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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 22,671

Journal Archives

Got a Cast Iron Lodge Mini Cake Pan.

Anyone use one? I know they are good for biscuits, what else can I use it for?

Cable News, 1860

Cartoonist Kris Straub nails being offended with satire

Let's be clear about how all of this "standing on dogs" stuff started and who is to blame:

RIP Norman Bridwell (2/15/28-12/12/14)

McDonnell jugde reduces sentencing

"Judge reduces guideline range to 78-97 months. Roughly 6.5-8 years. Said McDonnell did not obstruct justice, amount of bribes not >$120K" - from Matt Zapotosky's live blog at the courthouse.


The Price of Corruption

While we wait to hear Bob McDonnell's sentence, here's a good graphic from Denise Lu (Washington Post) on what other corrupt politicians got:


Bob McDonnell continues to use the "blame the wife" strategy.

Yesterday his daughter wrote the Judge blaming her Mom for the Governor's troubles. Today, Washington Post columnist
Petula Dvorak points out the hypocrisy of McDonnell's daughter in an excellent column:

"Maureen McDonnell’s daughter trashes her mother to help her father"

the crowning crime against Virginia motherhood was the public evisceration of the state’s former first lady, Maureen McDonnell — by attorneys, by her husband and, in the end, by her daughter.

The same grown children who helped trigger the federal investigation that led to their parents’ trial and convictions; the adult kids who allegedly raided the state’s executive mansion for glasses, pots and pans, and stacks and stacks of food, crates of eggs and cases of alcohol; who had a wedding catering bill paid for; who flitted across the country on a private jet; who played $2,000 golf rounds and took a $10,000 party gift — now at least one of them blames Mom.

PS: McDonnell will be sentenced next Tuesday. The Federal recommendation (which are not binding for the Judge) suggests 10-12 years. McDonnell's wife will be sentenced in February.

Normalizing relations with Cuba from Lalo Alcarez's "La Cucaracha"

KIMDb Kim Jung-un's Movie Page for US (Tom the Dancing Bug)

Ayn Rand Reviews Children's Movies

From the New Yorker by Mallory Ortberg

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

An industrious young woman neglects to charge for her housekeeping services and is rightly exploited for her naïveté. She dies without ever having sought her own happiness as the highest moral aim. I did not finish watching this movie, finding it impossible to sympathize with the main character. —No stars.


The biggest and the strongest are the fittest to rule. This is the way things have always been. —Four stars.

“Old Yeller”

A farm animal ceases to be useful and is disposed of humanely. A valuable lesson for children. —Four stars.

“Lady and the Tramp”

A ridiculous movie. What could a restaurant owner possibly have to gain by giving away a perfectly good meal to dogs, when he could sell it at a reasonable price to human beings? A dog cannot pay for spaghetti, and payment is the only honest way to express appreciation for value. —One star.

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