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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 27,692

Journal Archives

Undated photo shows Jodi Ernst on the Hardees Biscuit Line

LOL, the Keystone Pipeline is now the Keystone Jobs Bill

She's telling about 5 lies an hour.

Jodi Ernst and the GOP want all of us to be as poor as her family was...

because, um, GOP politics.

Are the GOP overlords furiously re-writing Jodi Ernst's speech?

Perfect sculpture depicting the American Right Wing

“Who Did it? Again!,” a series of porcelain toy soldiers by Johnson Tsang, from 2014.

More and close ups at https://johnsontsang.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/who-did-it-again/
Saw it first on Boing Boing

Higher Math Puzzle Time, from Tom Toles

Got a Cast Iron Lodge Mini Cake Pan.

Anyone use one? I know they are good for biscuits, what else can I use it for?

Cable News, 1860

Cartoonist Kris Straub nails being offended with satire

Let's be clear about how all of this "standing on dogs" stuff started and who is to blame:

RIP Norman Bridwell (2/15/28-12/12/14)

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