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More Americans Expected to Self-Medicate Than for Any Other Debate in History predicts Borowitz

HEMPSTEAD, NY (The Borowitz Report)—As the nation awaits the first faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday night, more Americans are expected to self-medicate than for any other Presidential debate in history.

With over a hundred million people projected to watch the debate, roughly sixty million of them will be barely sentient after ingesting what they deem to be the necessary dose of intoxicants.

Davis Logsdon, of the University of Minnesota, estimated on Monday that the level of self-medication for the Trump-Clinton debate could be seven hundred per cent greater than for the first Obama-Romney debate, in 2012.

“The stakes seem higher this time,” Logsdon said. “There’s a sense that, depending on the outcome of tonight’s debate, all human life on the planet could be in peril.”

Across the country, liquor stores reported a desperate run on their merchandise as Americans fortified themselves for what many called “ninety minutes of horror.”


My Governor just disgusted me all over again. OUT with Pat McCrory in NC

He gave a press conference in Charlotte just now, and did not talk about much of anything except praising the police and all the folks who have sleeplessly and tirelessly and ever so selflessly, as he says, come to Charlotte to keep peace and guard the streets and keep down the potential riots.
Not a word about the video that was released about 2 hours ago that was taken by the victim's wife while her husband was murdered. The video brings huge questions, especially about the behavior of the police in regards to a possible purposely dropped gun showing possible evidence of tampering with the happening. This video made me cry, and I have long ago stopped crying in this lifetime.

Our governor so far has not mentioned any of that nor has he asked the Charlotte police to release the two videos they have of the shooting. He is not stepping up to the plate at all, except for talking about NC having had excessive rains and some flooding.

His appearance was useless and did not address anything that happens, except to praise the people in power for jobs well done while the city of Charlotte is in crisis.

I am extremely concerned about the lack of the evidence from the police, this needs to be revealed and the chips need to fall where they may, and I mean pronto. I very much worry about the mood in Charlotte as night will fall, and I have invited one of my closer friends, who is black and lives there, to get in her car and come spend the weekend with me.

He is still answering a few questions as I type, and apparently is not supporting the release of the videos, and that is in advance of a law he signed to go into effect on Oct. 1 about that they don't have to be released in NC any more at all.

The way this is handled by our governor sets him up for a blow out defeat in November.That is the only thing about it that is good.

It’s been a while since we had a “Help Me Choose” thread….I’ve been whistling, and stumped

“Every Breath you Take” The Police

Took this photo of a cat at the Hemingway House in Key West. Her name is Elizabeth Taylor

“Dance - While the Music still goes on” ABBA

These guys wore themselves out at Mallory Square at sunset - in Key West

“Walk in the Sunshine” Roger Miller

This guy I met a week ago in Daytona Beach at Sunrise

“Catch me if you can” Broadway Musical

A friend of the bird just above, but a really aggressive one.

“Are these Rolling Stones” Honoring them for a body of work

Throwing it in just for fun

Emotional Obama Tearfully Thanks Trump for Granting Him Citizenship--witnessed by Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling this “the greatest day of my life,” a visibly moved Barack Obama held a news conference on Friday to thank Donald Trump for granting him U.S. citizenship.

“The issue of whether or not I was a U.S. citizen has been a dark cloud over my existence for as long as I can remember,” a tearful Obama told the press corps. “Only one man had the courage, wisdom, and doggedness to make that cloud go away: Donald J. Trump.”

The President, who had to halt several times during his remarks to compose himself, praised the Republican Presidential nominee for “never giving up” in his quest to prove that Obama was born in the U.S.

“A weaker man would have said, ‘I don’t need this in my life,’ but Donald Trump was always there for me,” the President said. “Over the past five years, barely a day went by when he didn’t call me and say, ‘Barack, I don’t care what a bunch of crackpots say. You were born here, and I’m going to prove it once and for all.’”

The President said he planned to spend the day celebrating his U.S. citizenship with his family. “It’s great to be an American, at last,” he said.


Home again, Savannah behind me. Thinking all excitement might have waned after my long trip.

A half hour ago my phone rings and a neighbor says: Are you home, if yes, grab a camera and step out and look down the street.

At first I saw nothing special, and then suddenly coming up the sidewalk,this dressed Lady Godiva appeared.

So much for sleepy Southern Towns.

remember this?:
(the trailer to the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”

Nearing night in the Garden of Good and Evil - I forgot about stopping and haunting the cemetery

This is not THE cemetery where the famous statue is from the movie with Kevin Spacey and John Cusak and of course “the Lady Chablis”. That cemetery is on the outskirts. This one is in the heart of town, and I passed it on my way back to the motel, and, in the absence of tourists and the abundance of parking places, I stopped and paid a short visit.

Stop me before I post again :) I got enamored with “steps” in Savannah this evening

Going down to the river in Savannah almost always necessitates taking ancient steps, that are labeled to be “historic - and you are on your own using them”

I took an hour walk today, and other than the step photos I got to obsess about a second thing, and that is the absence of tourists, and therefore economic well being. All the clothes you see in two photos here were 50 percent off. Store wide. I realize it is off season, but not to the degree I saw today. I kept thinking that this is the America the Top Deplorable, AKA the Donald, wants to make great again. It surely won’t happen with more tax cuts to the rich and with enlarging the money spent on the military etc. etc.

I may post the photos illustrating my secondary thoughts, in the meantime, I hope you like the ones with steps.

Thanks everyone, you have been good sports and have given me kudos and feedback while I was hogging the posting.
I’m probably not through, but I will be home tomorrow, and real life awaits.

On the road again

Made it as far as Daytona Beach, and got up at sunrise to take a walk on the beach.
This man was the only other person out there at 6:30 am. Took lots of photos, but I must get on the road again, so this is all I've got now.

She had me after the first jerk on the first jerk's neck: Tribute to Joy Reed doing her job so well

I've been noticing positive comments on DU about Joy Reed. So I literally sat down to see her Sunday morning show and now I am crystal clear on just why that is!

She does not allow rambling from talking points or non answers from anyone.
She does not allow veering off the subject or twisting those non-answers into accusations against the opponent.
She has the warmest smile when she goes after them by precisely labeling their behavior and their often underhanded intentions.
She stops them cold, and forces them to either start over and present an appropriate answer and if that is not forthcoming she shuts them up and tells them why.
She is a force to be heeded and reckoned with.
It seems she has become must see TV.

Above all else she has perfected the art of not allowing interruptions. If they start talking over the person who has the floor in order to drown out their words she puts an immediate end to it, but first she calls them on what they are doing and labels it.

I so wish we could have her in charge of the debates to come! She would shine a penetrating light on non-answers, garbage talk, dancing around issues and diversions, and she would on the spot call anyone out on lies or obfuscation and she would back it up with obvious knowledge and proof.

I used to think of her as the woman who either never sleeps, or has an identical twin. I had noticed she seems to be filling in for someone or shows up on the screen a whole lot.
I now know it's time to sit down and turn up the sound and pay close attention when this happens.
What a perfect time to have such a perfect person doing her important job this well!

It’s embarrassing to be so repetitive —but I almost lost my cookies when I saw this Iguana

I start with this shot, which I took when I spied it on the hedge at the fence, to give you a reference to size. I would say it was the size of a small cat.

Maybe this iguana hoped I was not coming too much closer yet stayed wary. He even did a 180 while I put my purse down and tried to become invisible

In the end I tried to creep up more, and it turned and plopped to the ground sounding like a dropped watermelon

I’m throwing in this one to remind and show you how afeared I have been of accidentally stepping on one.

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