, and was focused on football.
His family says that night, he packed a gym bag, washed his ankle brace and hung it on the clothesline to dry before heading out for an evening walk.
The teen had asthma, his mother says, and a doctor had recommended he exercise outdoors at night when the temperature and humidity dropped. Around 10:30, Lennon left his family's small apartment and headed down a dirt road.
His family never saw him alive again.
Just before 7:30 the next morning, he was found hanging from the frame of a swing set in the center of a mobile home community. According to medical documents, his body was covered in fire ants.

Link: http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/15/justice/north-carolina-lennon-lacy/

Well, then… Where in the hell can we discuss meta without it being "ask the administrators?"


Free speech much here tonight? Then, please indulge and guide me… and don't tell me it's "Creative Speculation". Free speech is a subject worthy of GENERAL DISCUSSION.

Thanks, you guys.

Here's you next DEAR CONGRESSPERSON free template, folks

Wrote it tonight, and encourage you to do the same thing ASAP.

The budget, currently unable to be passed is causing congress to come out with a stop gap by the end of the year. We need to fund our domestic agenda to improve our infrastructure, protect the environment, provide education, health care and create millions of GOOD PAYING jobs; and NOT waste over 50% of our budget on the military. We need to reduce military spending, eliminate the departments of homeland security and especially the CIA, among other security agencies. They have created millions around the world who hate us for good reason.

Stop the endless war, war profiteering and prosecute the following groups: The Bush Administration and the CIA leaders and the lawyers that were put in place to bend the laws for the appearance of approving tortured techniques. While you're at it, prosecute the Wall Street bankers that continue to destroy our economy and re-instate the legal divisions between banks and financial institutions. i.e., as governed previously by the Glass-Steagall Act.

In closing, we will be watching and continue to voice our positions on these matters.

Have a nice holiday,

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