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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
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SUBMISSIONS WILL CLOSE ***** November contest - Today - Tue 11/22 - at 1pm*****

I am continuing with hosting this contest for the real host "postatomic" who has not reappeared to take it over.

The subject is "Almost Anything" ---which gives you a complete choice of any photo you like that might not have fit in with other more prescribed themes.

If you have pondered entering a photograph please make your decision now.
I will prepare the prelims and post them later on today.

November contest. My thoughts on finishing it out.

This is, as you know, Postatomic's contest. He has not stepped up to run it, or responded when called on, which is why I started the submission.
I hope all is well with him.

I will see this through in the following way:
On Tuesday, mid day, I will close the submissions, and if postatomic has not shown up and taken over I will remove my entry.
Then during the days of Thanksgiving I will run the preliminaries, and after that the finals, which will allow us to be done with the November contest when December rolls around.
Any objections? Speak now

We can all identify with this........yet

We are addicted

Bingo! Workaround for the photobucket upload problem, maybe worth a save for all of us who use it

Found this with one of the links mnhtnbb gave me, and it worked!!!

Yes, I have the same problem, but I want everyone to know there is currently a work around with this schitzophrenic site.

First just get into your account ( DO NOT UPLOAD ANYTHING AT THIS STAGE!)

Second, You should see just above your photos three boxes (WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT CLICK ON THE UPLOAD BOX). The first box (left hand side) says LIBRARY, so click on that.

Third, You will see all your photos with http addresses etc below each one. Now you will see that the very first box (right next to the first image says: CLICK TO UPLOAD, so click on that and you will then go to a window with all your files folders etc.

Fourth click on the image that you want to be uploaded, and wait for it to complete; yes, it pauses a t 90% but hang in there until you are able to see it in your photobucket account.

I hope this helps!

POTUS Obama we want to keep you to help us

with our tired, our poor, our huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and everyone else as well

Photobucket problems

Am I the only one?
I cannot find a way to contact those folks, and I must say I have in the past always ignored it when people here said they had problems, because I never before could not upload.

For 4 days now I have signed in (successful) and whenever I click on "upload" the way I customarily do, I get the signup screen again.
I am very frustrated.
Any ideas? I would cancel my (paid) account, but I have no alternative. Tried Flickr, could not figure it out.

Calling postatomic to please take over your contest.

I checked, and you are a star member. I started the contest submissions for you in order to get things going since you said you had to be away.
I hope you are back, and can step up to continue submissions and then run the preliminaries.
We have a varied and interesting number of photos already.

While I was waiting for DU - and feeling lost without it - I found this cartoon

As an immigrant, not growing up speaking English I've wondered what a "shit eating grin" really is

I no longer have any questions.

Comments for:*****November’s contest “Almost Anything” *****

Please make your comments on the submissions here, because the Submission thread is designed for only the submitted photographs.
Let us know what you're thinking, let's make it a lively contest!

edited to add link to the submission thread:

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