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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 21,245

Journal Archives

Chris Mathews speculating during breaking news as accurate as "Criswell Predicts" section of "Plan 9

From Outer Space." - Frank Conniff

And for everyone who who missed that classic:

Projected Social Security Growth from Nick Anderson

Less than 24 hours to stop Cuccinelli's regulations that could restrict access to women's health cen

We've got less than 24 hours to stop Ken Cuccinelli from imposing regulations that could restrict access to women's health centers.

Tell Ken Cuccinelli: Stop trying to shut down abortion clinics | SIGN THE PETITION

Two years ago, Cuccinelli issued a legal opinion that's forcing the Board of Health to make abortion providers comply with hospital regulations. They waited as long as they could, but tomorrow the Board of Health has to make their ruling.

And unless Cuccinelli backs off, they have no choice — they'll have to enact the new regulations and possibly restrict women's health access.

Sign our petition telling Ken Cuccinelli to back off and let women make health care decisions with their doctors — and without government interference.

Physicians across the Commonwealth have come out against these regulations, which involve things like the width of hallways and heating and ventilation systems, are medically unnecessary. Doctors say these restrictions do nothing to protect women’s health.

So, don't think for a second that Cuccinelli's ruling was motivated by safety. It's simple — one of his top priorities is ending safe and legal abortion.

Just last year, he admitted it: " ultimate goal is to make abortion disappear in America."

Time is ticking. We need your help in the next 24 hours before Cuccinelli forces the Board of Health into complying with his regulations. Tell Cuccinelli to stop pushing his anti-women's health agenda:


It's time for us to focus on the economy, not divisive efforts to limit women's health care access.

Thanks for fighting alongside us,

Emily Aden
Research Director
Terry McAuliffe for Governor

(Press release from campaign to be distributed - not subject to copyright rules.)

Herring seeks inquiry into Star, Republicans

"RICHMOND — State Sen. Mark Herring, a Loudoun Democrat running for attorney general, is calling for a federal investigation into financial dealings between Virginia supplement maker Star Scientific Inc. and the state’s two top Republicans, Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II.

Herring announced Thursday that he has sent a letter to the public integrity section of the U.S. Department of Justice seeking an inquiry. "

"Herring based his request on recent news articles about connections between Star and its chief executive to McDonnell and Cuccinelli. Star, a former cigarette maker that makes a supplement and facial cream with a chemical found in tobacco, is the subject of a federal securities investigation and two shareholder lawsuits.

The company has lost money for the past 10 years, but the firm and Williams donated generously to the Republicans, providing personal gifts, rides in a corporate jet and campaign contributions. "

More at:


More corruption from the Governor

RICHMOND, Va. — Gov. Bob McDonnell signed a contract and paid a deposit for catering for his daughter’s 2011 wedding, despite claims that $15,000 later paid by a major campaign donor to cover the catering expenses was a gift to his daughter and not to him, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The Washington Post reported (http://wapo.st/Z5ZW1I) it had obtained the catering contract signed by McDonnell, including handwritten notes he made to the caterer. McDonnell paid nearly $8,000 in deposits for the catering, and his wife, Maureen McDonnell, received a more than $3,500 refund for overpayment to the caterer, the newspaper found.

McDonnell has claimed that the gift from Star Scientific Inc. owner Johnnie Williams was not required to be reported under Virginia law because it was not a gift to him. Virginia law requires that elected officials publicly report gifts of more than $50, but gifts to family members are not required to be disclosed.

More at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/report-mcdonnell-helped-finance-daughters-wedding-despite-claims-donors-gift-wasnt-to-him/2013/04/09/345ba59a-a164-11e2-bd52-614156372695_story.html

Lawn & Garden Tips From Your Friends at ExxonMobil & Monsanto

From Brian McFadden:

Derf's "The Iraq War: Looking Back, Ten Years Later"

Request: I know you won't, but please consider bringing back the unrec.

I know there is a trash thread, but that's too passive for me.

We need a way to counter act the daily "bash Obama/Democrats," the "life is shit," and the "concise phrasing of each word is more important than the context" types of posts without kicking them or adding to their endless/pointless arguments.

Anyway, thanks for listening and keep up the good work.

D- Solutions for D- Problems

From Brian McFadden:

"Ted Cruz voting against Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week was his way of promoting Republican

Douchebag Awareness Month." - Frank Conniff on Twitter

TV's Frank is on a roll again.
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