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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 31,829

Journal Archives

All Houses Matter from Kris Straub

Where are Trump's taxes?

This should be a drumbeat. Why is the media silent about his taxes? It should be brought up by every Democratic pundit, talking head, politician, etc.

I'll be 1st to give credit where credit is due: I think Nintendo just solved the obesity crisis in

the US (or a least a good step toward abolishing it). This weekend, there were about 200 people wandering between University Mall and GMU playing Pokemon Go.

In my neighborhood, older teenagers and 20-somethings were running up and down the streets, around our parks and bike paths playing Pokemon Go. These are people who are never outside and never getting exercise. The person stuck indoors playing games 24/7 finally went outside for some fresh air. Of course, their nose was still stuck in a screen, but it is a start.

"Dandy Don "The Con" Trump's Guide to Grifting: The Art of the Steal"

From Tom the Dancing Bug

Best tweet of the day: "thoughts and prayers to HaHa Goodman"

- Kaili Joy Gray


"One more stupid, unfounded, baseless fake Hillary "scandal" and she gets a free one"

- Frank Conniff



Right now Trump is scrolling through neo-Nazi white supremacist websites to find the perfect response to the Hillary email story.


Any minute now Trump is going to say that James Comey is Mexican.

Tom the Dancing Bug on Brexit

LOL, Even Mark Tatulli's "Lio" comes out against Trump

Two side effects of the recent change

MIRT's hands are really tied. We just got a MIRT team notification and have no way of seeing the post. Is the person a MI? Impossible to tell. Other than banning someone's whose first post is obvious racist trolling, MIRT no longer tools to do its job. MIRT is rendered pointless.

Secondly, on a jury, too little is shown of the discussion to be sure of how to vote. I realize you wanted to remove user names, primary support, and group from the equation, but we are left little to judge other than the most obvious infractions. IMO, the recent civility here is from having so many disrupters with 10+ posts in "flagged for review limbo" and not due to the new jury system.

Finding Dory: The Republican Story

from Tom the Dancing Bug

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