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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Doing the Happy Dance! We have a contest theme and it is "PEACE" - should you miss the tagged post

This photo is "just because". I started this thing and CurtEastPoint rallied immediately and set the theme
I often don't look at the top of the posts where the tagged ones are. So I am finishing my involvement by making sure you know it.

The photo was taken in Montreal a few days ago, it is at the door of the world headquarters of the "Cirque du Soleil"
if you ask me I'll show you some photos taken through the windows into the design and production areas. It was after hours, and I smiled at the security guard.

Are we having a contest this month?

I can't find any mention of it - or is my brain still on hiatus from the flu?

Well, Christmas is over.......and I'm back

Christmas is over

I went to Montreal on the rails

I found it deep in snow and ice

and stopped and did a little walking in New York City

In all of this activity I got the flu, am hatching it out in my very own bed at home, and waiting for the January contest to start so I can select a photo from the host of new stuff I brought home with me.

How are all of you doing?

At Christmas my family always takes a ride. We love the lack of traffic and I can just stop anywhere

We had a visitor this year who wanted to see Graffiti.
Asheville NC, though not a huge city, has it’s wonderful share and then some.
We just happened to know where to go. We kind of overdosed - I hope you like it, anyway.

It’s photography that is color and blue skies happy - and at the very end I shot a RESIDENCE out of the car window very near the famous Biltmore House.
These folks have their own police force - and their own city council representation.
I very much hope they’re happy, and above all I hope they help those less fortunate.

FLASH MOB: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian —GORGEOUS - ’tis the Season

From a single Cello swelling to 120 Musicians.
Enjoy. And wishing you all a very Merry Holiday Season.


CCR (ECCHR) Joins Criminal Complaint in Germany Against Bush-Era Architects of Torture

Germany's Chief Federal Prosecutor must investigate former CIA boss Tenet, former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and others - and should not wait until they are on German soil.


December 17, 2014, Berlin – The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin has today lodged criminal complaints against former CIA head George Tenet, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other members of the administration of former US President George W. Bush. The ECCHR is accusing Tenet, Rumsfeld and a series of other persons of the war crime of torture under paragraph 8 section 1(3) of the German Code of Crimes against International Law (Völkerstrafgesetzbuch). The constituent elements of the crime of torture were most recently established in the case by the US Senate in its report on CIA interrogation methods. “The architects of the torture system - politicians, officials, secret service agents, lawyers and senior army officials – should be brought before the courts,” says ECCHR General Secretary Wolfgang Kaleck, who is appearing today in connection with the issue in front of the German Parliamentary Committee on legal affairs. “By investigating members of the Bush administration, Germany can help to ensure that those responsible for abduction, abuse and illegal detention do not go unpunished.”

Read more, and I for one weep that we are not on top of this ourselves, the way we need to be after all the revelations:


Oh those Germans! Enjoy - and you don't need to speak the language

Cheney to lead Torture Pride March. The truth will out accd. to Andy Horowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” on Sunday, former Vice-President Dick Cheney told host Chuck Todd that he was “sick and tired of Americans being ashamed of our beautiful legacy of torture” and that he was organizing the first “National Torture-Pride March” to take place in Washington in January.

“This is a chance for all of us torturers to say, ‘Look at us, this is who we are,’” Cheney, who will be the Grand Marshall of the parade, said.The former Vice-President said that he was organizing the march to inspire “the millions of American kids who want to be torturers when they grow up but are afraid they’ll catch hell for it.”

“We’ll be there to say, ‘We’re torturers and we’re damn proud of it—join us,’” Cheney said.


Winners are announced for *****Seasonal Fall Contest*****

Thanks to everyone for submitting, and for helping to make this contest a true event filled with color and beauty
I enjoyed helping out Tom Kitten - it was his contest - and he did the heavy lifting with the preliminary rounds.

go here to see the winners


*****WINNERS Announcement*****Annual Seasonal Photo Contest for Autumn

As Tom Kitten’s stand-in I’m finishing the contest and happily announcing the winners:

First Place goes to rdking647 with
"Peaceful Afternoon"

Second Place goes to Dyedinthewoolliberal with


Third Place goes to Bluedigger with
"Round-Up Ready!"

The rest of the finalists are:

Myself, Mira, with “Paddling in Hot Water”

JDB with “Serenity”

NVWhino with “Fall into Winter”

Blue_in_AK with “Autumn in the Mat-Su Valley"

Earth_First with “Delineating the Past”
in a tie with
Johnny Noshoes and “Golden November"

Justiceischeap with “Train Through Harper’s Ferry"

Since I am the temporary hostess I have the right to pull back out two of my personal favorites that did not make it into the finals:

For emotional richness and perfection in beauty and presentation my hostess choices are:

"Nature calls" - by Handmade34
"Ulmus americana on a bed of Ginkgo biloba” - by Alfredo

A happy and hearty THANK YOU to all of the friends of photography that with their comments and votes make these contests possible and make it a worthwhile fun presentation for us to show our work.
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