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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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In a half hour, on with Bill Maher a line-up not to sneeze at

Barney Frank
Nate Silver
Chrystia Freeland
Eliot Spitzer and last but not least
Michael Steele.

All this, and Bill's take on debate number three.
I'm waiting for his take on horses and bayonets, ships that go under water and are called submarines, and ships that are landing places for airplanes.
And more.

The One Percent will eat the poor, and other prophecies by Hal Crowther

Whenever a new commentary appears from Hal Crowther my day is made.
I hope you, too, will appreciate this as a very good read.

The One Percent will eat the poor, and other prophecies 
by Hal Crowther

Photo illustration by JP Trostle; photo of Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore/ courtesy of Creative Commons License

I've successfully immunized myself to the horse-race fever of presidential elections: the relentless polls and fundraising totals, the endorsements and lame speeches and could-be-fatal gaffes, worst of all the dim psychoanalysis and fanzine micro-dissection of candidates who always looked much alike to me. I was inoculated against most of this when I was fairly young, thanks in part to reading the convention reporting of H.L. Mencken, who took American democracy like a recreational drug and relished every hysterical high.

The political animal at his most ridiculous never amused me as much as he amused Mencken. His excesses can still reduce me to tears, even though I'm old enough to remember presidential candidates with actual convictions and commitments, instead of pollsters, bundlers and message-masseurs. It always catches me by surprise when the media resume their election coverage as if they'd learned nothing whatsoever from all the elections that came before. Are the media themselves now under such a state of siege, is the public's attention span now so brief that four years is enough to erase every scrap of residual wisdom? It looked that way to me when I read a news-service "think piece" in my local daily, an essay explaining "the stark philosophical differences" that separate Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

I groaned so audibly that my wife asked me if I was having chest pains. This writer, I thought, is he 12 years old? First of all, no one mentions philosophy in the presence of Romney, who embraces any philosophy his ambition finds convenient and will, before his race is run, embrace as many more as his handlers recommend. And Obama, vilified on right-wing radio as a cross between Jomo Kenyatta and Malcolm X, between Rap Brown and Toussaint L'Ouverture? This is a white woman's son with a rich white man's education, a cautious, pragmatic man of the middle, like most Republicans used to be—like Mitt Romney before the White House bug bit him, like his father, George Romney, before him. Obama is a mild-mannered white attorney with a slight genetic handicap. He loves golf. In every way except that inappropriate pigmentation, he's a country-club Republican (vintage, not current) like Mitt.

In another climate, another decade, another turn of the wheel of fortune, they could have been comfortable running mates—if the fastidious Obama could have put up with an awkward fumbler like Romney. Philosophy? Romney has no philosophy, Obama only as much as he needs from week to week. The American political system seems designed to feed celebrity-addled media, which focus on the forgettable faces and generic utterances of the latest candidates, never on the forces that produce them or the deeper issues that tear this country in two.
Rep. Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate, was featured in another front-page story presenting his intellectual pedigree. His infatuation with Ayn Rand was enough to convince me that he's an arrested adolescent, but there in bold letters on Ryan's list of mentors was my old schoolmate Bill Bennett. Sometimes we literally don't know whether to laugh or cry.
I chose to laugh. We will see these faces 10,000 times before Nov. 6. (I'd never stoop to the face game myself, but is Ryan actually Eddie Munster grown up and Nautilus-hardened?) Yet the only faces that matter in this election are the faces of the founders and dead presidents printed on America's folding currency. The U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens Uniteddecision is the Rough Beast whose hour has come round at last, unleashing evil billionaires and subterranean oceans of corporate cash, tidal waves of it, under which the American democracy may vanish like lost Atlantis.

to read the rest of it go to:

This article appeared in print with the headline "Soylent Mitt."

Ellen de Generes and her commercial for "Bic-for-her pens". Be still my feminist heart.


POTUS - just as relaxed and funny as he can be

On with Leno:
Question: "Just what is the problem with Donald Trump, can you shed some light on the animosity towards you?"
Answer: (first envision the head tilting to the side and the incomparable smile lighting up his face "It's something that goes way back to when we grew up together in Kenya."

My second favorite funny was when Jay talked about Halloween and the first lady giving out fruit. The President sat up and said, again with that disarming smile: "Believe me, this year it is candy for everybody." Then he stretched his arms out as far as possible and rounding out a wide area he said : "But if you are from Ohio you will get the biggest possible Hershey bar just like this."

Considering his schedule and the travel and the pressure I cannot imagine him overcoming it and putting on an appearance that put Jay just about to shame.

He could run the Tonight Show when and if Jay ever retires again, and could do a wonderful enlightening and entertaining job of it.


Venturing a bit further from home - sharing a rare sight

I was on my bike today, so I did not take my best camera. Wish I had though.
First I came to a local sight we like and are proud of: A Shell station - preserved and treasured as the antique it is.

A few houses down I ran into the rare sight, the yard of what turned out to be a woman in her eighties. The neighbors are proud. I got permission from her daughter to take a few shots, going from left of the property to the right.
"You ought to see it at Christmas. She said. That's when the decorating really happens".

I promised to be back, trusting you'll look at my photos if I take my good Sony

Here are reasons why I don't mind going out to rake leaves

Varied and colorful - my NC neighborhood walk this Sunday afternoon

Kevin Bacon Knows Exactly How To Destroy The GOP's War On Women

Kevin Bacon Knows Exactly How To Destroy The GOP's War On Women

Look at and then share this video, you will know what to do:

Draw the Line - Sign the Bill


I looked and could not find that this has been posted. If it IS a dupe, please forgive, just look at it again and forward it some more.

This is about a woman "caught in the headlights" - mental elevator is stuck

Woman Misunderstands Deer Crossing Signs, Calls Radio Station, Wants Them Moved


Debates in a (Bagley Cartoon) Nutshell

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