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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 14,928

Journal Archives

Donald Is At It Again.....

lying his butt off and the MSM is televising it.

Vatican Issues Guidelines On Cremation......

No scattering of ashes.....


IMHO the Vatican wants the ashes to be placed in Catholic cemeteries because I think they are thinking of the economic benefit to the cemeteries. If ashes could be scattered - who would use the catholic cemeteries and how would they continue to stay in business?

Social Security & Medicare Will Run Out Of Money?.....


It Looks Like Trump's Face Is Beginning To Perspire....

his make-up is starting to run.

What's With This $1500 Payment For Rioting?....

First I hear of this. Can anyone fill me in?

Did I Miss Something - Trump's People Are Saying Hillary Was Rattled & Thrown Off Her Game....

at the last debate. Also, Trump has been saying that Hillary ran out of steam in the second half of the last debate.

Now I didn't notice either of those things happening to Hillary - but I did see signs of that in Trump.

Are they just throwing up this crap because a good offense is a good defense?

Am I missing something?

This Whole Rigging Meme By Trump - Could It Have More Negative Effects On The.....

Repugs than the Dems?

All these Repugs coming out and saying we have safeguards in that prevent rigging - are they worried that some of the antics that they pull during elections will be found out and that all rigging of elections is really the Repugs doing the rigging?

I've Noticed Something In Statewide (IL) TV Campaign Ads......

Most don't say the political affiliation of the person that is putting out the ad.

They say the typical 'I'm xxxx and I approve of this ad' - but they don't indicated whether the candidate is a Dem or a Repug.

Why is this? Is this the new trend? Are candidates afraid to day their political affiliation? What gives?

Is this happening across the U.S. or is this just something that is happening in Illinois?

If Ian Fleming Were Alive Now - Donald Trump Would Be A Bond Villain.....

It does seem like we are in the middle of a Bond novel right now.

Who will be our 007?

Keep Trump Up The Night Before The Debate......

I don't do Twitter - but somebody that does should start trending with #TrumpLaughingStockOfUSA.

I would think he would take offense to that one and be up all night tweeting and not getting a good nights sleep nor any preparation for the debate.

Just a thought.
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