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My paper's cartoon today could not have predicted the next mass shooting would be today

As I type we're learning about a shooting in Lafayette Louisiana, in a movie theater, where two (including the shooter an older man) are dead and 6-8 are injured.
Not much else is known at this time, sad and ironic is that the other theater shooter's jury is deliberating at the moment to either give him life or death.


Trump is the face of the GOP = seen on Daily Kos, cartoon image

My late night Fantasy: President Obama at Bill Cosby’s door

Limo waiting - the sun is shining. The house is large and sumptuous.
Secret Service with sunglasses attending. He steps up to do the knock.

As he is let in his outstretched hand is at eye level and he says
I came to pick up the medal of freedom you were given
before we knew how undeserving you are.

'cause even though there is no precedent
there is a first time for everything
which pretty much exactly goes for what you did
when you disgraced
yourself and
destroyed the world's admiration you basked in

I cannot live with myself if
doing my job means to allow you to keep the treasure of the Medal of Freedom
when I know you stole freedom from untold women
many of whom never again regained their previous
peace of mind.

Hand it over
I'm powerful enough
to make this executive decision right here and right now.

Thank you.
(this is what he says after he has it in that outstretched hand, because he is a classy no drama man of exquisite breeding)

Huge larger than hand size Hibiscus blossoms flanked by red roses

A dear friend showed up at my door with this little bouquet.
Showing you how they looked in my kitchen's afternoon light.

The Running of the Bulls in NOLA - this year's version - last Saturday

Hundreds of red and white clad folks gather and the run starts at 8 am and follows a prescribed path. Women on roller skates made up to resemble bulls or whatever trips their trigger carry soft batons. With them they mostly hit the men as they pass them by.

Some of the batons don't sound so soft to the onlookers who line the streets as the hullabaloo goes on, I for one often said “OUCH” watching and listening.

At the end of the long lines of participants come some men - clad as the "Elvises".

This will hopefully make you feel like you also got to see it!

Bridesmen at a Wedding in Jackson Square

Into the deep and hot Bayou to visit the Gators a few July days ago

We took an air boat ride into the Bayou of Louisiana and slowly we saw the Gators appear and then disappear again.
Hope you enjoy the ride from an air conditioned seat

This was our driver / guide with a little 2 year old “baby” gator he passed around for folks to hold. I passed on this priviledge.

Into the heat of the Bayou

Here he comes

and here he goes

OMG - my aching feet

In anticipation of the blue contest, I thought I'd ogle blue shoes..................
because I surely could not wear them

Methinks the Simpsons saw the Greek situation coming

Report about an evening with Arundhati Roy / told by Rob Kall

I missed the fireworks shooting into the sky this year, but instead, listened to some pyrotechnic ideas from Arundhati Roy, at a talk she gave tonight, to the 2015 Socialism conference.
Starting off talking about Independence day, she remarked, "I mourn the birth of all nations," then talked a bit about nationalism.

Asked about what she's writing now, she replied, "I'm writing fiction now because I don't know how else to say what I want to say... I've gathered a lot of ambiguity in me that can only be expressed in fiction."

I wouldn't call what I'm writing here an article, or even a narrative. I'm just stringing together some of the more choice lines I was able to write down as she spoke.

"In many ways we live in boundaries and borders and there are so many boundaries and borders which go through us."

"(There are times when) to keep quiet is as political as speaking out."

Discussing India getting the Atomic bomb: "The way the press was writing about it you couldn't tell if it was nuclear or Viagra."

She talked about how the Indian government used creation of giant dams to control water and people, about how tribal people were transplanted from farms to Bombay slums, how giving them money for their farms was like paying a judge in manure fertilizer. "The struggle needed a writer to tell the story... having a weapon of words to give to fighting people." The dams have displaced over 30 million people.

"Throughout civilization, throughout history, rulers have wanted to control the water."

"Power is fortified not just by what it destroys but also by what it creates, not just by what it takes, but also by what it gives.

Referring to nuclear weapons:
"When human intelligence has outstripped its own instinct for survival"

for more go to:


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