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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 14,453

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Will Brexit Have Any Effect On TPP?......nt

American People In Solidarity With The Dems Should Stage Sit-Ins .....

in every city in this country. Don't let the Repugs sweep this under the rug and get out of being on the record as to their opposition they have regarding guns.

The majority of the American People support the Dems. We need to show the Dems we're with them.

I Heard On A TV Newscast Today That Repugs Are Saying Dems Are Politicizing The Gun Issue To.....

take seats away from them in November.

Well duh!!!! Of course this is happening because those currently in those seats aren't doing their job in relation to what their constituencies are demanding - we need to replace them with those candidates that will vote the will of The People.

This is what is supposed to happen in a Democracy. Put people in office that will vote the will of The People and not the whims of special big monied interest groups that buy influence in D.C.

We have to get the money out of politics. It's killing us. We have too many career politicians that are in office just to fatten their wallets and vote against the wishes of The People.

Is there an organization that rates office holders like the NRA does - but in a reverse manner? If not - we need to create one where we can call out these career politicians that are only on the take for their own benefit.

If politicizing an issue like 'gun control' - we need to do that in order to get those politicians in office that will vote the will of The People and not their pocketbooks and careers.

We need to embarrass those politicians. We need to remove them from office. We need to keep the political pressure on them until they either do the right thing or we need to get them voted out of office.

Is Anyone Out There In DU Land Watching This Program 'BrainDead'?....

They speak of both Trump & Hillary in the episodes. Topical from that standpoint. It's kind of fun.

Hope I'm posting this to the right forum.

I Have To Believe That Disney Made A Conscious Decision Not To Post 'Danger:Alligator' Signs.....

on their property and just defer to 'No Swimming' signs.

After all they want to give the impression to people of one of 'Disney Magic' - the happiest place on earth. People feel safe there.

Posting a 'Danger:Alligator' sign would scare people. It would make people feel less safe if they knew there were alligators that can possibly attack them - and on Disney property. That would be sacrilegious on the part of Disney to admit danger.

I believe that Disney Corp should be sued for big bucks here because of negligence on their part for not informing the public of the potential of dangerous alligators.

My Laptop Keeps Cutting Out And Shutting Down While I'm Working On It.....

what could be the problem? What should I do?

I Haven't Heard About Nor Seen Pics Of Crowd Turnouts For Bernie In California....

is he still turning out the large numbers and the media is just not reporting it or have his crowd numbers gone down.

My sense is that the crowds are still big - but the establishment press just isn't reporting it.

Could somebody here provide me with some of the crowd numbers of Bernie's rally's in California. Would be appreciated.

I Heard Another Theory About The AP Call This A. M.....

that it was intended to get the FBI moving faster to recommend indictment before the convention. Calling it prematurely would set a fire under the FBI to move things along faster.

Any basis to that theory?

Deja Vu.....

The Numbers In California Must Really Look Bad For Hillary Tommorrow That The AP.....

had to call it for her today to pre-empt an embarrassing Bernie win in California. The AP establishment must have thought that she needed some help. Maybe they thought that they could stop a large percentage of Bernie voters to sit home and not vote.
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