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A fabulous video: Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming

Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming
We may have to get older -but we don't have to stop having fun!


Santorum has a new and slightly less objectionable google problem. It's dog pee this time.

Rachel Maddow has a quirky sense of humor, she found this story hysterically funny


and then purchased the web link


which will direct people to her informative website.

Go Rachel. You make me laugh.

Oh that Paternalistic Old Party. POP. Looking at them in a Letter to the Editor in NC

Letter to the Editor
Winston-Salem, NC - Journal
Tuesday Feb 21- 2012


Oh, that paternalistic old party. Pop is so concerned about protecting his girls that he keeps them barefoot and pregnant. He limits their access to health care while he eliminates them from the work force. Thanks, Pop!

He wants to protect the sanctity of marriage through legislation while he exercises his infidelity from airport bathrooms to Argentine hotels. Oh, Pop! He continues to buy shotguns for his arsenal in the basement even as water seeps in through crumbling walls. Stop, Pop!

Pop has been confused and not very well of late. His mailbox is filled with dividend checks, but he forgets to pay Carmela for washing his linens and Catfish for fixing his car. He talks about the good old days when Maya Angelou had her own drinking fountain and we added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance under the watchful eye of Sen. Joseph McCarthy to keep us safe.

Pop's longing for the return of these halcyon days is disturbing. We can't get Pop to take his meds or pay his taxes, and he is obsessed with how we love and where we worship.

I pray that he will realize that the great fellowship of love welcomes him, but not his guns or his hate.


Support for "Saint"orum's stand on Women's issues widens globally ('toon)

Making a case for supervising your children

"Winter" has arrived in NC - all 30 Minutes worth so far

Here are a few sights as I'm walking through my back yard this morning

CNN (& Andy Borowitz) Say Nuclear Attack by North Korea Would Not Affect Whitney Houston Coverage

FEBRUARY 20, 2012
CNN Says Nuclear Attack by North Korea Would Not Affect Whitney Houston CoverageCNN Says Nuclear Attack by North Korea Would Not Affect Whitney Houston Coverage
Wolf Blitzer Promises No Interruption

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – As North Korea ramped up its threats to attack South Korea, CNN reassured its viewers that a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula would have “no effect whatsoever” on its Whitney Houston coverage.

“As viewers, you have come to trust us to deliver the news whenever it happens, wherever it happens, as long as that news is about Whitney Houston,” said Wolf Blitzer, host of the network’s “Situation Room” program.  “We will never do anything to break that trust.”

As Mr. Blitzer spoke, 23 of the Situation Room’s 24 video monitors featured images of Ms. Houston, with the 24th featuring an image of her ex, Bobby Brown.

The news from CNN sent a chill through the senior leadership of North Korea, who announced later today that it might postpone a nuclear war until later in the week when the Whitney Houston coverage calms down.

“Good luck with that,” Mr. Blitzer said.  “The Oscars are this Sunday.”

Meanwhile, in what some political insiders are calling a sign of desperation, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney today had his first name legally changed to “Not.”

And a new study showed that the election of former Sen. Rick Santorum would solve the U.S.’s immigration problems but create enormous ones for Canada.

www.borowitzreport. com

If Abortion were a procedure the MAN had to decide on - and to suffer

it would long have been declared "A Sacrament" a sacred rite, and one that exalts the one going through it.

If it were men that bled for 4-5 days a month without dying from it, they would have built themselves small menstruation castles to reside in for the duration with women ministering their every whims.
At the very least they would be staying in bed that week, languishing, having assured there is no deduction in pay, just glory and adulation.

If men were to bear the children,
were to raise them alone if their women deserted them, were to be discounted for it because of that....
great strides in assessment and equality of gender roles might be possible down the road.

I'm all for it.

it's late, I'm generally po'ed at having to re-visit what my Mom went through......and tired of it,too

Photo of Panel in charge of Viagra distribution. Most wanted to hand out Aspirin.

RIP Whitney Houston - She is being buried today.

Whitney Houston has brought me great joy with her magnificent voice.
I wish she could have been with us much longer.
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