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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
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Who just saw President Obama with Colbert in a skit about new employment interview?

They were both calm / relaxed / hysterical / professional / and honestly I have not been that entertained in a while.
I suggest President Obama, without whom I can barely imagine my life, did a damn fine audition for a job as a comedian who will not lose his composure and entertain royally.
I guess, considering his almost finished job at the moment, becoming royal would be the next step up.

Nation Fears Drug Test Would Reveal Trump Not on Drugs —revealed by Andy Borowitz

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump’s suggestion that both Presidential candidates submit to a drug test has sparked fears that such a test would reveal that he is not on drugs.

In interviews conducted across the country, voters said that they would be “alarmed” and “distressed” to learn that the billionaire’s statements and actions were the product of a mind unaltered in any way by a controlled substance.

“It never occurred to me that Donald Trump might not be on drugs,” Carol Foyler, an accountant from Toledo, Ohio, said. “That would be terrifying.”

Harland Dorrinson, a mechanic from St. Petersburg, Florida, said that the chilling possibility of Trump not being on drugs was a strong argument against submitting the candidates to drug testing. “If it turns out that he isn’t on anything, this is something that the American people shouldn’t have to find out,” he said. “We’ve suffered enough this election.”


Homemade Still Life --- Oh so TIME-ly

Bill Maher lineup at 10 pm EST / HBO tonight. A joy and an apology.

You figure what's what

Ann Coulter, Fmr. Sen. Bob Kerrey, Rebecca Traister, Andrew Sullivan and Sen. Bernie Sanders

Rachel just broke that there is a fourth woman

Details will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.
This is like an avalanche. The more women come forward, the more will feel empowered to also tell their story.

Even though Coumbus Day was YESTERDAY --- take a look and reflect anyway

Steve Schmidt talks about exposing the intellectual rot

The intellectual rot in the heart of the GOP that is.

Paging the future winner of the Pulitzer: David Fahrenthold

Thank you America: ....from a phone call I got from Germany

A friend of mine set his alarm for the middle of the night, the infamous 3 am, so he could listen to the "Debate".
His comment was:
"Thank you America for now broadcasting your comedy shows live."

Who knows what tomorrow brings....so I post this tonight

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