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E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Costco Chicken Salad, C.D.C Says

Source: New York Times

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday that public health officials were investigating an outbreak of E. coli that had sickened 19 people in seven states. The outbreak is thought to be linked to chicken salad from Costco, the C.D.C. said.

Five people had been hospitalized, and two developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure, the centers said in an update on Tuesday. No deaths have been reported, and most of the cases have involved people living in the Western United States.

The agency said that consumers who purchased rotisserie chicken salad from any Costco store on or before Nov. 20 should not eat it. Throw it away.

The strain of E. coli linked to the chicken salad, STEC O157:H7, can be fatal, especially in children. In 1993, hundreds of people became sick and four children died after an outbreak from undercooked Jack-in-the-Box hamburgers.


Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/26/us/e-coli-outbreak-linked-to-costco-chicken-salad-cdc-says.html?_r=0

Ukraine nuclear power plants 'dangerously' without power as towers feeding energy to Crimea blown up


Ukraine nuclear power plants ‘dangerously’ without power as towers feeding energy to Crimea blown up
Published time: 23 Nov, 2015 06:10

In an eerie reminder of a possible nuclear catastrophe, a senior Ukrainian energy official revealed that the attack on transmission towers that cut off the delivery of electricity from Ukraine to Crimea also created an emergency situation at nuclear power plants.

The apparent act of sabotage in Ukraine’s Kherson region forced an emergency power unloading at several Ukrainian nuclear power plants, which can be extremely dangerous, according to the first deputy director of Ukraine’s energy company Ukrenergo, Yuriy Katich.

Russia’s Crimea was forced to switch to autonomous reserve power after transmission towers in the adjacent Ukrainian region were blown up, causing a blackout. Meanwhile, the repairs were delayed by Right Sector and Crimean Tatar “activists” attempting to block crews from getting to the scene. None of the groups have accepted responsibility.

“All of these events have led to an additional emergency shutdown of the electrical network of two units at thermal power plants – the Dnieper and Uglegorskaya – and the emergency unloading by 500 MW of nuclear power plants in Ukraine. This includes Zaporozhskaya NPP and the South Ukrainian NPP. I want to stress that such emergency unloading of a nuclear plant – it is very dangerous,” 112. Ukraine online portal quoted Katich as saying.


Russian Federation to finance Egypt's nuclear power plant

Source: Newzy

Sergey Kiriyenko, general director of Rosatom, said the Dabaa nuclear plant will be the largest Russian-Egyptian project since the Aswan High Dam and will mark a "new chapter" in bilateral relations between the countries.


The timing of the deal is significant as it comes not long after a Russian-operated airline went down in Sinai on October 31, killing all 224 people on board.


Egypt has been considering building a nuclear power plant since the 1980s, but Cairo froze construction plans after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, only announcing its intention to revive them in 2006, under former President Hosni Mubarak.

Current President Sisi said Egypt is seeking to diversify its energy sources, and the "peaceful-purpose" nuclear plant would meet all the worldwide safety requirements. As well as a nuclear plant, Sisi has talked of building solar and wind energy facilities in the coming three years to generate around 4,300 megawatts of power.

Egypt's nuclear programme was given fresh impetus following the election of Al-Sisi in May 2014.


Read more: http://newzy.net/2015/11/25/russian-federation-to-finance-egypts-nuclear-power-plant.html

Security tight at France's nuclear power plants

Source: The Local

France's nuclear power stations remain at maximum alert after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th over fears the installations could be a future target of jihadists.

“We are working with police and the gendarmerie to carry out systematic checks of everyone entering nuclear power stations,” Jean-Bernard Levy, president of French state power company EDF has told France 2 television.


Levy noted the sensitive facilities – hugely important in a county where around 75 percent of power is generated by nuclear reactors – had already been at maximum alert before the November 13th attacks.

But he also admitted the EDF group did not have access to France’s so-called "fiche S" ("S file") which is updated daily to include individuals suspected of links to a terrorist movement or group. Some 10,000 names are on the list, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said recently.


Read more: http://www.thelocal.fr/20151125/france-ramps-up-security-at-nuclear-power-stations-terrorism

Nuclear generator shuts down I-8 in El Cajon

Source: KGTV TV News

A truck hauling a nuclear generator brought down power lines over the Interstate 8 freeway in El Cajon for several hours Wednesday morning.

Just before 2 a.m. the truck was headed east on I-8, just west of Greenfield Drive, when the nuclear generator it was transporting struck the power lines and brought them down over the freeway.

A Sig Alert was issued and the eastbound lanes were shut down. Traffic was being diverted at 2nd Street.

As of 4:50 a.m., I-8 east was still closed. SDG&E crews were on scene working to fix the downed lines.

Read more: http://www.10news.com/news/nuclear-generator-shuts-down-i-8-in-el-cajon

This was a generator for the ITER fusion project in Europe.
It's an oversized load and snagged the power lines.

'Dirty War' editorial shocks Argentines, including paper's own reporters

Source: Washington Post

The first news cycle after the election of Mauricio Macri as president of Argentina included an unusual contribution from La Nacion, one of the country's top newspapers: an editorial headlined "No More Vengeance."

The gist of the instantly controversial piece was that the time had come to forget about the crimes committed during Argentina's 1976-1983 military dictatorship. The editorial argued that the old regime's leftist opponents were "ideologically committed to terrorist groups" and acted in a way "no different" from the militants who attacked Paris earlier this month. It also bemoaned the "shameful" treatment of regime officials imprisoned for human rights crimes despite their "old age."


The piece provoked swift condemnation by many Argentines, including many of the newspaper's own reporters. They took to social media to disavow the unsigned opinion piece, and the newspaper published a photo of dozens in the newsroom holding up signs that said, "I condemn the editorial."


The editorial waded into especially sensitive territory — the legacy of the "Dirty War," in which tens of thousands of people were killed or made to "disappear" by government forces, and ongoing human rights trials against the perpetrators.

Part of the concern was the timing, as it prompted fears that the newly elected Macri government might be more open to forgiving these crimes than voters had been led to believe. As Jonathan Watts and Uki Goñi wrote in Britain's Guardian newspaper, "Many middle- and upper-class Macri supporters want the trials to end. They prefer to speak of 'reconciliation', a catchword for amnesty, now that hundreds of former officers have been convicted — many of so advanced an age that about 300 are estimated to have died so far in jail, either serving their sentences or pending trial."


Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/11/24/dirty-war-editorial-shocks-argentines-including-papers-own-reporters/

Experts say it's only a matter of time before the "big one" shakes Oklahoma

Source: KFOR TV News

Oklahoma is no longer known as the state where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. Now, the Sooner State also leads the world in seismic activity.

This year, more than 5, 000 earthquakes have been recorded and studied in our state. Residents have become accustomed to the little shaking, rattling and rolling.

However, experts say earthquakes in Oklahoma will likely increase in magnitude over time.

Now, research said it's only a matter of time before we get a big one that will change life for those of us living here.


Read more: http://kfor.com/2015/11/23/only-a-matter-of-time-before-the-big-one-shakes-oklahoma/

Yoga class cancelled at University of Ottawa over 'cultural issues'

Source: CBC

A yoga instructor who says her free class at the University of Ottawa was cancelled because of concerns over cultural appropriation believes the student union's issues are misplaced.

Jen Scharf said she's been teaching a free yoga class for the university's Centre for Students with Disabilities, which is run by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, for the last seven years.


"I guess it was this cultural appropriation issue because yoga originally comes from India," she said on Sunday. "I told them, 'Why don't we just change the name of the course?' It's simple enough, just call it mindful stretching.… We're not going through the finer points of scripture. We're talking about basic physical awareness and how to stretch so that you feel good.

"That went back and forth… The higher-ups at the student federation got involved, finally we got an email routed through the student federation basically saying they couldn't get a French name and nobody wants to do it, so we're going to cancel it for now."


Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/university-ottawa-yoga-cultural-sensitivity-1.3330441

US and China set up 'space hotline'


US and China set up ‘space hotline’
Sam Jones, Defence and Security Editor
November 20, 2015 6:23 pm

Washington and Beijing have established an emergency “space hotline” to reduce the risk of accidental conflict.

As fears grow of an orbital arms race, the new communications channel between the US and China — like the nuclear hotlines of the cold war — will serve as a diplomatic safety valve. By sharing technical information, officials hope that misunderstandings can be avoided and problems quickly resolved.

Washington already has a space hotline with Moscow as a legacy of the cold war.

China has ramped up the testing of weapons designed to knock out almost all US high-tech military capabilities by targeting the orbital networks they depend on.


Iran Guard simulates capture of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Source: Associated Press

Thousands of paramilitary forces from Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard have held a war game simulating the capture of Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque from Israeli control, state media reported Saturday.

It said forces stormed and "liberated" a replica of the mosque in the exercise. They say that 120 brigades from the Basij, the paramilitary unit of the Guard, participated in Friday's exercise outside the holy city of Qom in central Iran.

The symbolic operations were backed up by Guard helicopters, drones and Tucano planes that bombed hypothetical enemy positions before ground troops captured the replica of the mosque set up at the top of a mountain.

In a common mistake, the Guard set up a replica of the gold-topped Dome of the Rock mosque instead of the nearby gray-domed Al-Aqsa mosque. Official photos showed one of the troops going to the top of the dome and waving an Iranian flag and a red flag, a symbol of martyrdom.


Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/iran-guard-simulates-capture-al-aqsa-mosque-072202482.html
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