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Gender: Female
Current location: McLean VA
Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 06:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,292

Journal Archives

A personal story about Pete Seeger.

When my son was about 6 years old, we were at a Pete Seeger concert. Pete asked for requests. My son wanted "Zippity Do Dah". I knew Pete would not sing this, but my son was adamant. So I let him walk to the stage by himself to make the request. (We didn't believe in coddling him). Pete bent down to listen, (the audience couldn't hear my son). Pete then stood up and very kindly said he didn't know that song, but he would sing something else for my boy. I've always been grateful to Pete that he respected a little boy enough not to embarrass him.

RIP, Pete.

Huckabee has it backwards.

At the risk of being obvious, it's not women who need to control their libido. According to the White House report, 22 million women but only 1.6 million men have been raped. While it IS possible for a woman to rape a man, no one claims this is a frequent event. So we have to assume that most of those 1.6 million men were raped by other men. In addition, the armed services have discovered that many male soldiers have been assaulted, most by men.


Why no tracking dogs?

One of the police brass at last night's briefing said they had found blood a few blocks from the shoot out early Friday morning.. It would have been an easy matter to have had a tracking dog follow the scent from that point, and would have saved. Lot of effort and time. The same thing happened in the Chandra Levy case. Hundreds of officers looked and missed her body, but a search and rescue/cadaver dog would have found her in time to get forensic evidence.

I'm not trying to second guess here: I just don't understand why dogs aren't used more. Obviously they can't follow a suspect in a car, but they certainly could follow a bleeding suspect on foot.

In all the talk about mental illness,

we seem to be assuming that better access to mental health care can solve all these problems. NOT TRUE! There are many kinds of mental illnesses that we do not know how to treat, or our treatments are in a very early stage.

I will use depression as an example, as I have suffered with this for years. As I was growing up and into mid-adulthood, it wasn't even discussed. In the 1980's (I think) , we started getting the first really effective drugs and i and many others found a name and a diagnosis for what plagued us.

Fast forward to 2012 . There are a lot more drugs out there, most of which have side effects, and we know more about what causes some depression. But if you go to a psychiatrist for treatment, usually they will keep trying drugs until they find one that works. Even then, after a few years, it may stop working, and no one knows why. So, try something else. In addition, there are people who are not helped by drugs and/or therapy. Even electroshock treatment is not effective.

So, what happens to people who can't be helped, because of finances, no family support, and the lack of mental hospitals. Sometimes they just kill themselves, sometimes they live on the streets or under bridges. We do not take care of them. We are failing them as a society.There are people - including some children -who need to be in a humane mental hospital for their own protection and for the protection of others.

I am not trying to make any assertion about Adam Lanza: I am only saying that it is wrong to assume that there was effective treatMent available for him.

We've had a lot of threads about men and women lately. This one is NOT about rape.

It's about violence against women. Many of us know the author, Goldie Taylor, as a guest on various MSNBC shows. She writes about her own harrowing experience at the hands of her abuser.,as well as other women she has known who were abused or killed. Among the shocking statistics she includes is that the number one cause of death of pregnant women is homicide.

Many people wrote, as one poster said, without much emphaty for victims. Perhaps reading Goldie's story will help all understand better what it means to be a woman in a culture which can be very violent. (yes, I am a woman.)


I tried to find an up to date accounting of ALL the money spent on the 2 presidential campaigns.

Any one have a good link. NYT had a good summary, but it's way out of date. Thanks!

Heading home to VA on Ohio turnpike.

Just passed 7 utility trucks heading E to help with Sandy destruction. Those folks won't get much sleep for the next week. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Prez O is defining Romnesia! nt

Well, I just made American Future Fund unhappy.

Got a robocall on my landline. I don't think they will like my answers. 2nd robocall this week.

Just got a robopoll.

It was on my land line. Not a push poll, but was specific as to Virginia congressional district.
Asked about gender, race, age, D, R, or I. Then asked about President Obama vs Rmoney, Kaine vs Allen, and Murphy vs Moran. In each case undecided was an option, but in the presidential there was no option of Goode (constitutional party) or Stein (green), both of whom are on the ballot.

Called themselves independent research. Anyone know who that is?

Hope I helped Prez continue rise in VA numbers!
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