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Gender: Female
Hometown: Miami, FL
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 10:15 PM
Number of posts: 3,011

Journal Archives

If it's true that the Dems have Mitt's taxes

I'm thinking this week would be a good time to release them. IMO.....

Pre-Debate Foreplay-- who's watching which channel?

I'm on MSNBC but am about to start taking turns with Current and CNN. It's just so much fun seeing how excited Rachel Maddow is- she is just so deliciously enthusiastic! Makes me smile (and tonight, that's a welcome relief).

Anyone else watching Rachel and the deficit story?

Just amazing. If anyone can find a link to that graphic- please post it. Robert Gibbs comes next.

I love you Joe Biden. He is knocking it out of the park.

Now we are reminded of why he is the perfect pick for a VP.

In FL, watching 60 Minutes-- every third commercial is for GOP

Either from Romney or a Pac or a right leaning local group. Just watched a very stupid one against Bill Nelson. Have not seen even one ad from the Obama campaign or any local blue candidates or any Democratic party PAC. Sigh.

Excellent piece on voting machine concerns on CBS 4 Miami tonight.

CBS4 Investigates: Does Your Vote Count?

Ion Sancho is a man on a mission. Just weeks from the presidential election, one of the most veteran election supervisors in the state of Florida, thinks there’s plenty for him and his colleagues to lose sleep over.

What keeps him awake at night? Whether you can trust the machine you will be voting on.

“We still have not secured the process to ensure that that machine has read that ballot correctly and it is 100 percent accurate. Because it is wrong to assume that the machines are always right. They’re not, ” Sancho tells CBS4 Chief Investigator Michele Gillen.

More at the link- and Michele, who did a terrific job, promises that there is more to come.


Happy 5th (!) Anniversary Rachel Maddow!

Talk about an amazing 5 year run- we love you and thank you! Here's to the next 5 years and Congratulations!

I am LOVING Bill Maher tonight. And it's only just begun.

He is destroying the film maker from Obama 2016- Pass the popcorn. This is just excellent.

"Refugees from a revolution"? Really?

He said his grand parents and great grandparents living in mexico were REFUGEES FROM A REVOLUTION? Is that another word for polygamists?

Season finale of The Newsroom already?

Wow- that went by so fast. I shall miss this weekly delightful, well written and brilliant show. It's been so great having an hour of Aaron Sorkin's amazing writing to look forward to every week. Guess I never did actually get over the loss of West Wing.

So I guess this means it doesn't return till after the election...
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