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Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 09:34 AM
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Trump is not merely ignorant. He is also supremely confident and feels superior - the most dangerous

kind of idiot

(This may have been posted before, but is too delicious to post again.) From Chauncey DeVega at Salon:

Donald Trump is a political brawler. He is also a raconteur, a self-styled maverick, a political “outsider,” an adult male adolescent and the drunk guy at the local bar who picks fights with strangers by yelling racial and ethnic slurs or harassing women.

As I watched Hillary Clinton pummel Donald Trump during Monday’s debate, it occurred to me that beyond being merely unprepared to be president of the United States — see also Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his inability to answer basic questions about international politics — that Trump is, in fact, supremely confident in his ignorance and sense of intellectual superiority over other people.

This is the psychological concept known as the “Dunning-Kruger” effect — put very simply, when stupid people don’t know that they are stupid — in action.


A democracy does not need to elect a person who fits the mold of Plato’s philosopher king in order to be healthy and successful. For example, the United States has had presidents who were intemperate (Lyndon Johnson), lacked preparation (Ronald Reagan) and overwhelmed by the demands of the office (George W. Bush). But Trump is something different. He is a fascist who wallows in his ignorance and stupidity about public affairs and then willfully confuses such attributes with wisdom and intellectual acumen.

The entire article (well worth a read, imo) here:

Blair Kamin: Donald Trump's Sycophantic, Vitriolic Treatment of Architecture Critics

From "Architectural Record" by Blair Kamin

Oct. 07 -- Donald Trump doesn't aim his nasty, middle-of-the-night tweets just at beauty queens he thinks have gained too much weight. He also targets architecture critics, me included, who've gotten under his prosciutto-thin skin. At 3:12 a.m. on June 22, 2014 , Trump directed his wrath at two of us: "I loved the day Paul Goldberger got fired (or left) as New York Times architecture critic and has since faded into irrelevance," he wrote. " Kamin next!"

The tweet came amid the war of words that ensued after I zinged Trump for the humongous, hideous sign he'd stuck on his mostly handsome Chicago skyscraper. I bring up the tweet ahead of Sunday's second presidential debate because Trump's character and temperament have become major issues in the campaign, and I can speak to both based on more than a decade of experience.

Over the years, Trump has courted me, comforted me, criticized me and sent me a handful of sometimes-fawning letters and notes. I saved the correspondence. Wouldn't you? It's fun to run your fingers over gold, raised-print letters that say "TRUMP." And the missives are telling. Combined with other things he's said and written, they show that Candidate Trump isn't all that different from Developer Trump. He remains a master media manipulator who can be charming, mercurial and vengeful. Only now he wants to be the most powerful man on earth.


"Mike Pence went on TV today to reassure Republicans that despite his dignified demeanor he's still

the bigoted piece of shit they nominated." - Frank Conniff


Question on donations for helping Haiti

Asking for a friend: If someone wanted to donate some money to help Haiti, what is the best organization?

Red Cross? Someone else?


Scandal! WikiLeaks reveals Hillary Clinton to be . . . reasonable.

From the Washington Post Editorial Board October 10 at 7:25 PM

THE CLINTON campaign has refused to deny or confirm the authenticity of a WikiLeaks report including apparent purloined emailed excerpts of her paid speeches to corporate audiences in the years between her departure from the State Department in 2013 and her declaration for president in 2015. We hope the excerpts are genuine, because at least in the texts made public as of Monday, the Hillary Clinton that emerges is a knowledgeable, balanced political veteran with sound policy instincts and a mature sense of how to sustain a decent, stable democracy.


This whole episode illustrates that point. Ms. Clinton kept the speeches under wraps out of fear that they would be distorted for political purposes by her populist foes. Alas, that fear was amply justified in this populistic, polarized environment, as the manufactured uproar over their release proves. The fact that Ms. Clinton’s eminently reasonable and open-minded words regarding the issues and her opponents are being treated as scandalous is the real scandal.

Anyone besides me loving the Washington Post's recent reporting on Trump?

Today's stories and opinions:

GOP tumbles toward anarchy as Ryan snubs Trump
‘It’s every person for himself or herself,’ former senator says


Trump’s truest believers start to worry: ‘You could easily lose this election’


House Democrats believe Trump troubles give them real shot at retaking majority


Donald Trump tried to call out Warren Buffett. He probably didn’t expect this response.


Republicans deserve their sad fate


The irony of ironies: Trump destroys the brand


Trump files for moral bankruptcy


Trump can’t stop his campaign’s death spiral


Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet


Donald Trump unleashes a stream of falsehoods


Reasonable Republicans can’t save the GOP from Trump
They're the ones who created him in the first place.


Note: Edited to not offend the sensibilities of the obtuse.

"Headlines: between sniffs, Trump threatened to jail his opponent, admitted writing off $916m in

losses to avoid taxes, split w/VP over Syria" - Keith Olbermann


Just saw a Trump commercial about how HRC doesn't care about women because Gunz.

Paid for by the NRA.

* ∞

Christoper Columbus from Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad"

The guides in Genoa are delighted to secure an American party, because Americans so much wonder, and deal so much in sentiment and emotion before any relic of Columbus. Our guide there fidgeted about as if he had swallowed a spring mattress. He was full of animation -- full of impatience. He said:

"Come wis me, genteelmen! -- come! I show you ze letter writing by Christopher Colombo! -- write it himself! -- write it wis his own hand! -- come!"

He took us to the municipal palace. After much impressive fumbling of keys and opening of locks, the stained and aged document was spread before us. The guide's eyes sparkled. He danced about us and tapped the parchment with his finger:

"What I tell you, genteelmen! Is it not so? See! handwriting Christopher Colombo! -- write it himself!"

We looked indifferent -- unconcerned. The doctor examined the document very deliberately, during a painful pause. -- Then he said, without any show of interest:

"Ah -- Ferguson -- what -- what did you say was the name of the party who wrote this?"

"Christopher Colombo! ze great Christopher Colombo!"

Another deliberate examination.

"Ah -- did he write it himself; or -- or how?"

"He write it himself!--Christopher Colombo! He's own hand-writing, write by himself!"

Then the doctor laid the document down and said:

"Why, I have seen boys in America only fourteen years old that could write better than that."

"But zis is ze great Christo--"

"I don't care who it is! It's the worst writing I ever saw. Now you musn't think you can impose on us because we are strangers. We are not fools, by a good deal. If you have got any specimens of penmanship of real merit, trot them out!--and if you haven't, drive on!"

We drove on. The guide was considerably shaken up, but he made one more venture. He had something which he thought would overcome us. He said:

"Ah, genteelmen, you come wis me! I show you beautiful, O, magnificent bust Christopher Colombo! -- splendid, grand, magnificent!"

He brought us before the beautiful bust -- for it was beautiful -- and sprang back and struck an attitude:

"Ah, look, genteelmen! -- beautiful, grand, -- bust Christopher Colombo! -- beautiful bust, beautiful pedestal!"

The doctor put up his eye-glass -- procured for such occasions:

"Ah -- what did you say this gentleman's name was?"

"Christopher Colombo! -- ze great Christopher Colombo!"

"Christopher Colombo -- the great Christopher Colombo. Well, what did he do?"

"Discover America! -- discover America, Oh, ze devil!"

"Discover America. No -- that statement will hardly wash. We are just from America ourselves. We heard nothing about it. Christopher Colombo -- pleasant name -- is -- is he dead?"

"Oh, corpo di Baccho! -- three hundred year!"

"What did he die of?"

"I do not know!--I can not tell."

"Small-pox, think?"

"I do not know, genteelmen! -- I do not know what he die of!"

"Measles, likely?"

"May be -- may be -- I do not know -- I think he die of somethings."

"Parents living?"


"Ah -- which is the bust and which is the pedestal?"

"Santa Maria! -- zis ze bust! -- zis ze pedestal!"

"Ah, I see, I see -- happy combination -- very happy combination, indeed. Is -- is this the first time this gentleman was ever on a bust?"

That joke was lost on the foreigner -- guides can not master the subtleties of the American joke.

Note: Twain's writings are in the public domain and not subject to copyright

"If nothing else, Pence has taken his first steps towards dropping out of the 2020 Presidential

race right after the New Hampshire primary." Frank Conniff



Folks making big deal out of Pence saying "that Mexican thing" at #VPDebate but to be clear, all he meant was that he and Trump are racists.
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