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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
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Facebook image: Spoof of Trump's building plans

Iguanas....yes....mnhtnbb, they are very green here

Facebook knew what the voters want

Thought of Solly Mack when I took this ó so this oneís firstly for her

In the Florida Keyes, the old Flagler built Highway One runs parallel to the new one for long stretches. It has large pieces deliberately removed so nobody can get on it for obvious reasons, and it is just left there to rot.
I stopped today to photograph one of those sections, and found the green Iguana guarding the turf.

Steely and green. Sky and Water in the middle Keys this morning.

Weather. Coming in and moving through.

On a walk last night.

Running like hell after realizing I was trespassing ó and then finding the treasure

The treasure is a place called Sheldon Church Ruins, far off the beaten path in a little town called Yamassee SC. I saw it on the map, then googled it, and decided it was worth trying to find.
I had booked a motel off the internets, and when I got there is was empty, scary, and so was the pool. Since I donít give up all that easily I decided to go with my gut and get out of there rather than brave it, and used the useless pool as an excuse. The refund was done, and I went on to another place.
There, they had no idea about how I could find the ruins. I gently offered the suggestion that since it was a tiny town with the ruins the only attraction they may want to feature it. I did not get much of a response.


The next morning after 7 I set out to find them. I drove through the waking up forest, deep, dark and dense. Spanish Moss all around. A forlorn road. Gorgeous.
Siri said I had arrived.
There was a huge closed gate, but, heck, walking around the outposts of columns was not that big a deal, and here are a few photos of my calm and happy walk towards what I thought was my goal.

These photos hopefully showed my happy morning, the road photo shows about 1/4th of the length of the road. I did not take a photo of the mansion at the end of it, and can only tell of my sudden terror when I saw it instead of the expected ruins. I suddenly entertained the thought of loose dogs or guns when I realized I had no business whatsoever wandering on this huge property.

So I ran to my car, to safety. Backwards, and turning, scanning everything. The sun had risen further, the woods were a bit less ominous, and I determined to find the ruins even if this forest eats me alive.
I set out again and finally, suddenly, there it was!

I gave you the link - and now I give you some photos. Wander through them without further comment from me, and be with them as alone as I was in that forest.

A few favorites from my driving in Florida

I drove through Florida for the last four days, in a meandering way. I drove on roads through the center of the state mostly since I had the time and I don't like the fast highways much. I like to stop and look at things. In my earlier life there was never time for that.

Here I'm on a bridge somewhere north of Jacksonville (maybe), the bumper sticker is one I made in reverse so it reads right side up on my front glass, and keeps my spirits positive.

I'm a sucker for Spanish Moss.

And also for cows, cooling it under its shade. Note the bull on the right. I think I scared him.

I went to Lakeland, only to see the campus of Southern College. It has the largest amount of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world.

I'll post more tomorrow when I'm rested. I have something unusual and special for you from SC.

On the Highway in Florida today. Two very different political snapshots

Cell phone shots of a "Wild Hare" I saw today --- I'm still laughing

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