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Gender: Female
Hometown: outside of St. Louis
Home country: us
Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 09:47 PM
Number of posts: 592

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I am very proud of my kids.

Sometimes I ask my husband how we ended up with such great kids.
Getting used to the fact that they are adults now but still "the kids."

Oldest will be 24 this month. Married with two super great sons, buying a home (2 miles away!) and moving up in the senior living community where she started as a receptionist (now a business office assistant). She had her first son in the middle of her senior year in high school.

My son will be graduating next month with a BA. Then he is off to Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. Hard to let him go, but wow, what experience! He is supposed to give a speech at the graduation. He was in marching band in high school. Don't know where he got the guts for public performance, not me or his dad. He is very smart (has been smarter than I since he was in grade school).

Youngest daughter is still at home and still borrowing my socks. But she has a job in the dining room where her sister works and she is finishing her first year at the community college where I got my AA over the course of 27 years!

I worry about them, and my grandsons, so much, but really shouldn't because they are starting out their own lives in a good place and I am pretty sure they are happy (that was all I ever wanted them to have...happiness!)

Could not let a chance to brag pass me by!

Any current or former Peace Corps volunteers here?

My son has been accepted and he is going to Tanzania this July. I am so proud of him for deciding to do this. But I am also a mom and I worry!
I would love to hear of any fellow Duers experiences.

Anyone with kids in the military can chime in, too! Need to learn how to worry less and just be excited for the experience my son will be having.

He graduates in May with a BA in biology and education. We are taking a road trip (along part of Route 66 as he has had a job at the Route 66 state park). We are having a going away party so friends and family can come and visit before he leaves.

I feel pretty confidant about his safety. I was worried at first but then I look at things in this country and figure it is not always that safe here either! I worry more about things like malaria, but I figure he is a science guy and pretty clean so hopefully he can avoid things like that?

Thanks for sharing any stories and thoughts!
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