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100 paces - searching for an entry

Yesterday, I'm sitting in my car in front of the house - and "Whoopie" goes by

Whoopie is a homeless woman with a pink bike, she does not accept any help, so when I see her bike in front of the neighborhood Convenience store I put a little help in her basket.

And here is a summer straggler, Hibiscus and some other leftover

Andy Borowitz reports Canada's worries and preparation, concerning the 47 % and our election to come

Canada tightens the border
Andy Borowitz

OTTAWA (The Borowitz Report)—Canada announced today that it was tightening security along its border with the United States amid concerns that there could be a mass migration of illegal Americans after Tuesday, November 6th.
According to Randolph McTavish, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, border patrols are on alert due to an “increase in chatter” indicating that a threat to Canada’s border might be imminent.
“We’ve been intercepting troubling comments from some very freaked-out people,” he said. “Most of it has been on NPR call-in shows.”
Stating that the R.C.M.P. is patrolling every kilometre of the Canadian border, he issued this warning to Americans who might try to cross into Canada illegally: “If you drive a Prius, you will be stopped.”
He also warned Americans against trying to slip across the border in the hopes of passing as Canadians: “It is very difficult, if not impossible, to pretend to like hockey.”
Mr. McTavish said that he was sympathetic with those who might flee across the border in search of a new life and socialized medicine, but added, “At the end of the day, forty-seven per cent of Americans is more than Canada can handle.”

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2012/10/canada-tightens-border.html#ixzz28ogBNHxB

Republican tells why he is voting Obama: Letter to the Editor / Winston-Salem NC Journal today

Letter to the Editor in my paper this morning. I'm smiling

Gone too far

I am a Republican. The Republican Party nominated Mitt Romney to run for president. Some have signs in their yards and bumper stickers on their cars. Romney himself, in a more obscure portion of his now infamous candid remarks to donors, stated “...you and I, we spend our day with Republicans ... people who agree with us.”

Not quite. I accept as fact that 47 percent of Americans pay no federal-income taxes. I agree that this fact is a political issue, the consequences of which are worthy of debate. But Romney goes too far and his logic is callously flawed. He carelessly declares that those same 47 percent are unwilling to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” As a result, Romney’s dismissive rhetoric unapologetically demeans, among others, our poor or disabled brothers, fathers, neighbors and friends.

This is where I draw the line. If you demean my family and friends, expect a challenge with consequences. I sincerely hope that others feel the same.

If he ever had it, Mitt Romney lost my vote when he recklessly took aim at 47 percent of our people.

Ich bin ein 47-percenter.



It costs a fortune to raise a kid. Today mine asked me to spend $ 4.95 and repaid me for a lot

Without the call from my kid, and his patience in talking me through how to access it, I would not have watched the debate, the rumble between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly which just now ended. I have not been more royally entertained, or more enlightened in all the ways these two are different, or alike, than I could have imagined.

It was topical, it was real, it was funny, it was enlightening. Listening to the audience reaction also brought information to me.
These two arch political enemies, though somewhat endearing to each other, put on a show that simply would not quit to political junkies like myself.
Jon Stewart will live in my heart forever - as if he did not before - but his quickness and brilliance with material not predictable makes him even more of an intellectual marvel to me.
O'Reilly, well, I don't much know the dude. But he impressed me with his wit and his willingness to step in the ring.

If there were any way I could share this experience with my friends on DU - I would.
I'm sure someone, somewhere, can make it available to you to see.

Remember I said:
Watch it.
You won't be sorry, you'll laugh your ass off, wet your pants, wish that more people who understand you and your political convictions were in the room to high five with.

What can I say.
The 4.95 allows me to replay it a time or two. So, just come on over.

Heads up two ways concerning Bill Maher's show...First - turn it on now

On HBO - the rerun starts at 11 EST

the reason:

Awesome, gorgeous, brilliant, with-it, High information participant. She was so good she almost prevented Bill from going into New Rules. Very good show. Don't let the fact there are 2 conservatives deter you. She dispatched them ably.

Second heads up reason:
Plan your entertainment for next Friday evening now, he will have on Ann Coulter. And I for one will not be caught in the room with the TV. No> Can> Do.

Chris Kofinis just put out what I think is a GREAT IDEA for Debate number II

He said that it is imperative President Obama continues with the vigor, the excitement and the tenor of the speeches he is giving on the stump since the first debate and stay on a roll of high energy.

He says that being precise and on top of the information really helps when confronted with a person who distorts it. That President Obama will be credible and presidential if he rebuts the accusations with instant knowledge of the real numbers.

His suggestion is for the stump speeches to include some of these facts starting now, when Obama is in his element and is rousing the masses. That way, when he is confronted in the next debate subconscious confidence and knowledge will emerge spontaneously.

These are not the words he used exactly but it's the gist of it. And I think it's absolutely right, and brilliant.

Debate Victory Validates Romney Strategy of Nonstop Lying - says Andy Borowitz

Oct. 5, 2012
Debate Victory Validates Romney Strategy of Nonstop Lying
Posted by Andy Borowitz

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Taking a victory lap after their candidate’s win in the first Presidential debate Wednesday night, Romney campaign insiders today attributed his success to his strategic use of relentless lying.

“We worked for hours on this during the practice debates,” said the campaign manager Matt Rhoades. “We were, like, ‘Mitt, if you find yourself on the verge of saying something true, bite your tongue.’ ”

Mr. Rhoades said that the nominee was allowed to say his real name and acknowledge that he used to be a Governor, “but other than that, he was on a very short leash, truth-wise.”

While Mr. Romney’s talent for lying was in evidence during the Republican primary debates, it was nothing like the “mad skills” he displayed Wednesday night, the campaign manager said.

“All the hard work and practice lying really paid off,” Mr. Rhoades said. “Plus hanging out with Paul Ryan.”

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2012/10/debate-victory-validates-romney-strategy-of-nonstop-lying.html#ixzz28RFp4Q2b

"Like a bull to a Matador" was a description of how Romney approached the President

Lawrence O'Donnell did a wonderfully thought out Last Word on who really won the debate: "We have no way of knowing, the jury is out, the voting will be in November..."

He quoted a columnist in a Denver Newspaper who had to go with sports analogies, and chose to compare the encounter of the debate as Romney being in the ring "like a bull to a Matador".

Let's not forget, said Lawrence, just what exactly the Matador does to the bull in the end.

I liked that.

Some things should NOT make me smile

Walked in the cemetery a few days ago...

The end of my show from the Island "Mainau" - onward and upward to new subjects


On the front page of this link you see the island, as I said for reasons one does not know it has tropical climate. Even as a school child I heard about this magical island.
It is in the huge lake of Constance at the German/Swiss/Austrian borders. The building you see on the island is my first shot.

All over Germany the re-cycling is done just like this, and they are adamant about it including in homes

The bridge, the waters and the walkway to the island. I don't know the history of the sculpture, only the subject matter.

Fascinating trees along the path

Welcoming flower scupture

A peacock


And a shot I thought was fun of water going into the lake

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