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US Foreign Policy Cartoon. Cleanup difficulties illustrated. (Zyglis)

McCain Rips Pres. Obama's failure to bomb Stone Henge (new accusations revealed by Borowitz)

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted President Obama on Saturday for failing to bomb Stonehenge while in the United Kingdom for the NATO summit.

“This is a time when it’s important to send our enemies the message that the United States is strong,” McCain told Fox News. “I can think of no better way to do that than by blowing Stonehenge off the map.”

McCain said that he was “astounded” by Obama’s reluctance to order airstrikes on the ancient monument. “He had a clean shot at Stonehenge, and he blinked,” he said.


Growing Pressure on Obama to Do Something Stupid - McCain and Graham positions revealed by Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Arguing that his motto “Don’t do stupid stuff” is not a coherent foreign policy, critics of President Obama are pressuring him to do something stupid without further delay.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) led the attack on Thursday, blasting Obama for failing to craft a stupid response to crises in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine.

“Instead of reacting to these events with the haste and recklessness they deserve, the President has chosen to waste valuable time thinking,” McCain said. “This goes against the most fundamental principles of American foreign policy.”

Graham also expressed frustration with the President, telling reporters, “The American people are waiting for President Obama to do something stupid, but their patience is wearing thin.”

In his most withering criticism, McCain called Obama’s “stubborn refusal to do stupid stuff” a failure of leadership. “If I were President, you can bet your bottom dollar I would have done plenty of stupid stuff by now,” he said.


Frank Underwood visits The Colbert Report - Sept. 3/2014 PLUS

Stephen Colbert looks at President Obama's indecision and caution in handling the threat from ISIS


Watch Colbert's show tonight ASAP - the lead in was hysterically funny - he had on a special guest

(honestly, when it comes to the lead - in monologue I was tickled, but I could not laugh, he was too spot on)
and absolutely phenomenal.

He addressed the issue of being cautious before starting new wars, reminding us that lack of caution and not having a strategy in place was exactly what we had the last time, so it should not pose any problems. Of course he did it ever so much more funny than I can re-tell it - but then he should, he has that grand job based on sheer personal merit

He talked about how Frank Underwood would handle this, and showed actual quotes from Fox hires at the mike and some Repubes about how Frank Underwood would handle this.
Then Frank Underwood walked on stage and had a discussion with Colbert about the situation. He was in full character.

I love Kevin Spacey

Comparison of the shooter "Cop in Ferguson" & Percy Whitmore the character acting in"The green Mile"

It's been bugging me, and suddenly I got it. They really remind me of each other.

I know, and no lawsuit ought to ensue, that one is a character actor portraying a psychopathic sadist in a movie and the other just possibly acted it out for real in the streets of Ferguson.

Ever since I saw the photo of Darren Wilson I have been disquieted about thinking I have seen him before.........and then the light bulb turned on.

School's back on - and the parents are struggling (toon)

Rarely have I been this demoralized and worried about my country. Cartoon about Ferguson (Sack)

It's already time for "MUMS" again. Plus I start to try for an entry to the "LINE" contest

FYI- Rachel Maddow just said she will be on with Letterman tonight

apparently she will be asked about ISIS vs alQuaida.
I'll turn it on with interest.
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