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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 13,264

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Why Are Politicians Afraid To Call It What It Is "Domestic Terrorism"....

When the press or MSM interviews these politicians - they start to stammer and carefully choose their words and try to evade the question by changing the subject. Why are they so afraid to call it what it is? What are they worried about?

When Did We Start Using The Term "Civilians" Instead Of "Victims" Or "Innocent Bystanders"....

when describing deaths in a shooting like this one in Colorado Springs?

Was the shooter in the military so we call his victims - civilians?

What is going on with this seemingly new way of characterizing victims in a shooting?

What Do We Know About Robert Lewis Dear?....

the PP shooter in Colorado Springs?

No Pun Intended But Could An Oil Rich Country Be Fueling A War....

to get oil prices up?

This came to me in a dream (more like a nightmare). Just woke up in a cold sweat and thought I'd post this.

Think about it. No better way to jack up the price of oil then to foment a war.

Is there something going on behind the scenes that we're not privy to?

The Burger King Video - A Question...

I just heard Cook County State's Attorney Alverez say that the BK video wouldn't have shown anything. She said it in a way that she knew the cops that went in to view the video. That suggests to me that they can get these cops together and question them. I would like to see them do just that. Question them separately and see if their stories match.

Was Van Dyke Still Working The Streets The Last 14 Months?....

This cop that pumped 16 shots into McDonald and murdered him - was he still working as a cop over the last 14 months before the charges were leveled on him?

I heard that he was cited over the years approximately 20 times. I don't think he was ever disciplined. Does anyone here know?

Relief Is In Sight From Terror, Terror, Terror.....

In two days - the cable news show personalities that have focused 24/7 on terror, terror, terror - will be taking Thursday Thanksgiving Day through Sunday off for a holiday hiatus. You can include the Congress (House & Senate) and the candidates running for the nomination of their party. Yes - we'll get some relief from the Klown Kar.

President Obama will be pardoning a turkey or two and everyone will be asked what they are thankful for around the dinner table.

I'll be thankful for this hiatus!!!!!!

Has Anyone Asked Trump If He Is For Allowing People On The Terror List To Buy Guns?....

I understand that the NRA doesn't mind. I'm curious if Trump cares?

Not That I Care - But When Will The Repugs Realize That Donald Trump Is Destroying Their Party?....

I can't believe that they are letting Trump get away with what he is getting away with. He's alienating a lot of groups that the Repugs need if they want to survive.

Is Trump that uncontrollable that they don't take him down a notch? Are they afraid that he'll run a third party challenge?

I just don't get it. This guy is a loose cannon and everyday he digs the Repugs grave just a little deeper.

It Is A Sad Commentary Of Our Country When A Person Can Be Elected President Cause He Can Lie The...

best. Manipulation of facts, outright deception and lies seem to be the flavor of the day to get a person elected president these days. I sit hear and listen to the lies and outright mistruths being spouted by candidates and just can't believe that the American People fall for this. The MSM doesn't challenge the lies. They run the doctored political ads and then they repeat the lies to the public under the auspices of reporting the news.

We should all be embarrassed by this. Unfortunately - I think the stigma of embarrassment has vanished and people just go with the flow.
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