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Martin O’Malley hopes years of political investment in Iowa pay off

Over the past two years, as Martin O’Malley has mulled a run for president, he has poured hefty resources into Iowa, appearing at 24 campaign events and fundraisers, lending 14 staffers to Democratic candidates and the state party, and donating more than $40,000.

Of the 32 staffers whom O’Malley dispatched from his PAC, 14 were sent to Iowa. O’Malley sent people and money to help the Iowa Democratic Party, a U.S. Senate candidate, four congressional candidates and several state politicians.

“Frankly, they were terrific,” said Scott Brennan, who served as party chairman last year and has not yet committed to a presidential candidate.

Despite Clinton’s commanding lead in the polls, O’Malley advisers see Iowa as potentially fertile ground, given the former secretary of state’s third-place finish there in 2008 and grumbling among activists about her absence from the state this year.

Whole article by John Wagner at

In Iowa, O’Malley sounds a lot like a Democrat liberals love: Warren

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Again and again, the activists jumped to their feet, cheering on such promises as breaking up big banks, reining in Wall Street’s “reckless gambling” and addressing the country’s “gross concentrated wealth.”

They might have been listening to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), whose populist crusade on income equality, health care and Social Security have prompted legions of liberal Democrats to try to draft her into a bid for the presidency.

But the speaker was Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor who spent the weekend stumping across Iowa.

Whole article by John Wagner of the Washington Post here:


Come to Daddy!

Vrooom! Vroooooom! The Jersey Comeback

Tom Toles on the Repubs and Obamacare:

Russia’s anti-American fever goes beyond the Soviet era’s

By Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post

MOSCOW — Thought the Soviet Union was anti-American? Try today’s Russia.

After a year in which furious rhetoric has been pumped across Russian airwaves, anger toward the United States is at its worst since opinion polls began tracking it. From ordinary street vendors all the way up to the Kremlin, a wave of anti-U.S. bile has swept the country, surpassing any time since the Stalin era, observers say.

The indignation peaked after the assassination of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, as conspiracy theories started to swirl — just a few hours after he was killed — that his death was a CIA plot to discredit Russia. (On Sunday, Russia charged two men from Chechnya, and detained three others, in connection with Nemtsov’s killing.)

Whole article here:

I always wondered why the Putinistas here always promoted the idea that Americans hate Russians when the truth is we only hate Putin's repressive regime. Thankfully, the Putinisata here have been banned for the most part and more often their wishful propaganda is called out or ignored.

Under the bus with Howard Dean....

Anyone willing to consider the viewpoint that requesting a toning down of angry rhetoric might be damn good advice coming from a person whose Presidential ambitions were destroyed when the press portrayed him as having too angry of rhetoric to be mainstream?

You see an attack? I see really good advice.*

* Note: I did not say Warren should change anything.

Cookie Monster ponders the mysteries of food

It is weird that we cook bacon, yet bake cookies...

Cookie dough is the sushi of deserts...

Time for a Separation between Koch and State

From Lalo Alcaraz

"In Iowa, nowhere for O’Malley to go but up"

If there is any good news for former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley in the latest poll out of Iowa, it is this: More than eight out of 10 likely participants in the state's 2016 Democratic caucuses don't know enough about him to say whether they view him favorably.

That means that O'Malley, who has been weighing a possible presidential bid for at least the past two years, should have lots of opportunities to convince people of his merits when he travels to the early nominating state in March.

Whole article by John Wagner of the Washington Post here:


My 2 cents: O'Malley's campaign is clearly stalled. IMO, he should reject what his advisers are telling him and announce now.
This would give him some media attention which could kick start his campaign. Make his events public and force the media to cover him on a daily basis. Set up some town hall meetings type with local candidate. Have Q&A sessions on college campuses. His problem is he is virtually unknown outside of the Mid-Atlantic and didn't capitalize during the Democratic National Convention with his speech. Gaining a spotlight to push his views would help him, he is a likable candidate with good ideas. Mother Jones has called him the candidate with the best environmental record.

Gov, call me. I'm available.
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