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The nuclear industry’s game plan: kill the competition and fleece the ratepayers


The nuclear industry’s game plan: kill the competition and fleece the ratepayers
Michael Mariotte
September 24, 2014

What was that we said just two days ago? Now that the climate march is over, the real work begins….

The past two days have demonstrated, in almost shocking fashion, the immutable truth of that statement. The nuclear industry, especially the nation’s largest nuclear utility Exelon, is laying down the gauntlet and acknowledging its game plan–which is following just about exactly the scenario a NIRS paper published last week described.

At a hearing before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) on Tuesday, Exelon finally revealed the bribe it wants the state to approve in order to keep Exelon’s unprofitable reactors running: a rate increase that would add $580 million per year to Exelon’s coffers.

That amounts to a stunning 8% rate increase for northern Illinois ratepayers just to keep five currently unprofitable reactors operating. For southern Illinois ratepayers, whose rates are lower than those upstate, the percentage increase would be even higher.


But it’s not just Illinois at issue here. Exelon’s Barron also again went after the production tax credit (PTC) for new wind power (even though new nuclear power has a similar production tax credit; the problem is that few want to build new reactors). Low-cost (and clean) wind power in the Midwest is a major reason Exelon’s reactors are uneconomic–they can’t compete with that growing renewable energy source. And the gap is likely to continue to grow, not just in Illinois but across the country–which is why Exelon wants to kill the PTC everywhere, and not just for wind but solar power as well.


The reality is that until a few years ago, renewables were still expensive. But for decades, advocates predicted that as the technology became better and mass production was achieved, their prices would plummet. And that’s exactly what has happened. As the graphic to the right indicates, the U.S. Department of Energy this week reported that solar power costs dropped 14% per year from 2009-2013, and continue to fall.


In short, if the nuclear/coal utilities win, the climate loses. It really comes down to being that simple.

That’s the message of NIRS new paper, written by executive director Tim Judson. Titled Killing the Competition: The Nuclear Power Agenda to block climate action, stop renewable energy, and subsidize old reactors, the paper details this industry game plan. It is essential reading for every clean energy activist as we move to the type of battles described above in every state as the nuclear industry flails about to save itself from its own shortcomings and as every state must address its carbon footprint under the EPA’s proposal, which will be finalized early next year. Download it here.

Comments on the EPA’s proposal have been extended until December 1, 2014. You can tell the EPA to take all support for nuclear power out of the proposal here. Please do, and please ask your friends, colleagues, e-mail lists, congregations and any group you are involved with to do the same.

Sierra Nevada Corp. Takes NASA to Court for ISS Transport Contracts

Source: Latin Post

The Sierra Nevada Corporation, one of four primary commercial space transport outfits competing to carry human crews to the International Space Station, has taken the program's contract awarding process to court.


In mid-September, however, while many in the industry believed SNC was one of the top two contract contenders, NASA awarded contracts exclusively to Boeing and SpaceX, for amounts of $4.4 billion and $2.6 billion respectively.


Through its 51 years in business, SNC "has never filed a legal challenge to a government contract award. However, in the case of the award, NASA's own Source Selection Statement and debrief indicate that there are serious questions and inconsistencies in the source selection process. SNC, therefore, feels that there is no alternative but to institute a legal challenge," said a company statement.


Read more: http://www.latinpost.com/articles/22404/20140926/sierra-nevada-corp-takes-nasa-to-court-for-iss-transport-contracts.htm

World must move toward total elimination of nuclear weapons - UN chief

Source: United Nations

The time has come for the total elimination of nuclear weapons stockpiles, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today declared as he urged the revival of nuclear disarmament as a “top international priority.”

In his message, delivered in observance of the first annual International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, the Secretary-General voiced concern about the delayed status of ongoing negotiations to eliminate the atomic threat still present around the world.

“The lack of such negotiations is disrupting the delicate balance between international commitments to disarmament and non-proliferation,” affirmed Mr. Ban. “The time has come for those negotiations to begin.”

The International Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 2013 in a resolution calling for the “urgent commencement of negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament of a comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons to prohibit their possession, development, production, acquisition, testing, stockpiling, transfer and use or threat of use, and to provide for their destruction.”

Following the creation of the International Day against Nuclear Tests in 2010, the measure was the latest effort by the UN body to raise public awareness and work for deeper engagement on nuclear disarmament issues.


Read more: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=48879

US Court Summons PM Narendra Modi in Gujarat Riots Case

Source: New Delhi Television

A US court has ordered Prime Minister Narendra Modi to answer allegations that he failed to stop the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002, overshadowing his first trip to the United States in over a decade.

The petitioner in the case is the American Justice Center, a non-profit human rights organisation, acting on behalf of two survivors of the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Mr Modi was serving his first term as Chief Minister of his home state when the riots erupted. More than 1,000 people were killed, most of them Muslims.

The US court has given Mr Modi 21 days to respond.

The civil case before a New York court seeks compensatory and punitive damages from Mr Modi for "crimes against humanity" and extrajudicial killings under the Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victim Protection Act. "There is evidence to support the conclusion that minister Modi committed both acts of intentional and malicious direction to authorities in India to kill and maim innocent persons of the Muslim faith," the petition said.

After years of being unwelcome in the United States, Mr Modi arrives for a five-day visit on Friday in New York, where he will speak at the United Nations before heading to Washington for talks with President Barack Obama.


Read more: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/us-court-summons-pm-narendra-modi-in-gujarat-riots-case-598243

Water on Earth is older than the sun, scientists say

Source: Los Angeles Times

In a study published Thursday in Science, researchers say the distinct chemical signature of the water on Earth and throughout the solar system could occur only if some of that water formed before the swirling disk of dust and gas gave birth to the planets, moons, comets and asteroids.

This primordial water makes up 30% to 50% of the water on Earth, the researchers estimate.

“It’s pretty amazing that a significant fraction of water on Earth predates the sun and the solar system,” said study leader Ilse Cleeves, an astronomer at the University of Michigan.

This finding suggests that water, a key ingredient of life, may be common in young planetary systems across the universe, Cleeves and her colleagues say.


Read more: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-old-water-on-earth-20140923-story.html

Four large fireballs reported over eastern U.S. in 'rare' event

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland

Four large fireball events were reported to the American Meteor Society overnight by more than 100 witnesses in what the agency is calling a “rare” occurrence.

According to the AMS website, the fireballs all occurred within 1.5 hours of each other. Nearly 150 reports were made from witnesses including from Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“It is rare that multiple significant fireball events occur and are reported to the AMS in the same evening,” AMS said on its Facebook page.

The events are mapped out below:


The AMS is asking anyone who may have seen a fireball Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, to fill out an official report.

Read more: http://fox8.com/2014/09/24/four-large-fireballs-reported-over-eastern-u-s-in-rare-event/

EDF Struggles With Nuclear Reactor Maintenance, Safety Body Says


EDF Struggles With Nuclear Reactor Maintenance, Safety Body Says
By Tara Patel 2014-09-15T10:37:25Z

Electricite de France SA, the world’s biggest nuclear power generator, is struggling to keep up with the maintenance requirements of its aging reactors, according to the regulator.

The state-controlled utility, whose 58 reactors generate three-quarters of French power, has embarked on a round of repairs and safety improvements to meet tougher standards after Japan’s Fukushima meltdown and increasing demands of old plants.

“There are delays and complications and some could affect safety,” Pierre-Franck Chevet, head of the Autorite de Surete Nucleaire, said in an interview in Paris.

EDF is at a crossroads as lawmakers consider a bill that could lead to the closure of reactors before 2025 in a bid to lower France’s reliance on atomic power. Over the same period, the utility has said it needs to spend 55 billion euros ($71 billion) to improve safety and extend the lives of plants. EDF missed an output target last year, blaming long halts.


UPDATED WITH COMMENT: South Africa in ‘$50 bn deal’ for Russian nuclear reactors


UPDATED WITH COMMENT: South Africa in ‘$50 bn deal’ for Russian nuclear reactors

Posted on September 23, 2014 in Briefs

This article below from AFP is so disturbing one hardly knows where to begin. Nuclear power stations are prohibitively expensive and affordable only by the richest nations. They are also potentially dangerous, as the well documented Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island disasters attest. Plus, mankind has yet to find a safe way of dealing with nuclear waste. With innovation making renewables cheaper, nuclear is also so 20th Century. Such is the public aversion that those who commit their nations to nuclear programmes are often accused of receiving inappropriate inducements – a justifiable conclusion given nuclear’s smelly reputation. In South Africa’s case, we come from a base of well founded suspicion about politicians with snouts deep in the public purse. Trust in an already opaque process hasn’t been helped by the spotty track record of the recently appointed Energy Minister. And with an abundance of coal, potentially game-changing shale gas deposits in the Karoo, plentiful and cheap natural gas in Mozambique and a successful and expandable renewables programme, you have to wonder what is motivating those even considering nuclear as an option. A generous interpretation is that SA’s Government may have fallen into what Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman Warren Buffett describes as “the institutional imperative”, a malaise that often afflicts large organisations. As he explained when writing to shareholders in 1989: “When I entered the business world, I thought then that decent, intelligent and experienced managers would automatically make rational business decisions. But I learned over time that isn’t so. Instead, rationality frequently wilts when the institutional imperative comes into play. Institutional dynamics, not venality or stupidity, set businesses on courses which are too often misguided.” Not just businesses, but pretty much any large organisation. Governments included. – AH

From Agence France-Presse

Russia’s atomic energy agency said Monday it will provide up to eight nuclear reactors to South Africa by 2023 in a $50 billion strategic partnership between the two countries.

The delivery of the reactors will enable the foundation of the first nuclear power plant based on Russian technology on the African continent, the Rosatom agency said in a statement.

Director general Sergey Kirienko estimated the value of the deal at between $40 to $50 billion, given that one reactor costs around $5 billion, according to the Itar-Tass news agency.


UPDATE 2-EU regulators say will approve British EDF nuclear project

Source: Reuters

European Union state aid regulators will clear Britain's plan to build a 16 billion-pound ($26.15 billion) nuclear plant with French utility EDF, a European Commission official said on Monday.


But Britain's plans for financing it are extremely divisive within the European Union. A group of more than 20 academics, politicians and renewable energy officials has written to the Commission warning it is likely face legal action for rushing through the decision.

Britain wants to offer EDF a guaranteed power price of 92.50 pounds ($151.27) per megawatt-hour for 35 years, more than twice the current market rate.


European Competition Commissioner Almunia is scheduled to leave office by the end of October. Colombani did not provide details of the conditions attached to the EU approval.


Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/22/eu-britain-edf-nuclear-idUSL6N0RN4AY20140922

You just can't trust the nuclear industry.
They said there would be no subsidies, now there are massive subsidies.
There's something seriously wrong with how this approval was pushed through.

People's Climate March Livestream

People's Climate March Livestream
People's Climate March
Started on Sep 21, 2014

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