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Here's the lineup for Bill Maher at 10 pm est HBO --tonight

Vice President Al Gore, Nicolle Wallace, Cornel West, Ralph Reed, and John Krasinski

Furious Chris Christie refuses to Pick Up Trump's Dry Cleaning as told by Andy Borowitz

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, angrily refused to pick up Donald Trump’s dry cleaning during a tense encounter between the two men on Friday, campaign sources confirm.

The ugly scene unfolded at the billionaire’s offices in midtown Manhattan, shortly after Trump revealed that his Vice-Presidential pick would be Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.

According to Trump aides, Christie stomped into the presumptive Republican nominee’s office and hurled a dry-cleaning ticket onto his desk, telling Trump, “You can pick up your own damn dry cleaning.”

The New Jersey governor then stormed out, and has not been seen by Trump or his staffers since.

Trump’s press secretary, Hope Hicks, warned the media against making too much of the apparent rift between the billionaire and Christie. “In the long hours of a campaign, emotions can sometimes get a little raw,” she said. “We are confident that Governor Christie will pick up Mr. Trump’s dry cleaning going forward.”

Reached later by reporters, Governor Christie issued a brief statement: “Get away from me. Just get away from me, you bastards.”


Well worth considering for my flagpole which is long pushed to a nub in my yard. (intro to 'toon)

In light of last week's events, many others, and in anticipation of next week.

A mini conversation - can we talk?

Don't look if you can't laugh about the fix we are in

They really made a bad mistake in Britain, no doubt about it, the consequences are rippling across the world. Take a few seconds if you can and imagine what would happen if we elected the Donald.
I'm guessing at the least he will make a bad mistake a day.

So - we gotta stay vigilant because the more we laugh at him, the worse he will do.

Just to re-cap Trey Goudy: Let's just have a nice cup of tea.

Trump’s Bid to Become Born-Again Fails as Jesus Turns Down Friend Request —tells Borowitz

Photograph by Noam Galai / WireImage / Getty
NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—The billionaire Donald J. Trump’s bid to become a born-again Christian failed over the weekend after Jesus Christ turned down his friend request, campaign officials have acknowledged.
Jesus, who has not generally been active on Facebook, made a rare appearance on the social network on Monday to announce his decision to ignore the presumptive Republican nominee’s request for a personal relationship with him.

In a brief post, Jesus offered the following explanation: “Just everything.”

The turndown from Jesus Christ, the inspiration behind one of the world’s most prominent religions, caps what has been a tough month for the Trump campaign.

Privately, campaign staffers fretted that the candidate would pen a disparaging tweet about Jesus, which might alienate evangelical voters in key battleground states.

But, at a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump made no reference to Jesus, and instead touted endorsements he had received from Gary Busey, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Joe (the Plumber) Wurzelbacher.


Iphone was all that was handy: Let me tell you about the father of the Empire State Building

In Winston-Salem NC, the RJReynolds Building is the fore runner of the Empire State Building. Same Architect. Same look. Just smaller. For us it was the tallest for a long time, and we were proud of it.
I learned that the staff of the Empire State Building to this day sends a father's day card to the staff at the RJR Building in my town.

Our building, after years of being vacant and guarded by armed watchmen has been inaccessible to the public. But now it has been sold, remodeled and turned into a very recently opened hotel, a restaurant and bar, condos, and apartments.
The Art deco was preserved, restored and refinished.

My kids took me to the restaurant last night for my birthday, and all but put blinders on me about where we were going.

All I can say is that I did not have a camera, and as much as I love art deco I was in the right place for my eyes to get a bit overflowing and my cheeks to get dewy. And I don't even cry (anymore)

It was a memorable night.

You guys know me, I will be back in there and take some real photos. I don't ask permission well, but when it comes to begging forgiveness, I'm a real champ.

The entrance of the building- constructed of Benedict Metal: an alloy of copper, tin, lead, zinc and nickel. It is no longer made.

If Trump Quits is it a TREXIT?

It's in Scotland, and the Donald is off to go get some

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