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Passed by a bit of local Red White and Blue this afternoon

My American exceptionalism fantasy is over: How these midterms sealed the deal / Andrew Cotto / Sal

Elections often hurt. Especially when they make you feel like a fool. I was one of the few who had held out hope that the electorate in key states would favor Democrats in respective races for Senate seats and governorships. As the map turned red over the course of Tuesday evening, the unraveling of my faith in the American political system — begun just about a decade ago during a lengthy trip abroad — completed its spiral.

Over 2003 to 2004, I lived in Italy for a year. It was a politically tumultuous time in America, and I spent much of my time in Italy fielding questions from concerned Italians about what was going on in the States. There was concern about the flawed election results of 2000, America’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol, and, of course, America’s response to the attacks of 9/11.While the Italians were heartbroken by the attacks and deeply sympathetic to their beloved ally from across the Atlantic, they were also deeply concerned about our government’s response. Italians, having so much bloodshed on their soil over the course of a few millennia, hate war. And while they may have been skeptical about the post-9/11 war in Afghanistan, they were outraged by the invasion of Iraq. Of the 600 cities around the world that hosted simultaneous protests against the Iraq War on a February day of 2003, the largest — by far — took place on the streets of Rome where an estimated 3 million people gathered. I arrived in Italy the following month to inspect our potential rental property and sign a lease, and rainbow Pace (peace) signs draped across facades were still so ubiquitous that the architectural aesthetic of the country had been altered.

Almost all of Italy’s animosity was directed toward the Bush administration. The Italians couldn’t — in their hearts — blame America yet as a country, so they blamed our leaders at the time. It was an easy thing to do, considering how Bush and Cheney and company exposed themselves, especially from abroad, to such profound ridicule. But there was also a larger concern about America in general, how we as a country were heading down the slippery slope toward the sinkhole of corruption and impotence, something the Italians have known so well for so long that they entertain no aspirations of ever escaping.

for the rest read:


Cartoon: The last campaign ad ever by Mark Fiori (we have not heard from him in a while)


Even before the big loss for the Democrats, we had all lost. The money pouring into politics from Super PACs and shady political “nonprofit” organizations was stealing Democracy from you and me. Financial contributions from individual voters is being eclipsed by the big bucks pouring in from far fewer big-money sources.

As the most expensive midterm election in history, dark money from shadowy sources is also climbing. When nearly a billion dollars poured in from pop-up 501(c)4s and Super PACs, the advertising and attacks got meaner and more repellant. No wonder people feel like checking out from the whole process. (Don’t take my word for it, ask any random person on the street what they think of politics.)

With fewer voters and more money pumped into the election, it’s not too surprising that that some dinosaur politicians are resurgent. Why not take it to the extreme and just get rid of the voters thanks to the Last Campaign Ad Ever? Seems like something the Brothers Koch could get behind! Take a deeper dive into the links behind this cartoon here and be sure to like, comment and share!

Obama Orders Two-Year Supply of Crossword Puzzles is revealed by Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Saying that he wanted the remainder of his second term to be as active as possible, President Obama announced on Friday that he had ordered a two-year supply of crossword puzzles.

In signing an executive order for the puzzles, which range in difficulty from medium to advanced, the President laid out an ambitious plan to complete as many as thirty of them a day, for a total of ten thousand by the time he leaves the White House, in January, 2017The President said that he hoped that Republicans in Congress would support his plan for the puzzles, but added, “I don’t need their support. All I need is a pen.”

Obama’s executive order for the puzzles comes on the heels of another ambitious plan, announced by the President on Thursday, to watch all five seasons of “The Wire.”


Louie Gohmert Hints at Challenging Boehner For House Speaker. I say: " OH YES, please!"

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has dropped a tantalizing hint that he's interested in taking over the pivotal position of House Speaker from John Boehner next year.

Asked Thursday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV whether he thought Boehner, an Ohio Republican, will retain his powerful seat on Capitol Hill, Gohmert replied: "It's never over till it's over."

First of all I wish this would come to pass because I am in need of laughs as this goes down and passes on. Not that I am in any way impressed with Boehner who dwells on the floor of my admiration scale, but Gohmert is below the floor looking through the cracks.

Let’s clue in Stephen Colbert about Gohmert’s intention and let the comedy begin.

Refresh your memory, and get a good laugh at what Stephen Colbert did to Gohmert a couple of weeks ago, or see it for the first time.


Remember Remember - another fifth of November. Listen to this again

Why America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore.

It's from the first ever "Newsroom" - yes it's an actor, and yes they are Aaron Sorkin's lines - but it's awe-fully true and spectacularly delivered.
If you have not seen it be patient till they finally break down the actor (Jeff Daniels) to give his opinion.

Mike Minter in Texas. A Profile in Courage. Congressional Democratic Candidate. AWESOME Video/info


This short documentary profiles Mike Minter, an underfunded Democrat who seeks election against a Republican incumbent in one of the most conservative districts of Texas.

Video by Marco Ricci on Publish Date November 2, 2014.

Stephen Colbert and George Takei on the mid-term elections. Great and important work!

Could it be? Yes, it could. Something's coming, something good, If I can wait!Shock at my table/ NC

I have, after the time of the Uniter not the divider one Republican friend left.
In the past, distant though it seems, I not always knew the Politics of my friends, but that has drastically changed in the last decade or so, and my one Republican friend and I have left it at agreeing to disagree in principle and that we would not discuss Politics ever or the damage her only TV channel, Foxx youknowwhat does to her, but I was given permission to send her things to read without comment, and an answer was not expected (and never came).

A large American flag flies at the entrance of the condo. I always resent her having stolen MY flag to make HER point. Her neighbors are also Republican, many more flags, and I know they party and get together and are of one political mindset.

She was at my dinner table tonight.
We - 7 of us - had a lovely time discussing many different things until she dinged her wine glass and asked for our attention:

"I'm in a group tonight where I know I am not going to be chastized for what I am about to tell you. But for reasons all of you are clear on and I am beginning to see the light about I have early voted for Kay Hagan.
My first vote of my life that was not Republican

That's all folks.
Kay Hagan will win NC

Trees - and if you would please tell me which you like. I want to enter a learning curve :)

I’ve not had the time to be very active here, I could only be very sporadic, but I’m roaring back.
In the last week I dusted off my secondary camera (Sony Alpha 500) because the primary one (Sony Alpha 65) is getting repaired and now that I finished a huge job and have time again I took about 400 photos in a week. Pretty natural in the glorious and flaming Indian Summer in the South.

So, if you’ll still have me, I’ll be around again, participating.

These I took this afternoon, stopped at the side of the road, it’s in town, near a library and a school.
Which do you like best, if any.

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