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Gender: Male
Hometown: Eastern North Carolina
Home country: United States
Current location: Eastern NC
Member since: Wed Dec 1, 2004, 03:09 PM
Number of posts: 11,789

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If you're interested in reducing deaths,

then why are you going after the guns that kill fewer people than bicycles?

You've never noticed all the "Ban assault weapons NOW!!!!!" posts here?

Are you new here, or did you just not realize that "assault weapon" is a scare term for the most popular civilian rifles in the United States?

And why is legislating rifle handgrip shape so important to you,

given that (a) rifle handgrip shape, stock adjustability, etc. are absolutely and completely irrelevant to rifle misuse or lethality, and (b) rifles are the least misused of all weapons? Or are you still blindly following Josh Sugarmann's (mistaken) 1988 prediction that the AWB fraud would build momentum for a ban on handguns, rather than undermining the gun control movement's credibility and sparking a backlash that would ultimately decimate the gun control movement?

Whether or not to own one is a deeply personal choice.

You obviously choose not to, and I respect that. Between 80 and 100 million of us choose differently, and we will retain that choice.

Oven spray is not immediately incapacitating, but is likely to cause permanent blindless

and spraying someone in the face with it would likely be aggravated assault at minimum unless you were in imminent danger of death, serious bodily harm, or a forcible felony.

If you are thinking of using a defensive spray, use a good quality OC spray, or something like Kimber's Pepper Blaster, not something that won't stop someone in the short term and may blind them in the long term.

Mine isn't M16 style, and you well know that they aren't select-fire like the M16.

And in your preemptive hand-waving upthread, you forgot to mention that they offer bolt-action accuracy in a semiauto package, and can be easily configured and customized without paying a gunsmith. You can also swap the caliber simply by swapping the upper, anything from .22LR to .50 Beowulf, and there are even airgun and crossbow uppers on the market if you are into that.

My own "AR" is a Rock River Arms midlength flattop with a 16" Wilson target barrel, adjustable stock, and 1-6x scope. Sales really took off after the civilian market replaced the military-style carry handle.

BTW, you realize that the M1 Garand, Springfield M1A, Ruger Mini-14, SKS, and M1 Carbine are also "assault weapons" to the prohibitionists, yes?

That ruling was a mess.

That decision not only ignored the "in common use for lawful purposes" test in D.C. v. Heller, but it also ignored the fact that intermediate scrutiny (itself a cop-out, given that the standard for the Bill of Rights is usually strict scrutiny) requires less restrictive alternatives to be considered; the court did not even pretend to do so, just nodded their heads in ignorance and accepted the anti-protruding-handgrip talking points as gospel. Not to mention the sophistry of calling an 11-round rifle magazine "high capacity" without considering that the very first repeating rifles to go mainstream in the 1860s held 15 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber; that's like calling an 11th-week abortion "late term" and thereby justifying a ban on same under Roe v. Wade. And then the silliness of declaring that one of the most popular and least misused civilian guns in U.S. homes, and the #1 target rifle in America, is not "in common use for lawful purposes" but is "dangerous and unusual" even though it's less powerful than most alternatives. Sigh...

Second-Class Intermediate Scrutiny
Contradictions with Heller and McDonald rulings

I suppose NY rifle owners can take solace in the fact that most counties have declared they won't enforce it, most of the state is in open defiance of it, the law wrecked Cuomo's shot at running for President, and you can still legally buy a new AR in NY, albeit an ugly one. The law made a certain Wall Street oligarch happy, though, and that's what's really important.

Of 158 murders in Wisconsin in 2014, fewer than 10 involved *any* kind of rifle.

Murder, by State and Type of Weapon, 2014 (FBI)

Total murders...................... 158
Handguns............................ 79
Firearms (type unknown)............. 28
Knives and other cutting weapons.... 19
Clubs, rope, fire, etc.............. 13
Hands, fists, feet................... 9
Rifles............................... 8
Shotguns............................. 2

Is the threshold for Prohibition in the state set at "anything that kills more than 7 people in the entire state in a year"? Because that's what this bill is proposing to do.

And six years in prison for merely having the wrong shaped handgrip on a rifle in your gun safe? Seriously?


As I mentioned in the other thread, according to CDC WISQARS data (2012), of 4,147 accidental deaths of children aged 0-14, only 62 involved gun accidents (same number as falls). 708 kids drowned that year; 1,418 were killed either in motor vehicles, or from being hit by motor vehicles; 308 died in accidental fires; 94 died from accidental poisoning; and 1,118 died from accidental suffocation. Any of those are a parent's worst nightmare, and all of us take steps to prevent them. But gun accidents are a much smaller threat to children than other accidents, accounting for less than 2% of child accidental deaths aged 0-14.

Since swimming pools are between ten and a hundred times more likely to kill a child aged 0-14 than a gun in the home is, on a per-owning-household basis, isn't it a bit inconsistent to demand harsh laws against owning guns, but not against owning pools, on that basis? I'm not calling you out, just noticing that there is definitely a difference in the tone of the rhetoric in the media, and in the harshness of the legislation typically proposed. Particularly when the primary targets of said legislation (modern-looking rifles) arguably kill fewer Americans annually than bicycles do, though one would never know that from the corporate media.

Ummm, check your prejudices.

" There will be only one thing to damped USA gin (sic) love and that is having large numbers of minorities buy gun permits. "

At last, something we can agree on! Minorities and the working class should have the same right to possess and carry guns as Wall Street oligarchs and CEOs, and their bodyguards.

More of this!


FWIW, here's the Chicago homeowner who fought for the right of Chicago residents to be able to lawfully own handguns and obtain carry licenses even if they weren't rich or politically connected. He won , finally bringing the right within the reach of law-abiding working class minorities.


And gun owners' groups backed him financially and cheered him on, and celebrated when he won the Second Amendment back for ALL peaceable residents of Chicago. Here is Mr. McDonald posing with a framed copy of his picture on the cover of the NRA magazine...which they captioned "Victory in Chicago".

FYI, it is wealthy white corporate oligarchs funding the fight against minorities owning guns, and the broader fight to limit armed self-defense to corporations and elites. Gun owners as a group are a whole lot more egalitarian than the "guns for CEOs, not workers"' types. It was also gun owner groups who fought for the mostly-black residents of New Orleans who had their guns stolen by rogue law enforcement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and they won there as well.

Gun control advocates, on the other hand, have long advocated for means testing to prevent the poor from owning guns, and have explicitly demanded tighter gun control on ethnic minorities (from NY's Sullivan Act, to Jim Crow purchase permits and discretionary licensure, to requiring exorbitant fees and other means testing to exercise the right). It was gun control advocates who demanded and defended warrantless searches of homes in majority-black housing to confiscate guns from peaceable black residents, and it was gun-owner groups who got that stopped.
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