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Member since: Tue Dec 14, 2004, 06:30 PM
Number of posts: 13,364

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DU 2 to should be introduced and married to DU 3. They should produce offspring who represent the best of both parents.

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Here's some GOOD advice...

I absolutely want a season 3 of Orphan Black

It's almost season 2's final and I'm already gonna miss it.

I'm not sure if it's primarily the crazy character development or how damned good it acted, but damn… sure hope there's a season 3!

Supreme Court Reject Appeal from NYT Reporter over Refusal to ID source...

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday turned down an appeal from James Risen, a reporter for The New York Times facing jail for refusing to identify a confidential source.

The court’s one-line order gave no reasons but effectively sided with the government in a confrontation between what prosecutors said was an imperative to secure evidence in a national security prosecution and what journalists said was an intolerable infringement of press freedom.

The case arose from a subpoena to Mr. Risen seeking information about his source for a chapter of his 2006 book, “State of War.” Prosecutors say they need Mr. Risen’s testimony to prove that the source was Jeffrey Sterling, a former C.I.A. official.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in Richmond, Va., ordered Mr. Risen to comply with the subpoena. Mr. Risen has said he will refuse.

“I will continue to fight,” Mr. Risen said Monday.


This ought to burn your ass… So, not only does the SCOTUS refuse to hear Mr. Rosen's case, but their message to the American people is "To HELL with protecting you journalist's right to keep sources confidential!"

Where are we going, America? They don't even provide a reason why they don't want to hear it… Gee, I wonder if there is a Constitutional Lawyer from Chicago who might recognize a reporter's privilege who's President now?


This may be the question of the month.

We have transparency here, so this makes all the sense in the world. Therefore, can we end the anonymity of alerters and juries?

I believe it will make juries more credible. I believe will level the playing field in the polarity of thought.

What say the Administrators?

Thank you,


Posted by MrMickeysMom | Tue Jun 3, 2014, 12:42 AM (3 replies)

This family thinks their dog's butt looks like Jesus...

... I mean, he's even wearing a robe.

For those of you who are looking for an astrologer...

I give you the Pele Report… http://newparadigmastrology.com/tag/pele-report

Enjoy. I do, cause he does explain the energies and placement in the type of astrology that has been discussed here. Some may find him trippy, but I'm okay with that. Many who study this and other esoterically stuff seem to be.

Most of all, there is a mantra with each week's understanding of the energy in where we are in this Karmic Wheel.

Okay… one more time, this question

I don't remember asking before about GOTV, but what does this stand for? I believe the acronym MIRT escapes me, though I think it's administrative and deals with decisions to ban, but what does the acronym stand for?

May as well ask if we have an acronym page, or is this a "duh" moment (probably, I know the answer to that)

Thanks! MMM

Is there an economic argument referenced from TX to warn people in my state of PA?

I just subscribed to this group, but have been an advocate of sustainable energies in a SW municipality where Allegheny County executive (placing pressure on county council) will force an up or down vote on fracking under the parks system, beginning in Deer Lake Park.

I've been examining Texas's experience and it sure looks like the cost to keep an intact infrastructure was over a million dollars more cost than was anticipated from each county's subsidies.

My question is if anything in this forum has been presented to address that there even IS an economic argument that holds water. The council is seeing dollar signs, and I'd like to present data to answer the TEXAS question, "Did you really make money from fracking?"



Why not help Jamaica back to prosperity?

Jamaica's first medicinal marijuana company, Medicanja, launched this year against a backdrop of reinvigorated debate around ganja law reform among leading policymakers. The renowned Jamaican scientist Dr. Henry Lowe, a leader in THC studies for medical purposes, is running the company, with the University of West Indies and the University of Technology jointly funding the facility.

Jamaican Bud Busines… This country needs a good idea for their natural resources, since the IMF and big business pretty much destroyed their other ones…


I absolutely love Jon Stewart

I don't have the video, or I'd run it in Video and Mulit-Media… (on edit, I corrected John to Jon, duh!)

Watching his show now and witnessed what so many want to do… demonstrate the idiocracy of the Fox "News" mental midgets … You gotta love someone who shows all the clips of FN's ranting about food stamp abuse of the poor, piecing together with FN's own ridiculous cast of characters the LUNATIC way they attempt to go after the abusers of those on relief, then zings them with the same cast of character's defense of corporate welfare.

Comedic brilliances, I tell you!
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