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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 11,235

Journal Archives

Extremely squee kittens take over city


So cute, you may pass out. Have water and pillows at the ready.

Pics please, this is a cat thread

The law requires pictures of cats, at which we can squee.

Where's Inspector Morse when you need him?

We need a two-hour movie to sort this out.

First LGBT couple allowed to adopt child in Italy


A court in Rome has said that two lesbians can adopt a child.

Florence Storch, 101, strives for success in javelin at Canada's 55+ Games


She took up javelin-throwing when she was 86. Now, Florence Storch of Hanna, Alberta, Canada, is intent on winning a medal at the 55+ Games.

Squibbity squee!

Warning: cute levels unbelievably high.


She has a cat's head, for pity's sake. Does that make her a mutant?!

OMG squee!

So glad little bebeh is going to be okay. Thank you to the hoomins who helped her.


Did you put them under the couch?

Sometimes they get under there.
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