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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
Number of posts: 20,160

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Found on Facebook: Cheaper and more valuable than Trump's "Wall"

What needed to happen at the press conference --- maybe we can learn for next time

Mr. Trump disrespected the reporter from CNN - and then threatened him with removal should he ask a question in spite of being told by Trump not to.

The entire press corps should have stood up and left.

That's a way to deal with a bully.

Listening to the missing meat of the "presser" opening statement of Mister Trump

greatest - real - tremendous - beautiful - amazing - massive - a lot of good news coming - phantastic - truly - top of the line - great - be greatly impressed

I will now take a nap and wait for all this bounty to attach itself to something real.

Was planning to post this visual after the President's speech,

but I can already tell I will be too emotional then.

So many things along the way remind me of Bernie

Like this car door on my walk through the Southern Snow this morning.
Note, there are even tiny rivers of tears running down.

Lola in the Southern Snow "I'm supposed to do what, exactly?"

Finally we learn what "Replace Obamacare" really means / New Yorker cartoon

It says our Health insurance is being replaced by a series of tweets calling us losers.

Daily Cartoon / The New Yorker / by Emily Flake Jan 5/2017

Thinking about Solly Mack today

Today is the day her new ordeal begins to repair the damage in her face. It will be to repair and restructure and get rid of the constant pain. That's how I understand it.
Here's hoping all of us send light, prayers, thoughts of healing. Whatever it is we do, a collective combining of our good energies goes her way.
I'm looking forward to her return, all better.


We have not heard from this devoted Christian in a while.Jimmy Carter still full of love and smarts

Little do they understand...... (Anderson 'toon)

..............there's no need to worry about their guns.
Medicare and Social Security are real concerns, and they are only a start.
And it's less than three weeks now. This January will be the shortest one ever to me.

(note the hats...great drawing)

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