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Peace Patriot

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Member since: Sat Nov 13, 2004, 01:56 AM
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Oh boy! My 1st thought: I hope he doesn't get anywhere near Congress.

The FBI investigation is the only hope we have of an objective investigation of Clinton's private email server, its security issues and its purposes. They could be protecting Clinton from the moronic beasts in our 8%-approval-rating Congress. She is, after all, one of the rich and powerful, of whom it has been said that, "we must look forward not backward," when their crimes are somewhere back in time and not in the future.

But we don't know that that is what the FBI is doing--protecting her--while we DO know that Congress is whacko, went way screwy on "Benghazi!" and actually loves "regime change" especially when the target gets raped with a bayonet and murdered, and the whole country descends into chaos, i.e., war profiteer heaven. Clinton is with them on this. "We came, we saw, he died! ha-ha-ha." So what is their beef against Clinton?

Screwballs. But dangerous and very, very power-hungry screwballs. Not really screwballs at all. They have the purpose of wresting all the awesome powers of the U.S. government away from the other "military-industrial-prison complex" faction that Clinton aspires to be the leader of. It could all be kabuki theater. Clinton shares their blood-lust and will certainly satisfy it if she gets another chance, while protecting her own and their financial investments, and those of all donors to the War Party. But I don't think it's kabuki. I think there is an honest-go-God power struggle going between factions of the "MIPC." (And there may be more than two factions--hard to tell with our very, very, very secretive government.)

But, what little I know of FBI Director Comey is that he has a rep as a "straight-shooter," an old-fashioned belief in "law and order," and is protective of that and of the FBI's reputation and integrity. So it's possible that he is an "honest broker" in this extremely unusual situation of a frontrunner presidential candidate under investigation in the middle of an election. By "honest broker," I mean someone who will tell us what the fuck she was using her private, insecure email server FOR, whether she was doing pay-to-play with the Saudis and other woman-hating ME governments on arms deals, what Libya "regime change" was really all about, whether she endangered national security, whether she broke laws, why she deleted work emails with classified information on them, and so forth.

We have a RIGHT TO KNOW these things. We have a NEED to know them. And our only hope of learning what we need to know--however tenuous that hope may be--is the FBI. Certainly not Congress (ludicrous) nor anyone with a political motive, including President Obama, that might mess up their judgement. I'm not saying the FBI can't have political motives. I'm saying there's a chance that they don't. So I hope that their immunized witness stays clear of Congress, which would most certainly interfere with the FBI investigation if they saw profit in it for their particular set of investors.

Re: Obama. God knows what he's thinking. He's a hard man to read. It appears to me that he has both political and personal motives that could go either way. For instance, his legacy has so far not been tainted with scandal. Scandal now threatens that legacy. Would he act to cover it up for that reason? Dunno. On the other hand, if he tangles with Comey about a cover up, couldn't that bring greater scandal? Yeah, it could (precedent, Watergate). Clinton defied Obama on at least one presidential order: continuing to use Sydney Blumenthal as an advisor to State, by hiring Blumenthal at the Clinton Foundation and using her private email server to communicate with him--Obama had banned Blumenthal at State. Obama could be very pissed off about this. Also, Clinton left behind several major clusterfucks that Obama and Kerry appear to be trying to mitigate (Honduras and Libya, as well as various aspects of Iran, Iraq and Syria). On the other hand, Obama is with Clinton on the TPP (talk about clusterfucks!). Sanders totally opposes TPP. Would Obama take action (or fail to prevent action) re Clinton that would put Sanders in the White House? Dunno.

We have never had an FBI investigation hanging like a dark cloud over a presidential campaign before, with no end in sight! It is an unprecedented situation. What the hell is going to happen if (by some miracle, in my opinion) Clinton wins the GE and the FBI has not yet issued a recommendation? Are they going to keep their investigation going throughout her tenure? Are they going to exonerate her on her inauguration day? Will Comey issue a rec for indictment that day and then resign? This situation is BIZARRE. That is the only word for it. We have no idea what may happen with this, and we also have no idea what is going on in the deep, deep layers of our government (CIA, NSA, Pentagon, et al).

A lot of big reasons to vote for Sanders here if you are a voter in any of the remaining states, and I'm a Sanders supporter (in CA). Also, a lot of big reasons to fight for your Sanders vote if it has been taken away. (Hello NY, AZ and others!) But I have to say that I DON'T LIKE this situation AT ALL. (And I'll bet Sanders doesn't like it either.)

I want this election to be determined on the issues and not on dark, impenetrable clouds emitted by various factions of the "military-industrial-prison complex" that is our government. I want openness and honesty and a clear decision by the American people on the future of our country. Personally, I'm sure they would choose a thorough house-cleaning inside the Beltway and a return to New Deal democracy with Sanders as president, in a clean election. But this election is anything but clean. And this FBI investigation is part of the murk.

What the hell is going on, Director Comey? Please tell us! We do pay your salary, you know. Or are you among those for whom that doesn't matter at all?
Posted by Peace Patriot | Sat Apr 23, 2016, 03:17 PM (0 replies)

Wonderful metaphor, Impedimentus! "Little children on a beach..."

It's so good, I will repeat the argument here:

You are like little children at the beach.

As usual DU is full of comments that are the equivalent of little children at the beach building houses of sand and then using teaspoons to remove puddles of seawater from them, ignoring the tsunami just off shore that will soon sweep everything away. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that will seriously address the coming climate catastrophe. The Clinton campaign, the political class, and the mainstream media keep telling us that Sanders is tilting at windmills. Bernie is not the one tilting at windmills!

The very existence of life on earth as we know it is at stake. Your children will likely have a future, but a secure future for all generations after theirs is problematic. Will you wake up from your slumber and your self-absorption and show that you care for the life on this planet? That you care for the very existence of those who all hopefully follow you?

Have you taken the time, perhaps only a few hours, to stop the childish banter and learn about how bad the climate situation really is, or will you continue to joke and play, snicker and feud while the climate catastrophe is only decades away from changing everything? --from banned OP (my emphasis)

Also, "Feel the Bern," as the capper, has beautiful irony.

I would only argue with "decades away." Climate catastrophe is not decades away. It is here. Catastrophic droughts in Africa and the ME. Catastrophic floods, hurricanes, here and elsewhere. Islands already going under (including England's coast being eaten away). Catastrophic loss of ocean reefs (fish food source going down--very, very bad!). Catastrophic loss of bees (food pollinators). Catastrophic loss and/or disruption of all species. Catastrophic human dislocations. And on and on. It is HERE, NOW.

Our corporate-run way of life is actually killing the planet we all depend upon for life itself, and it is doing so NOW. And the Corporate Rulers who are running things here have paralyzed our democracy--with mind-boggling propaganda, rigged elections, anti-democratic, planet-killing "trade agreements" and many other tactics--to prevent U.S. leadership from addressing this awesome crisis in any meaningful way.

My metaphor is the Titanic. The rich are arranging their cushy berths on the Titanic while the rest of us are chained and gated below, away from the lifeboats.

But "little children on a beach" building a sand castle with a tsunami rising behind them is good, too. Maybe add some bully kids who think they are 'winning' the sandcastle contest and won't let the other children leave--and it would complete the current picture.

Sorry you won't be continuing at DU. We are in desperate need of "Cassandra"'s who speak the truth here amidst the childish banter that DU has been flooded with. You do know we've been flooded with paid bots whose job is to trivialize serious discussion, spread ugly pre-written 'memes' about racism and sexism, and otherwise make this once very progressive site into a joke?

Posted by Peace Patriot | Thu Apr 21, 2016, 02:42 PM (0 replies)

Kind of like the 126,000 Democrats purged from...

...the Democratic Party voting rolls, by the NY Democratic Party, in the town where Bernie Sanders was born, on suspicion that they were poor?

Do you know how much that H arrow to the right disgusts old DUers like me? Go ahead and purge me, you punk! I don't have that long to live anyway. I've been a Democrat for 50+ years, and a person for 70. I canvassed for JFK at age 16! And I know how much that kind of loyalty doesn't matter to Clinton and her bots. She can go buy all the votes she needs elsewhere, using her Clinton Foundation slush fund.

I am also a woman. And I say there couldn't be a worse example of feminism on the face of Mother Earth, than Hillary Clinton, whose decisions have led to the rapes, murders, and/or cruel displacement of millions of women in Honduras, Libya, Syria and Iraq. She even laughed about the bayonet rape and murder of one of her "regime change" targets, right on camera. "We came, we saw, he died! ha-ha-ha!" THAT'S feminism? That's what I've struggled for and supported all my life? THAT's the Democratic Party that I've been loyal to all my life?

DO IT! TURN ME IN! Here's my arm. Tattoo it! Shove this old witch in the oven! Do you realize where your mind is leading you? Do you REALIZE?!

Or just go away to a cave somewhere and do some serious soul-searching. You need to.


Posted by Peace Patriot | Wed Apr 20, 2016, 06:09 PM (7 replies)

Obit says donate to Bernie Sanders in lieu of flowers!

I came across this obituary for Deborah Neher Applegate in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (in California) yesterday. I don't know if it was Deborah Neher Applegate's last wish for people to donate to Bernie Sanders' campaign, or if this was done by consensus of her family because she was a big Sanders supporter. But I have to say that it's THE most unique endorsement for a presidential candidate that I've ever seen, or probably that ever was:

APPLEGATE, Deborah Neher November 16, 1941 - April 4, 2016 Was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Summit, New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1963 and obtained a Master's degree in social work from Columbia University in 1975. Mother of Charles and Jennifer, both of Santa Rosa, and grandmother of Tim. Deborah deeply enjoyed her practice of clinical social work. Her introduction to social work was working with welfare recipients in East Harlem, New York. After earning her Master's, she practiced in a hospital setting before relocating with her husband and children to Massachusetts. She then became a clinical supervisor in a mental health clinic, where she served for eight years before opening a private practice. After moving to Massachusetts, the family lived for twenty years in a historic home, built in 1732, which Deborah and her husband lovingly refurbished and maintained. In 1998, they moved to Sonoma County, where she continued her clinical practice with Sonoma County Health Services. After her divorce in 2001, Deborah bought a home in Santa Rosa and worked with community leaders to get the neighborhood designated as a historic district. A lifelong cook and a constant reader, she also became an avid gardener and a member of informal local hiking groups. In 2008, Deborah's daughter, Jennifer, moved in with her for what was intended to be a short-term stay but turned into nearly eight years of happily living together "more like sisters or friends" than mother and daughter. She was delighted by her son's marriage to Jill Decker of Napa, and equally delighted by the birth of their son, Timothy. Twice a year, Deborah spent several weeks with her cousin and best friend, Melissa Cummins Horvath of Cherry Valley, New York. These visits were marked by near-constant laughter and shared memories. Deborah retired from practice in December of 2014, and enjoyed increased gardening time and visits with friends and family. She started volunteering at the Northwest Regional branch of the Sonoma County Library in 2015. She will be greatly missed by friends and family alike. No memorial service is planned. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders or to the Sonoma Humane Society.

Published Online in the Press Democrat from Apr. 9 to Apr. 11, 2016

(my empasis)

(Note: The obit kindly provides the alternative of a non-partisan donation to the Humane Society.)

GO BERNIE! And be kind to all critters!
Posted by Peace Patriot | Mon Apr 11, 2016, 02:18 AM (6 replies)


The deadline for voter registration is May 23. (If you mail it in, it must be postmarked no later than that day.)

To vote for Bernie Sanders, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AS "NO PARTY PREFERENCE (formerly known as "Decline to State"), NOT AS AN "INDEPENDENT." Or, registered as a Democrat, of course.


This needs to be posted in several places at DU (including GD: P, California Forum, Bernie Forum, where else?) and repeated regularly as the deadline approaches. Sanders could lose lots of potential votes from Independents if they don't get this info and re-register.

I can't do this right now. Does someone else want to take it up? Later in April, I'll check from time to time to make sure this info gets posted and re-posted at DU.
Posted by Peace Patriot | Thu Apr 7, 2016, 03:24 AM (1 replies)

Okay, I had to look it up!

Godwin's law (or Godwin's rule of Nazi analogies) is an Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1"​​that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

There are many corollaries to Godwin's law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin himself) than others. For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress. This principle is itself frequently referred to as Godwin's law.



Do you mean that--given a Clinton "scorched earth" against Sanders--we are about to see Sanders accused of being the shooter at Sandy Hook? Or of approving the slaughter of kindergartners? Something like that?

Actually they've almost gone there already. In any case, the further they go, the closer they get to automatically losing whatever debate is in progress--according to Godwin's Law. They probably decided against trying "Hitler" against a Jew, and chose the Sandy Hook shooter instead, as the ikon of Sanders' lawless, murderous, callous, oblivious, uncaring, rotten, stinking, gun loving, fascist, anti-kindergartner personality and policies.
Posted by Peace Patriot | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 01:46 AM (2 replies)

Yes, Clinton aided the coup and bears responsibility for the rapes and murders...

...of many women in Honduras who have been peacefully protesting the fascist government, including the recent murder of the famed indigenous environmental activist, Berta Caceres (winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize). Women have been particularly evident in leadership roles in the Honduran democracy movement. Gays have also been targeted with brutality.

Clinton is some feminist, huh? What a crock!

I followed the coup events as closely as possible from both the corporate press and alternative news sources. What I think happened is this: The coup was planned by the Bush junta, possibly intended as a time-bomb to sabotage Barack Obama, early in his first term, and prevent him from acting on his stated intention of improving U.S./Latin America relations. (U.S./Latin America relations were basically dead during the Bush junta, of course. The Bush junta did terrible things there.)

When the military kidnapped the elected president of Honduras and flew him out of his own country, Obama's first reaction was that this was a "military coup" which triggers a law to stop U.S. funding to the usurpers. He then fell silent on the matter. He was VERY preoccupied at the time with global financial meltdown--an economic catastrophe inherited from the Bush Junta--and TWO wars inherited from the Bush junta, both of them clusterfucks of major proportions. I don't think Obama had anything to do with the Honduran coup, and I don't think he had an early warning about it. His only mistake may have been figuring that his new Sec of State Hillary Clinton would handle it satisfactorily.

Sec of State Clinton acted to legitimize the fascists who had taken power. Her emails reveal she was determined that Mel Zelaya, the elected president, would NOT return to his country and his rightful office. (He is a leftist who was doing things like raising the minimum wage and providing school lunches--actions offensive to Clinton's potential donors). Everything she did--from the talks in Costa Rica to the phony, State Dept.-run election in Honduras--was aimed at NOT restoring the rightful president and instead installing a rightwinger who would do U.S. corporate bidding.

No reputable election monitoring group in the world would touch this situation. They all refused. Leftists were being murdered. Martial law was in effect. Zelaya was under threat of arrest if he returned. Conditions for a fair election did not exist. So Clinton had the U.S. Dept. itself run an election, using outfits like the International Republican Institute (a John McCain project--McCain had telecommunication interests in Honduras). The rightwing 'won,' of course.

Just want to add in here a slight correction of the OP. The OP says this was "a coup that was widely condemned in Central America." The coup was widely condemned throughout Latin America. The President of Brazil, for instance, gave Zelaya asylum in the Brazilian embassy in Honduras, so Zelaya could return to his country. The OAS refused to send its election monitors to oversee Clinton's phony election. The coup was universally condemned. And Barack Obama's plan to improve relations with LatAm was destroyed, for the time being.

I think that Obama's trip to Cuba, and Obama's and Sec of State Kerry's support for the Colombia/FARC peace talks have been efforts to UNDO the damage that Clinton did to U.S./Latin America relations when she was Sec of State.

What has happened since the coup? The fascists have been emboldened to use death squads to end their problems with the leftist majority. And crime and murder have run rampant. The U.S. funded and trained Honduran military and police support the fascists. The Pentagon meanwhile has been building up its presence in Honduras. (The military plane carrying Zelaya out of his country at gunpoint stopped at a U.S. base in Honduras for refueling.) All the profiteers have taken over Honduras--the military profiteers, the police profiteers, the "war on drugs" profiteers, the corporate profiteers and the gangs warring over the ever-more lucrative drug profits. (The more drugs are warred upon, the higher the price, the more violence there is.)

Some of these problems pre-existed in Honduras, but all were made worse--much worse--by this U.S.-supported coup, and the poor majority in Honduras was stripped of their advocate, Mel Zelaya, who was implementing quite modest reforms to improve their lives.

Clinton was responsible for inflicting three clusterfucks on Obama's presidency--Honduras, Libya and Syria--plus the possibility that his presidency will end in scandal from the corruption at the Clinton Foundation and her insecure private email server setup.

On Libya and Syria, she was following the neocon plan (her adviser, Robert Kagan, of the Project for a New American Century--Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld's blue print). And on Honduras? Henry Kissinger (another adviser of hers).

Here is what one Honduran coup general said about their coup: The purpose of the coup "was to prevent communism from Venezuela reaching the United States" (quoted in a report on the coup by the Zelaya government-in-exile). (Note: Hugo Chavez was NOT a communist. He did, however, advocate labor rights, a living wage, universal health care, education, public participation and other "communist" ideas.)

I wondered at the time where this coup general got such a strange notion--that Honduras must stand in the way of "communism from Venezuela reaching the United States."

Kissinger used the same excuse to slaughter about a million people in Southeast Asia in the 1970s. He also used that excuse--communism--to destroy the elected leftist government in Chile in the same era.

Kissinger and Kagan intend to ride Clinton back into the White House to continue their wars. That is my greatest fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Honduras is evidence of it. So are Libya and Syria--where, I should add, women are suffering the most from the chaos and violence that Clinton helped to unleash.

Posted by Peace Patriot | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 01:27 AM (6 replies)

I'm not trying to pin "all the world's woes" on Clinton, only 2 of the worst ones...

...the ones she bears special responsibility for: Honduras, and the destabilization of Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

On Honduras, her emails reveal her direct, stated intention NOT TO PERMIT the return of the ELECTED president of Honduras, who was kidnapped by the U.S.-supported Honduran military at gunpoint and flown out of his own country with a re-fueling stop at the U.S. airbase in Honduras. She explicitly stated that she would prevent his return, and she did! The rule of law was never re-established in Honduras, and the result is the "killing fields" of Honduras, where WOMEN who peacefully oppose these fascists supported by Clinton, are a major target for murder and rape, and where gays are also being targeted for brutality and repression.

It is quite unforgivable, what Clinton did in Honduras. And it is right out Henry Kissinger's playbook.

I don't blame Obama who was only six months into his first term at the time, and preoccupied with Bush-Clinton induced global financial meltdown and two Bush wars. I wasn't sure at first, but I did see that his first instinct was to withdraw U.S. funding to the Honduran fascists (he said it was "a military coup," which triggers the law). Then somehow Clinton got control of the situation and she continued sending these fuckwads billions of our tax dollars, and PREVENTED the restoration of Honduran democracy. In her own words.

On destabilization of Iraq, Libya and Syria, Clinton voted for the goddamn war on Iraq and enthusiastically supported it. Result: chaos.

On Libya, Obama bears responsibility for taking his Sec of State's wretchedly wrong advice, and she personally claimed the result on Libya in an taped interview in which she states, Caesar-like, "We came. We conquered. He died!" and then LAUGHS. The callousness is unbelievable. Yeah, Gaddaffi was dead. Result: chaos.

Syria: I can only point out the significant change of direction under Sec of State John Kerry. Clinton was heading us to war with Iran and Russia--with Syrian 'regime change' and chaos as the collateral damage. This was right out of Bush, Cheney & Rumfeld's PNAC playbook, via Robert Kagan. Kerry is out there vigorously pursuing diplomatic solutions, and, in my opinion, trying to UNDO the damage that Clinton did as Sec of State (and is trying to do the same in Latin America with Obama's visit to Cuba and their support for the Colombia/FARC peace talks). The immediate result of attempted 'regime change' in Syria (Clinton's advice and actions): chaos.

Chaos in the ME is another name for The Project for a New American Century, which brought us the Iraq disaster, with the help of warmongering senators like Hillary Clinton.

As for your disparagement of Bernie Sanders as a poof, I can only say that that is NOT my reading of his character. Also, isn't it time we stop fucking around invading and intervening in other countries, and causing misery everywhere we go, and pay some goddamned attention to OUR OWN HOUSE? A few house repairs are in order, it seems to me, before we go adventuring again. And I sincerely hope that any future adventuring we do is to STOP GLOBAL WARMING, and maybe go to Mars and beyond-- cuz at the rate things are going now, we're going to need another planet.

Posted by Peace Patriot | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 07:21 PM (1 replies)

Let's clear this up: SANDERS WON TONIGHT!

NYT projected Sanders win in Utah: 74%
NYT projected Sanders win in Idaho: 78%
NYT projected Clinton win in AZ: 59%

So he won 2 of 3 states by very big margins. If you break this down, giving the candidates approximate shares of the available pledged delegates, based on their % of votes, you get this:

Sanders: Utah 25 delegates
Sanders: Idaho 18 delegates
Sanders: AZ 30 delegates

Sanders total: 73 delegates

Clinton: Utah 8 delegates
Clinton: Idaho 5 delegates
Clinton: AZ 44 delegates

Clinton total: 57 delegates

NET TO SANDERS: 16 delegates

Sanders won 2 of 3 states and 16 more delegates overall than Clinton. SANDERS WON!
Posted by Peace Patriot | Wed Mar 23, 2016, 02:53 AM (68 replies)

A "Seabiscuit" campaign that all can admire (Sanders)

I think most people know about that amazing racehorse, Seabiscuit, awkward and knock-kneed as a colt, not expected to win anything. For our youngsters and those who haven't seen the movies:

Seabiscuit lost his first 17 races, and when he started winning (under a new trainer, Tom Smith) did so (won or placed) under heavy handicap weights. Seabiscuit had many up's and down's before he finally faced "the seemingly invincible War Admiral" in the "Match of the Century." Way against the odds, Seabiscuit won that race, becoming the inspiration to millions of people suffering in the Great Depression.

Seabiscuit suffered further up's and down's, including a serious injury, and a grave injury (smashed leg) to his jockey (Red Pollard). Then, in the most surprising comeback in racing history, Seabiscuit (with Pollard riding) won the Santa Anita handicap, in 1940. As wiki says:

Seabiscuit is the Horatio Alger hero of the turf, the horse that came up from nothing on his own courage and will to win.

And for those who don't know who Horatio Alger is...suffice it to say that Americans (and probably all humans) love an underdog!

I wrote the following early this morning in response to liberalmike27's OP, here (comment #30):


It kind of got buried in the comments there, so I posted it in the Bernie Sanders forum and now I'm posting it in GD: Primaries, because I think it's of general interest to all Democrats and progressives, to anyone interested in politics and to anyone interested in the issues that Sanders has raised, whatever your politics and even if you're non-political. I think it might be of interest to the Clinton supporters, in particular, to help you understand why we persist against the odds.

I think that the Bernie Sanders campaign is the most important event in modern U.S. political history, whether or not Sanders wins the Democratic nomination.

My comment to liberalmike27 was mostly about the HANDICAPS that the Bernie Sanders campaign has had on its back all along, now even more so. I stumbled upon the "Seabiscuit" analogy half way through this comment.


30. "truth is, last night wasn't too bad" --I totally agree.

But--viewing this as a 'horse race' (which is a narrow way to look at it)--we need to factor in the ENORMOUS HANDICAPS that have been imposed on the Bernie Sanders campaign from the beginning, from the outside. These include:

--the current Clinton/Corporate narrative that "it's over"
--the past Clinton/Corporate narratives that it was "over" at each marker on the racecourse
--the beginning Clinton/Corporate narrative that our 'Seabiscuit' never had a chance
--the cumulative impact of all of these narratives: NO COVERAGE
--the heavily imposed Corporate narrative that it's a 'horse race' and NOT ABOUT IDEAS
--the brainwashing and heavy dumbing down of the American electorate
--the shocking 99% coverage handed to Trump vs a campaign of IDEAS (Sanders)--TWO insurgent campaigns, one gets 24/7 coverage, the other gets, oh, 0.01% grudging notice after huge wins

--the Democratic National Committee's incredibly unfair bias toward Clinton
--the existing system of pay-to-play that puts almost all Dem elected officials in debt to Clinton/DNC
--all Dem elected officials (& most candidates) dependent on corporate/billionaire $ (unlike Sanders who rejects it)
--almost all Dem party officials & leaders part of the pay-to-play system
--labor unions decimated by Reagan junta; almost all labor union upper-mucks now 'players'
--erosion (almost disappearance) of Dem party principles: pro-workers, pro-poor, etc.
--in general, the simply gargantuan power of Wall Street, banksters, transglobal corps, MIC privateers, consolidated Corp media, et al, and foreign influences (the Saudis, other $$ investors)

--the frontload of rightwing states in the primaries (handed Clinton a winning 'narrative'--in truth a hollow one--going into the swing states; Sanders early wins and ties--a remarkable showing--swamped when Dixiecrats hit the Corporate airwaves).

And one self-imposed handicap: no superpacs, no Corp or billionaire money (This handicap is the core of the Sanders campaign, but it is nevertheless a handicap for operating in this atmosphere--for one thing, it doubles-down the determination of all of the above to kill Sanders' ideas and stop his campaign).

Personally, I would add this handicap: The privatized vote counting system (since 2004), with 'TRADE SECRET' code in all of our voting systems, nationwide, owned and controlled by a handful of private corporations (the biggest one, ES&S/Diebold with far rightwing connections) and no auditing in half the states and inadequate auditing in the other half. Who knows what they are doing? They, do, in fact, have the ability--the easy ability--to rig elections, and have probably done so (Bush '04, Congress, governors, state leg's).

NOTE ADDED LATER: Clinton supporters should be concerned about the 'TRADE SECRET' voting systems, too. The owners and funders of ES&S/Diebold are extremely rightwing (with connections to far RW 'christian' nutballs--for instance, ES&S was funded by Howard Ahmanson, who also gave one million dollars to the RW 'christian' Chalcedon foundation, which touts the death penalty for homosexuals!).

Conclusion: It is utterly amazing how well this campaign of ideas, led by the most principled and honest politician in the USA--and the best Democrat!--has done so far. Sanders is, in fact, still in the running as to the 'horse race' due to his incredible energy, the power of his ideas and the millions of people who have supported him as volunteers, donors and internet news activists. He has run a brilliant campaign and so have we. This campaign had NO chance six months ago. Now it has a chance, as to the 'horse race,' with March 15 behind us, and blue skies ahead.

But we need to be aware--very aware--of the handicaps we are operating under. They will probably intensify. I'm a Californian and, believe me, our state party is now a Corporate Democratic Party like all the rest. And that includes Gov. Jerry Brown. We are a socially liberal state but our Establishment is as bad as any of them on the most important matters: income inequality and filthy campaign $$ (and all its ills--lobbying, revolving door, rule by the uber-rich, etc.). I'm not saying Sanders can't win here--I think he can--but it won't be an easy ride.

ONE MORE TIME: This is a campaign of IDEAS, not a 'horse race'--or not only a 'horse race.' That is why Sanders is in it to the Convention, and, as to ideas, beyond the Convention. He has sparked a revolution--and we have sparked a revolution--that has the power to transform the Democratic Party into the party of the people once again, and to transform our country back into a democracy, which it has not been for some time now. We have only the vestiges of a hollowed out, rigged, and now Corporate-run democratic system to work with. Consider this to be the FIRST massive effort to change it from within. An amazing accomplishment, truly. And remember...SEABISCUIT! (Americans love an underdog!)
Posted by Peace Patriot | Wed Mar 16, 2016, 07:04 PM (7 replies)
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