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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 10:31 AM
Number of posts: 7,072

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You know the weather is bad and probably going to get worse

when a veteran weatherman well "seasoned" in Western N.Y. winters lays his head down on the desk, hides his face for a minute, then says to the news anchor, "don't make me tell you about next week, please."

I can't even imagine what those of you who live in New England and other harder hit areas are going through.

This is bad enough. I even pulled a leg muscle between trying to walk the dog through all this snow, shoveling, and winterizing the barn more. Hurts like heck and laying down makes it worse.

Thank goodness for heating pads and Advil.

On a good news front, feral barn kitties are okay so far, knock on wood. Had to stop giving them canned food because it just freezes, but they are well stocked with dry, and I bring them out hot water twice a day so they can all get a drink before that freezes too.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

Proposed Slogan if Jeb Bush ends up GOP nominee

"Come on Americans, everybody knows three strikes and we're out!"

Accompanied by pictures of Jeb, George Sr. and Dumbya!

Thank You for the hearts!

Send warm thoughts to my Feral Barn Gang This weekend

The meteorologists are predicting colder temperatures than we've had in twenty years starting Sunday night. I can't bring them in because the majority of them I can't even get near, and even the few I can pet have never been indoors so they'd probably freak especially with Marnie in here.

I just spread two new bales of straw on top of the three that were already there and am going to go back out to try and cover some more holes to keep as much of the wind out as I can. Unfortunately I can't cover all the window because the few times I've tried they break out one of the panels. Even though they have three exit spaces in the walls already the lady from Colony Caregivers said they must still want the window exit too, cause she came and tried to fix it once for me too and they broke her solution too.

I just hope it's enough to keep them warm. It's an old barn that my family hasn't used in years, there's not even electricity out there, but years ago they moved in, so I try the best I can to keep them fed, watered and sheltered. I have also managed to get all but three spayed and neutered through Colony Caregivers low cost TNR program. Hopefully we will get those three done this spring.

In return I get no rodents in my house and hard won friendship from the few over the years that have decided, hey that woman is not so scary and is okay for a human.

Writing a Romantic Suspense Novel- Need Answers about Law Enforcement and 911 Procedure?

Okay I can't pay, I'm on a fixed income, and have never earned a dime from my writing so far. I will credit DU Lounge if my book ever ends up getting published though.

At my writer's group they said I had a strong story, they loved my dialog, and think I am on to something that could eventually get published, but they questioned some technical aspects about police and emergency procedure.

Not to go into too much detail but here's the situation: An off duty FBI agent witnesses a man fleeing what the agent believes to be a vacant house. He becomes suspicious and gives brief chase but the unidentified subject gets away.

The door on the house is open so the agent decides to take a look around to make sure no suspicious activity is going on, exigent circumstances, and finds a woman who has been hit on the back of the head. She's regained consciousness, has slight but not prolific bleeding around the impact area, and is coherent. There is also a damaged wall and skeletal remains visible through the hole in it.

The other writers' problem with this part is would the agent immediately start giving her first aid ? I struggled with that! I wondered whether he would first ask her if she was alone in the house, and then want to determine that for sure, because both of them could be in danger of another attack, if the fleeing man had accomplices that were still hiding somewhere in the house.

Now I am thinking he'd probably call for backup and an ambulance first. So some input on what the sequence of his actions would be from someone who knows proper procedure would help.

How much would he say to the victim? I had him identify himself, ask her if she were alone in the house, what she was doing there? Another writer in my group said she didn't think he would go beyond identifying himself, to someone who was injured and a victim.

Also on the 911 call how much information would be imparted? I had him identify himself as an agent, tell them of the injured woman, the suspect that got away, and the skeletal remains. A former Air Force pilot in our group said he doesn't think an FBI agent would give out that much information over a 911 call. If this is TMI what would he say? Would he just identify himself, ask for back up, an ambulance and the morgue?

Any guidance would help. I am not close to anyone in Law Enforcement and I'd feel strange about calling the Sheriff's Department to ask for research help on a book when I am not a published author yet.

Thank you in advance for any input.

According to Care2 Petition site

Tom Sullivan a Fox Noise Radio announcer said "Bipolar Disorder" is a disease that psychiatrists made up so they can get more money out of people.

Just when you think they can't sink any lower, act any crueler or get any more anti-science, they spew something like this out of their mouths.

Hives and Time of Year?

Last year I got hives in the beginning of January. Had never had them before. I saw my primary care, an allergist, and an immunologist, and even my psychiatrist was trying to help.

None could figure it out, except the immunologist said in his opinion it's not an allergic reaction but an auto immune over reaction, but we will likely never find out what is triggering it. Any way he put me on high doses of Antihistamines and they finally went away in September of 2014.

They came back two weeks ago. Given that it started in the same month both times could that be a clue? My sister said she didn't think so because they lasted through the summer but the immunologist had told me once an over reaction is triggered it can take a lot of time and antihistamines to shut it back down.

He can't see me again till April and just told me to go back on the meds in the meantime.

I will follow his advice but the antihistamines make it hard to stay alert and I sure wish I could figure out what is setting them off so they will stop coming back. I was wondering whether low Vitamin D because of lack of significant sunlight could be a trigger? Has anyone ever heard of time of year being a factor in causing hives?

Damn it's Cold

I am not usually one to complain about the cold. My favorite season is the fall and if I bitch about a season it's usually summer. The humidity here is terrible, I sweat like crazy and get swarmed by mosquitoes.

But this is ridiculous. I have my heat on 70, a flannel tunic over a mock turtleneck, LLBean flannel slipper boots, Alpaca socks, and heavy weight jeans and I am still freezing and the worst of the cold is yet to come. It's going to be below 0 without the wind chill.

For the first time I stood outside yesterday with the shovel in my hands and thought I don't know how much more I can take this, maybe I should just ask my sister if we should consider moving to a warmer climate, and I loathe hot weather.

I do have Raynauds syndrome in my finger and toes, and my shoulders are always cold but then again maybe it's because I am 53 and just can't handle the cold like I used too.

Kindle Fire HDX Question

Okay I have never used Go To Meeting before but I am going to try using it to attend an online seminar tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST. I downloaded the Go to Meeting App.

The email from lady giving seminar said to use the device's speaker and microphone. Now I know the Kindle Fire it has the microphone symbol on the keyboard so I am taking it, it has one. I have never used it. But will the keyboard just come up when I enter meeting or do I have to access microphone another way?

Any tips will be useful. I'm nervous about this and may just end up using the phone option but I'd like to use the Kindle if I can figure out hope too.

Saturday Morning Ponderings- The issuse is a person's looks

Question: Do you think it is unfair that people dismiss an actor, actress, singer's talent, or whatever else they bring to the stage or screen just because they also happen to be good looking?

How is that any different than dismissing someone's talents and abilities just because they don't fit the majority of people's ideal image of classically handsome?

I bring this up because I have just gotten into watching Once Upon A Time, I know I am a little late to the party, and I have been reading bulletin boards and television "news" sites to catch up and learn about the show, the performers, the writers etc.
My favorite character is Captain Hook as portrayed by Colin O'Donaghue. While there is a lot positive posted about the character and the actor, and some valid criticism's too, there seems to be some people who dismiss him simply because he was genetically gifted with what most would probably consider "handsome movie star looks."

Now I am not denying he's easy on my eyes and that isn't part of what draws me to the character, I'd be lying. I also, however, like that the character is on a path of redemption because he realizes that hurting others as he has done in the past was wrong, and he wants to become a better man both for his own conscience and to be the type of man the woman he loves deserves. It's also the wit and the humor, the soft spoken way the actor has of delivering a line but still giving it impact.

It's the beautiful love story being developed by the writer's about two people who aren't saints, who've done wrong, have been wronged, etc finding something right with each other.

I also don't always find myself automatically choosing a favorite characters just because there are good looking people playing them.

Now I also watch Chicago Fire, and find Severide to be extremely blessed genetically but Herman is my favorite character there because he's the heart of that fictional fire station. Jack McCoy was my favorite on Law and Order tied with Lenny on Law and Order, even though in my opinion Logam and Ray(sorry I am having a senior moment on Benjamin Bratt's character's last name) fit my definition of classic good looks personally. And I have always loved Wlliam Daniels characters and think he is a tremendous actor even though I personally don't find him to be all that good looking.

I know things like this are subjective and not a major point in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes these are the things I ponder about in my attempts to better understand human nature.
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