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Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 09:10 PM
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Never mind that humans have suffered frightening and painful deaths.

It now seems like a secondary concern when measured against realpolitik, which is the acceptable way of saying "so sad that you and yours died (or will, God willing), but we did what was needed to protect our power and wealth. You understand.

Never mind that each plane downing, purposeful or not, each bombing or missile attack regardless of whose insignia is on the munitions, represents the sudden horrifying end of someone who shares vastly more with us on the human scale than their politics or religion differentiates. Yet, much of humanity seems not only to accept this state of affairs but to enthusiastically embrace it. To picnic at the specter of battle, to hand clap and fist pump at the first news of Shock n' Awe Again. And to argue that the Tree of Liberty requires an occasional watering with blood of The Others, be they other nations, religions, ethnicities or political ideologies.

Now, empathy is a concept which has been roundly criticized by some in American politics (you know who you are). But arguing against identifying with another's human condition isn't enough. There is a culture of enmity which serves to vilify any with a perceived Outsiderliness or Otherliness and to justify their mistreatment, whether they are children at the border or villagers half a globe away. And to justify and excuse death-by-bomb with lies if necessary. Not just Joe Shmoe at the bar but the Very Serious People in Suits who populate radio and television talk shows. Folks who should be presenting facts and the careful consideration of their consequences but who twist tragedy into a How to Win Friends and Influence Politicians episode.

Forgive me, but it seems at times, more often lately, that the very word 'history' is too kind and should simply be replaced with 'CSI - Homo Sapiens'.

Have you heard the latest disturbing meme from the Right?

Of course you have. Again and again.

Folks, listen, the howling idiocy never lets up, even for a single day. The Bryan Fischers, Pat Robertsons, Ann Coulters, Tea Partiers, Dominionists, Libertines, militias. Now, it's fun to chuckle and forehead slap over the latest outrage from this crew, but isn't it time to ask ourselves how damaging these nuts are in actuality or simply to just let it go?

I seriously don't believe that giving each utterance of Beck and company a dredging of reality in the DU Universe is going to bring to the Truth Jesus (the one NOT cradling a baby T-Rex!) those who cling to his every word. When you're as firmly footed in the Tribe of Malicious Right Wing Lunacy as they are, facts aren't going to be particularly convincing.

We are not going to convert them to the gift of sentient reasoning, much less to liberal ideals. Ain't gonna happen.

And if you require a daily dose of RW nuttiness from Raw Story to strengthen your liberal and/or Democratic Party principles, you aren't trying.

That is all.

Folks, here's the fucking deal with Erick Erickson, Bryan Fischer, et al:

Everything they say is a calculated attempt to outdo themselves and the Moran in the last Raw Story article in order to gain the smiling, wide-eyed nods of acceptance by the Moran sphere, and the howls of outrage from Democrats. And it seems they can pretty much count on getting the desired response from DU, as if they'd leaned over and pressed a truck horn button after completing the spiel du jour. Angering the Left has become their equivalent of poking a stick at a caged animal. It's a childish pastime that they simply enjoyed far too much to give up later in life.

This first became noticeable to me during the Gingrich/Moral Majority era. It took off with an Acme rocket backpack after then and became the defacto communications mode for much of the Right.

They are not really trying to change the minds of anyone on either side of the Left/Right wall with their tireless Tourette tirades. It's all about getting the eyes and ears of those whose heart rates can be depended on to increase for better or worse because of mind numbing pablum loosely based upon political rhetoric. That, and getting the wallets of sponsors and supporters to open up.

You and I are never, ever going to persuade the mythical hesitant undecided RWinger that those spouting nonsensical gibberish may in fact not have their best interests at heart. Their minds, largely dwelling in the fear/fight-or-flight center of the brain, are not open to reason, be it anthropogenic climate change or a socially responsible government. In fact, recent studies indicate that not only are core beliefs generally unaffected by opposing facts, but can harden against those facts as a defense mechanism. And if you're someone who identifies as a 'Centrist' but who is willing to give consideration to an argument that Obama is a Marxist or that T Rex's shared a bunk with chimpanzees on the Ark, you're no more Centrist than the supposedly sensible David Brooks.

You can also claim that "we must keep our enemies close". That's certainly true, but how about focusing on the real enemies - those who have outdone the Somali pirates in capturing our government and economy, and the political prostitutes in DC who enable them? Replying to every sputtering outrage by the Ericksons and Bryan Fischers gets to seem like an out of breath five year old racing into the room, arms overhead, shouting "Mommy! Guess what Tommy said!" It's usually good for a chuckle, but doesn't add much to the dialogue.

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