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Ted Cruz: Stop blaming Bush for things he did. Overheard and revealed byAndy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted his Democratic colleagues in the Senate on Thursday, telling reporters, “I’m sick and tired of people blaming George W. Bush for things he did.”

In the aftermath of the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture, Cruz said, “Democrats have been busy with their favorite game again: bringing up catastrophic things that President Bush did and then blaming him for them.”

The Texas Senator raised the invasion of Iraq as an example of something that “Bush gets blamed for simply because he did it.”

“Just because President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, costing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, does that mean he should bear the blame for it?” he asked.

“America is not a place where you get blamed for things simply because they never would have happened unless you did them.”

He urged each of his Democratic colleagues “to look in the mirror and ask yourselves whether you want to be blamed for disasters you have personally created? In my case, the answer is a resounding ‘no.’”


Finals POLL is up and running for "Fall" Contest

Here is the link, as you probably know I'm helping out posting for Tom Kitten to present the finalists and the winners to come.
Please as always help me keep this kicked, and thanks for your submissions. I think the photos are perfect for the subject matter.


Finals POLL ****Fall Photo Contest*** Please Vote to find the Winners

This contest is hosted by Tom Kitten who won the contest for “Summer”.

I am helping out with the posting of the finalists and later the winners as he is on the road, traveling.
I am happy to present the 10 finalists from the 3 Preliminary threads you have been voting on.

Please chose your favorite and vote again, also share your comments and help me keep this thread kicked.

This poll will run for 72 hours and will determine the winners for this annual event.

NOTE: Skinner has authorized this contest be run in GD.

Peaceful Afternoon

Fall into Winter

Train Through Harper's Ferry


Autumn in the Mat-Su Valley

Delineating the Past

Golden November


Round-Up Ready

Paddling in Hot Water

It's not yet Christmas - so maybe you won't get your panties in a wad

So far - this is my favorite nativity scene this year

My adopted German sister has guts. Here are some of her photos to show it.

She is in her sixties and joined a tour group that went from Germany to Samarkand / Uzbekistan / Turkmenistan / and parts of China in a bus. That bus was also a rolling “Hotel” where the people slept in stacked bins layered three high in the back of the vehicle, and sat in the front during the day as they rolled on…

The bus was parked at night in guarded / fenced yards of hotels and the driver cooked for them in a kitchen area in the very back of the bus.
All this made it a very inexpensive way to travel.

I downloaded her photos in August from a little point and shoot when she came back after we got together when I was in Germany because of my Mom’s illness.
Today I poked through them to make her a surprise calendar for next year with her own photos.

Some of them are precious to me. They speak of her guts, the wide awesome beauty of a different world out there and things we don’t ever get to see up close.
So here are a few for you. Hope you find them interesting.
Let’s start with showing you the bus. after that the photos speak. I can’t - I did not take them.

For the Geographer in us all. Buzz Feed asked the Brits to label our 50 States

Buzz Feed says:

"We Asked Brits To Label The United States Again, Because It’s A Thanksgiving Tradition"

Last Thanksgiving we asked our London office to (try to) label all 50 states. The results were varied at best. A year on we decided to see if they’ve learnt anything since then. Spoiler: They have not.

Be brave, click on it. But have depends and or Kleenex handy. I for one needed both.


The red and blue of it. Also white and brown. Job Creation statistics last 4 Presidents.

Meet Stanley the Airedale. He shows you what missing your Mommy really means.

Stanley the Airedale is missing his mommy something terrible, so his dad called her on the phone. When she says she loves him, his response is absolutely adorable and completely heartfelt. Stanley can really carry on a conversation and he really kicks it into gear one minute in where he has mom and dad both laughing. What a sweet dog!


Colbert says: "Reserve a seat in your living room now" President Obama on with him TONIGHT

here is Stephen announcing his trip to Washington where he is interviewing the President tonight Monday Dec. 9


New Proposal Would Provide Grand Juries with Eyes - Borowitz informs us

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—On the heels of an initiative to provide police departments with body cameras, there is growing support for a plan to supply grand-jury members with eyes, advocates for the plan said on Wednesday.

“Body cameras are an important part of the solution,” said Harland Dorrinson, who is lobbying Washington to equip grand juries with the sense of sight. “But I strongly believe that if you take video evidence and add eyes, the combination would be unstoppable.

Some critics of Dorrinson’s proposal say that it does not go far enough, and that in order to process information sent from their eyes grand juries would also need to be fitted with working brains.

“Yes, in a perfect world, all grand juries would have brains,” Dorrinson said. “But progress is an incremental thing. Let’s start with eyes and eventually work our way up to brains.”


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