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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 30,508

Journal Archives

Donald and John from Tom the Dancing Bug

"Trump this" from graffiti artist, chemis in Malta

not familiar with his work? He's an earlier one in Belgium.

The Republican Monster! the latest from Tom the Dancing Bug

LOL, Trump saw his first classified C.I.A. intel briefing. Headline:

"Trump Determined To Attack Blacks, Latinos and Women Inside U.S." - Frank Conniff


Sad Animal Facts with Cute Illustrations

From Brook Barker:

More at:

Conan O'Brien Remembers the 2016 GOP Candidates and shows why they dropped out



Anyone seen this Spotify commerical about moving to Canada?

If you choose Canada this November....

The Tripmunks

Found on BoingBoing:

Neil Cicierega took the four (!) Chipmunks movies, superimposed them upon one another, and slowed them down. If CGI remakes of cartoons can be seen as the pigs of our cartoon childhoods ushered into the rendering plant, this is the psychic slime left gluelike under the vats.

Observation from a O'Malley supporter on HRC's NY Primary speech last night

HRC's speech last night included about 10 lines from Martin O'Malley's standard stump speech including banning the box. If CNN posts a text transcription, I'll add the other points. I find that encouraging and have always felt that O'
Malley's plans would become the blueprint for the Democratic party moving forward.

O'Malley plans are posted here:

Her speech is here:

Sanders is back home in Vermont today taking a break from the campaign

Will he throw in the towel in the next day or so?
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