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Gender: Male
Hometown: Eastern North Carolina
Home country: United States
Current location: Eastern NC
Member since: Wed Dec 1, 2004, 03:09 PM
Number of posts: 11,789

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BTW, here are the magazines they are talking about:


Funny thing is, if you go to those links and look at the covers, you won't find a single scantily clad model, female or male. The one image the article tried to use to support their "porn" meme was a professional-looking woman in business attire aiming a gun while calling 9-1-1 (on the cover of a magazine that caters heavily to female gun owners), and the Duck Dynasty guys. Yes, the Duck Dynasty guys. If that is "porn" to you, then you need to get out more.

What's even more hilarious is that this TV station serves central fricking Georgia, where half or more of households likely own guns, meaning that half of this station's target market is pointing at their TV and howling with laughter, and the other half is scratching their heads and saying "they call that porn?"

Edited to add: The magazine in the second row, left, has a guy in a T-shirt on the cover. Second row, right, has a rifle with a flashlight on the cover. "Porn", indeed.

That is hilarious. If Bloomberg paid for that "story", he got ripped off.

You don't have to be impressed. You don't even have to accept the facts in front of you.

Heck, you can pretend that the 2ndA protects the right of the government to arm its troops if you want. Or you can cling to the fiction that AR-15's kill more people annually than bicycles, pools, or knives. What you choose to believe and do is your own business, not mine, and vice versa.

But the fact remains that mentally competent citizens and legal residents with clean records have the right to choose differently than you. And we will exercise that right to choose, with or without your approval.

Then don't own one.

100 million American citizens disagree with your dictates, though, and we'll continue to own them.

I'll probably hit the range this weekend with my eeeee-villlll guns, just like millions of others (and hundreds just in my small town). You and a certain Wall Street oligarch can fume about it all you want, but we have the right to choose differently, and we will exercise that choice, thanks.

And that is such a tiny percentage of gun deaths annually as to barely register, and you know it.

On a per-owning-household basis, swimming pools are ten to a hundred times more likely to kill a young child than a gun in the home is, depending on what age bracket you look at. Bicycles account for more accidental child deaths as well. If you factor out accidental shootings in the homes of criminals, who are disproportionately represented in the accident stats, the accident risk is even lower.

According to CDC WISQARS data (2012), of 4,147 accidental deaths of children aged 0-14, only 62 involved gun accidents (same number as falls). 708 kids drowned that year; 1,418 were killed either in motor vehicles, or from being hit by motor vehicles; 308 died in accidental fires; 94 died from accidental poisoning; and 1,118 died from accidental suffocation. Any of those are a parent's worst nightmare, and all of us take steps to prevent them. But pretending that gun accidents are a huge threat compared to the others is simply misinformed or lying; gun accidents account for less than 2% of child accidental deaths aged 0-14.

Gun homicides are concentrated in the same age demographic as gang activity is, late teens to mid 20's. Most criminal shooters have prior criminal records; murder or attempted murder is very rarely the first crime someone commits. Some gun control organizations pretend that young-adult gang members are "children" for better fundraising stats, but the fact is that if you are not involved in criminal enterprise, not a domestic abuser, and store your guns thoughtfully, guns in the home are not a significant threat to your kids, period. If you consider guns in the home uniquely threatening, you are certainly free not to own them and to bar your own kids from visiting homes of gun owners, but you don't get to make that choice for my home, thanks.

FWIW, for all age groups combined, reported bicycle accidents kill more Americans annually (722) than all gun accidents (600)---or rifle/"assault weapon"/shotgun murders (510)---and bicycle accident fatalities are probably underreported. For comparison, drowning kills 3,200 annually, and in my immediate family we've had several close calls with drowning over the years, yet I'd never demand that people be forced at gunpoint to give up their swimming pools or going to the beach.

With safeguards to prevent registration and allow temporary transfers, I could be OK with that.

I don't agree with criminalizing temp transfers where possession doesn't change or between cohabitants (as some of the recent proposals have done, perhaps accidentally), but could put up with UBC if it weren't registration or a stepping stone to "bigger and better things." Heck, even the NRA was fairly friendly to the general UBC concept years ago, before the "assault weapon" brouhaha yanked the rug out from under the middle ground. It could happen again.

Here in NC, we actually have UBC for all handgun sales, albeit conducted in a Jim-Crow-era manner.

Thanks! He's now 16 and has pretty much come out the other side of the surgery scene,

after 3 open-hearts and miscellany, and he now has a functionally normal circulatory system even if the geometry is strange (RV-PA conduit up the front). Our last big "scare" was in December 2012, when we almost lost him to a volvulus, of all things, and after taking care of an ileostomy for 6 weeks I am in awe of the parents who do that day and night for years and years. They patched him back up in January 2013, and since then he's done well. He might have to have another heart surgery someday when his valve wears out, but he could be 40 by then. And thank God for Medicaid.

Yes, there is a link to the rest of the data (CIUS Home, if not the banner itself).


As to Alabama's placeholder, only ~46 states participate, so it is primary useful for tracking trends year to year, as the CIUS introduction clearly spells out, and you can project the overall rate very closely with a sample of 46 out of 50 states reporting. Only 2 states are listed as "limited supplemental data received" (Alabama and Illinois), so if you wish, ignore those and look at the rest, year to year; the trends are the same.

I know it is hard to accept that the most defended shibboleth of the gun control movement in the last 25 years (that rifles are the "weapons of choice of criminals" and widely used in homicide) is not supported by the facts, but if you truly want to get anywhere with regard to fighting gun violence (and hopefully all criminal violence) then you have to face that data. Most gun homicides are committed by people who are deep in the criminal culture, not the culture of lawful ownership; the weapons of choice are mostly illegal handguns, often low capacity, not small-caliber rifles; and magazine capacity restrictions are irrelevant.

Most of the killers have prior criminal records,

and they don't typically use the guns that gun control advocates are fighting to outlaw. Of the 12,000 murders reported to the FBI in 2014, less than 250 involved any type of rifle. Which makes the obsession without outlawing the most popular rifles really strange, if the goal were actually to address criminal violence; it'd be far more effective to prosecute gun violations by violent criminals and traffickers, but making empty threats against scawwy rifle owners makes for better sound bites I suppose.

Gun sales are actually doubled now vs. 20-30 years ago.

It's not just the last six months; it's a long-term trend, arguably kicked off by the ill-advised "assault weapon" law and backlash in the early '90s (thank William J. Bennett and Josh Sugarmann) and the wave of concealed carry licensure reform that resulted from that, and since circa 2008, the ban-more-guns crowd keeps pushing sales higher and higher.

Federal gun-sale background checks are a good proxy for changes in the rate (although they do not account for multiple purchases, individual sales by private citizens, purchases by carry license holders, and a few other scenarios):


FWIW, I bought a new competition/HD pistol this past March, so some of us are buying guns (I am one of those eeevillll gun owners), but I have to live within my means, this economy still sucks, and I sold off about half my gun collection to pay for my son's medical needs a few years ago. A civilian AUG is next on my wish list, but hasn't been a financial priority in the 25 years I've wanted one...though if the Third Way keeps blathering about new bans, I might move it higher on the list, just because.

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