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Gender: Female
Current location: Washington state
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 11:10 PM
Number of posts: 93,684

Journal Archives

Please do not over react or react badly to so many of us

Like after 9/11, the common desire after a human caused (or not) tragedy is to look for a precipitating reason to prevent it from happening again.

Unfortunately too often there is an over reaction causing pain and trouble for many other people. Like after 9/11. And I fear now.

By definition, people who kill others without cause, without needing to to save their own life, are mentally ill. Some have been treated for mental illness. Many have not. But most people with mental health issues are no danger to anyone.

Please. Please. Please.

Use this as an opportunity to open your minds, to learn about what mental health is and isn't. To recognize that we walk among you every day. That there are a huge number of people with mental health issues and only a teeny tiny fraction of us will EVER cause you or anyone trouble.

There are different types of mental health issues as well as different degrees. There are medications that help, and medications that cause problems.

We are here. And over there. We are all over.

Why do we not talk about our mental health? Why do you not know that we have sought help? Because we get that look. We get told we should not work in our professions. We get told to "suck it up, everyone has it hard". Or "you have such a good life, what do you have to be sad about"? Because it is better to be seen as quirky, or happy all the time, than depressed because if we acknowledge to others that we are depressed, too often we get passed over at work because how can you depend on someone who is depressed. Or how can you trust them? We get told anti-depressants are the devil and only always cause problems and anyone who takes them is denying that.

We are here. Please do not try and marginalize us, me, because a murderous asshole killed a plane load of people and happened to have mental health issues. The vast majority of us are just regular people. Like me.

Thank you.

I do not understand mass murderers

I do not understand their motivations, their mental health, their actions. It doesn't matter what form the murders take or whether individually or at one time.

I just do not understand how someone would, how someone could, think that it be a good idea to kill a bunch of others.

Explain it to me like I am dumb because I just do not understand.

My heart is heavy.

Medal of Valor awarded to Oso landslide communities

OLYMPIA — The Oso landslide’s somber anniversary struck a chord Wednesday in the heart of the state Capitol, where the Legislature awarded the Medal of Valor to the communities that endured the disaster that killed 43.

Men from four communities stood before the governor, the state Supreme Court and a joint session of the House and Senate to receive the medals. Looking on from the upstairs galleries were more people from the Arlington, Darrington, Oso and Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe communities.


The medal, one of Washington state’s highest honors, is awarded to those who have set aside personal risk to save lives. To award them in this instance, lawmakers this year passed — and the governor signed — a bill allowing the Medal of Valor to be given to a community rather than just a single recipient.

That scale seemed to sum up the sweep of honor necessary for the Oso landslide, the deadliest in U.S. history....(more)

No Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm Watches Yet in March Puts U.S. in 'Uncharted Territory'

I hope this won't jinx it.

The lack of severe weather so far in 2015 has pushed into "uncharted territory" in March, according to a government severe weather expert.

Not a single severe thunderstorm or tornado watch has been issued anywhere in the U.S. by NOAA's Storm Prediction Center so far in March, as of March 18.

"This has never happened in the record of SPC watches dating back to 1970," said Greg Carbin, Storm Prediction Center warning coordination meteorologist in a SPC news release Tuesday. "We are in uncharted territory with respect to lack of severe weather."

There had been only seven reports of severe weather – large hail, high winds or wind damage – nationwide this month, through March 18, all occurring on March 11....(more)

Police state much? Or...“looking for a black male.”

Crosspost from elsewhere on DU, words fail me.

Swarms of Cops with Guns Drawn, Raid Music Video Set, Unlawfully Cuff and Search Entire Cast

San Francisco, CA — A video was submitted to the Free Thought Project Wednesday, which shows what life looks like when you live in a police state.

San Francisco rap artist, Yung Lott was filming a music video at a public park in Bayview-Hunters Point, when their production was rudely and unlawfully brought to a halt.

As the video begins rolling the group is quickly interrupted as swarms of SFPD officers surround the group and demand they all put their hands up and get on their knees.

Cameraman, Brian Storm posted video of the raid on his Facebook page and it quickly began to go viral.....(more)


Do I understand this correctly?

The Hillary Clinton email flap shows each person how their view of her is right.

It shows the supporters why they should support her and her non-supporters why they should continue to not support her?

Average temperatures Feb 2014, 2015

We just got our power bill and in the stats it give this and last yr's month average temp.

2014 was 38
2015 was 47

No wonder the cherry trees, daffodils, etc etc are blooming already.

Which is the worst of these 2 GOP manufactured crisis? (ETA meaning the most serious, dangerous)

I mean which is the stupidest, but the most serious, dangerous.

HERE is THE LETTER to Iran from GOP assholes, in pdf form

I did a quick search and didn't see it posted, so here you are. I don't know how to change it so can just paste it here.


Toddler dies as measles outbreak hits German capital

A toddler suffering from measles has died in the German capital, health authorities said Monday, amid the country's worst outbreak in years and a debate about vaccinations.

The 18-month-old boy died on February 18, the first known fatality among more than 570 recorded measles cases since October in the German capital, a Berlin health department official told AFP.

The resurgence of the preventable disease in Germany, as well as in parts of the United States, coincides with a movement among some parents to refuse to vaccinate their children.

Health Minister Hermann Groehe said "the irrational fear-mongering of some vaccination-foes is irresponsible"....(more)
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