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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 21,231

Journal Archives

Burglar surprised to discover the lady he's robbing is an armed ax-throwing champ

From Boing Boing

"A retired competitive ax-thrower surprised burglars who'd broken into her home and chased them off. Robyn Irvine of Hemet, CA caught a burglar trying to steal her jewelry while she slept with her cat, and she snatched up her favorite ax and brandished it at him until he ran off. She says she chose not to throw it at him, though she's pretty sure that she could have paralyzed him if she'd chosen. Police later arrested 22-year-old Nicholas Uolla with many of her possessions"

Whole story here:

Lalo on the Republican reaction to Obamacare

From La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

Minimum Wage from Tom the Dancing Bug

Ever hear Bob and Ray's "Sore Loser" Routine? Very applicable for Cuccinelli and today's pundits

Short audio file, unable to embed:

Bob and Ray were radio comedians in the 1940s and 1950s.

"How to Tell if Your Mayor is Smoking Crack" from Jimmy Kimmel

Only 1 precinct left to count in the VA AG race

Herring is now behind by 219 votes.

We will be in recount territory no matter how it ends up.

Virgina, the purplest state, and Terry McAuliffe

VA is a moderate state. The Federal workers balance out the liberals in the urban areas and the natural* republicans in the rural areas and we end up with a true purple state where both sides have about 45% support.

Aside from George Allen, all governor candidates in the last 40 years have been moderates. Had the Republicans picked Bolling, they would have won. Current Governor Bob McDonnell was an extremist who sounded like a reasonable moderate (which made him dangerous, imo), luckily he damaged himself with the trans-vaginal probe and his corruption/bribery scandals. Terry McAuliffe won because he was more moderate than Ken Cuccinelli.

Our jobs as Democrats in this state is to push McAuliffe further to the left. He sounded good in his campaign especially with taking on the NRA and being proud of his F rating with them. Support and reward him for going left, criticize him if he goes right, but all the terrible candidate stuff is nonsense.

Nice job, fellow Virginians.

*A Natural republican is only concerned with taxes, guns, and God.

Link for election results here:


Won't be long now.

If you have friends and family in Virginia, call/text/email them today and make sure they vote.

No excuses, we need a big turn out.

Polls close at 7:00 pm, but if you are in line, they'll let you vote.

From the SBE:

Before the polls close they:

At 6:45 PM announce that polls will close in 15 minutes.

After the polls close they:

At 7:00 PM announce that Polls Are Closed.

starting from the end of the line, make list of names of those in line to assure they will be permitted to vote if line continues after 7:00 PM closing of polls

Just voted!

6:30 AM. I was voter 166! Usually for an off year election there are only about 30 people who got there before me. A big turnout is good news for us.

Other info: Paper ballot, 3 collection scanners, only one being used. 5 volunteers on laptops checking ids and verifying voter rolls. First time I have not seen any big books of names. No observers present. 4 Democratic volunteers handing out sample ballots. As usual, the Repubs just drop off signs and a table, but have no one to man their station.

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