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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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What Is So Wrong About A "Progressive Political Revolution" For The Dem Party?....

Hillary won the nomination and she is the nominee of the Dem Party. We have a Hillary/Kaine ticket now and they need to beat Trump in November. So I can't understand why the supporters of Hillary here on DU are still fighting the primary battles and dissing Bernie and his supporters. The primaries are over. Hillary won. We need to focus on Trump now and beat him and the Repugs. Please channel your energies and hate to Trump. And you Bernie supporters that can't get over the fact that Bernie is not our nominee - get over it as well. We all need to move on - but there is no reason why we all can't come together and support a "Progressive Political Revolution" to take us into the future.

I've heard all along that Hillary and Bernie weren't that far apart with their values and platforms. Now we come to this convention and we have the most Progressive Democratic Platform in the history of the Party - and yet we still see this animosity between the Hillary supporters and the Bernie supporters.

So I ask - "What is so wrong with a "Progressive Political Revolution" taking the Dem Party into the future. We have a good chance now of winning the WH and the Senate. I believe we can make in-roads in the House as well - and there is a good chance given the dis-unity in the Repug Party with Trump as their nominee - that we could even win back the House in November as well.

But going forward through the next 4 years and beyond - what is wrong with supporting a "Progressive Political Revolution" to achieve all those things that the Repugs have stonewalled against over the last 8 years and more?

The Dem Party is the Progressive Party. Let's - for God's sake and the sake of the future of America - get together and join the "Progressive Political Revolution" so that our children our grandchildren and their children can live in a country that is for everyone and not just the 1%'ers.

Let's Say Trump's Russian Ties To Putin Are Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt.....

by some journalist or a government agency - what do you think the Repug Party would do? Would they rescind Trump's nomination? Or would they just let nature take its course and let Trump still represent their Party?

The MSM Especially MSNBC Is Going Out Of Their Way To Rabble Rouse At The DNC.....

they are itching to show unrest and dissension in Philly. They are harping on the DNC e-mails and trying to create a storm - when in my opinion it has blown over a long time ago.

Bottom line I believe if the MSM had their choice as to whom they would like to win the Presidency - it would be Trump. I think they see Trump as their ticket to high viewership over the subsequent 4 years. That's what it's about to them - viewership = money and profits for them.

So What Was Moring Joe's Post Mortem On Trump's Acceptance Speech?.....

I can't stand that show - but am really curious as to how Scar is spinning it.

"There Can Be No Prosperity Without Law And Order" .....

This quote from Trump's acceptance speech scared me the most.

Hillary Needs To Do Something To Shake Things Up.....

Listening to Trump's speech tonight it sounds like he is going to do all the things that the Repugs stonewalled against for the last 8 years. As such - Hillary won't be able to mount a traditional campaign against him by running against the Repugs- because Trump is not your typical Repug nor is he running on a typical Repug platform. He's changing the feel and approach of the Repug Party.

You also heard Trump make a play for Bernie's supporters to support him. As he says that Hillary is a Washington insider and represents establishment politics.

So I believe that Hillary has to be very careful in her VP choice. She can't pick an establishment white male politician - like a Kaine or Vilsack - because it will look too traditional or familiar or establishment Washington insider like.

She needs to pick a VP that will give a different and pushing the envelope look.

That's why I believe her best choice for VP is Elizabeth Warren. Or she should choose a younger Latino male like Julian Castro.

Bottom line when you see her standing on the stage at the end of the Dem Convention - the picture that needs to stick in the minds of the American People is that it is different and doesn't look like something out of a past time in American or Democratic Party politics.

He's Going To Do All The Things That The Repugs Have Stonewalled For The Last....

8 years.

So Will This Law & Order president Take Away Our Guns...nt

He's Spending Too Much Time Bashing Hillary &....

not saying just how he will make America great again.

Anybody Making Bets On Whether Cruz Endorses Trump Tonight?.....

All day the MSM has been talking about Cruz making a speech at the RNC tonight - but that he is not going to endorse Trump.

I'm suspicious of this.

I'm thinking that this is all staged and that is what the Repugs want us to believe. They want us to think that Cruz won't endorse Trump - but that - in fact - he will make an endorsement of Trump and become a hero for looking like he is pulling the Party together.

I don't think Cruz will miss a chance at looking like a hero. And when he does endorse Trump - you will hear a loud roar from the crowd in the building and tomorrow - you will see a stage where Cruz will be there right up on the stage with Trump, Pence, Christie, Walker, Carson, etc.

That will be their picture of Party Unity that will carry forth from this convention and into the campaigning.

What are your thoughts on this.
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