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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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*****Poll*****March contest search for theme

Many suggestions came in, quickly, I liked that because it means to me that maybe the interest in our contests is picking up again.

I picked a few but not all of them in order not to overwhelm us, and decided to poll you guys on five of them for a short couple of days.
Don't ponder the options too long. VOTE.

My suggestion is:
A Photographers Favorite
We all have a few photos that are just dear to us, and that we are pleased with, but they don't make it into a contest theme or to the forefront somehow.
In this category, it can be any subject, any presentation you chose. Color - B/W- Sepia- photoshopped - infrared - different shape, not exceeding 800 on the longest side.
Anything you have that you want to show off. On this one I would like the title to be descriptive of YOUR relationship to the image, if possible.

Glass & Chrystal
The interpretation is up to you. These can be precious stones, windows, ice sculptures, close ups, macros. If it can break and is shiny it will work.

Objects/landscapes or people in the wind can also be photographed in the after effects. This could be including storm photos as long as the origin is wind.

Low aspect photos - images taken close to the ground. Picture yourself flat on your tummy looking around

and finally
Color objects or subjects or happenings involving vivid color. For those B/W is not accepted

Edited to add:
I think the decision about size is not yet made officially. I am unfortunately hindered by the new photo bucket having been released without the ability to size stuff - so I must ask the photos to be submitted in the 800 x 600 size we are used to.
If you do that, and send them to me in a pm, I'm willing to do the contest with blind submissions.
I think the first category, if the descriptions are more personal, this may be especially valuable.

I was assured both Green Singing Finches were male

Their names are Halle and Lujah - Lujah kept singing and singing and Halle kept hopping about and listening.

Now (s)he is sitting on 3 eggs.

(I got suspicious after a couple of weeks. I have bred canaries in the past. I just could not afford canaries any more, and the finches were my first try at bringing bird song into the house in a long time. Lujah's song, especially now that he is entertaining her in this boring task of incubating the eggs, is as beautiful as a canary's. Who knew?)

Single women: How do you react when a caller insists on speaking to the man in the house?

Over the years these calls are from folks who want to give investment advice.
I've taken to saying:"hold on - I'll get him"
"he won't come unless you tell me what this is about"

Once I hear it's about investments I cackle a little and say: "good thing you told me what you wanted. Actually he likes to clean and cook, and I handle the money. It's all under control, and I gotta go."

So - like it or not, my friends - that works fine for me, and makes me happy, I forgive the interruption and move on.

Today, I had a new variation on the theme of asking for the man in the house.
I said my: "he won't come til he knows why" and the person said: "I am calling from the NRA".

I was floored.
Unprepared to the max all I could get out was:
"The National Rifle Association?"

Then I completely cracked up and said:"Neither one of us would even consider talking to you about guns. Lose our number".

All I can say is if they call households like mine they are desperate.
I like it!

Is there a burning desire in anyone for a theme for the March contest?

I'm a bit pre-occupied for another day or so - and until I get the ball rolling if you have a theme you have been excited about let me know and I will consider it.

I'm not planning a poll, unless the things that come up warrant it, I have one thing in mind, maybe two, but I'm flexible and impressionable.

Looking forward to doing the next contest with you - it's been a good while and I wonder if I still remember how.
We'll find out together.

How does a message get "auto-removed"?

Someone posted in a thread of mine, and that's what happened to it.
Just curious.

An accomplishment to brag about: Our own Bonhomme Richard made himself proud

On the site I told you about recently, uglyhedghog.com, Bonhomme Richard told us he posted his photo "Sound in Suspension" in their last week's contest: Closeups.

I went and checked on it. Out of 262 entries he came in 13th.
I think this is worth celebrating.
I'm really tickled for him, he did not even know it till I sent him a pm, and I'm sure he's encouraged.
I salute you!

Hanging out. Almost springtime in the South

No big deal, as I pushed the exposure button my phone rang in my pocket... but you get the idea.

America's New Minority - The writing is on the Fence (visual)

This video gave me "PAUSE" which was, precisely, its intent.

It's time to smell the flowers, after all, spring time is near. In my yard, the daffodils are blooming.

I was at the Y the other day when two teenagers walked by me, side by side, texting on their phones.
"Are you talking to each other?" I asked.
They said, "Yes".


Walter White...is it going to Break Bad? ('toon - Fitzsimmons)

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