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Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 11:01 PM
Number of posts: 8,976

Journal Archives

Doesn't the federal government have jurisdiction over the IRS?

seems like this ruling should easily be overturned.

The San Antonio In and out Burger is under construction

another reason to move to Texas

Hillary and the Supeme Court

She appoints Obama or any choice. This is what 2016 is about.

a tarantula walked right by me last night

pretty cool.

Does anyone think the people funding ISIS are like the Koch's

funding the Tea Party.

The goal has always been to keep Iraqi oil off the market.

Didn't Cantor have a big lead

what if the TP rigged the machines?

Snowden IQ

what say du?

Howard Dean for HHS

A Shout out for those on the ACA phones

they know what they are doinng. I have never had such greart informave service. Put the phone on speaker if wait tiime.

Anybody ever replace a tail light lens cover?

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