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19 F (1991), all-time low for this date in Chicago


Your take on the elections ?

In case someone stumbles in here by accident, this is the African-American group, nuff said.

I think it was a serious mistake for any Democratic candidate to even subtly disassociate themselves from President Obama. He is an excellent President and has accomplished a lot despite the Koch brothers and 100% non-stop Republican opposition.

Did those candidates seriously piss off and alienate the AA voting population ? If so, I can understand very easily.

Thanks all, a sincere question as always.


Apathy and ignorance really explain it all

Apathy - Many people don't vote. That's a fact. Many have not even REGISTERED to vote. Voting is the bare minimum requirement of a democracy. You spend, what, at most a few hours every 2 years ? If there's a special election or municipal/county election, a few hours at most for that ?

Many don't bother to read up on issues or candidates, which leads me to my second point....

Ignorance - Over 99%+ of the voting population do NOT read DU or even, ugh, Freeperville or Redstate or Discussionist or any of the other political websites/discussion boards out there. I'd vastly PREFER that they read DU, but we all know that's not going to happen any time soon.

As a result, they catch a few minutes on hate radio or cable news shoutfests or the evening news corporate media subtly-republican-slanted broadcasts. I still think NPR does a pretty decent job of being impartial but I know many at DU don't agree with me.

You CANNOT be well-informed from reading corporate media headlines. It's hard enough to come to DU, read for hours (like I do and many others at DU), and come to rational decisions. 99%+ of the voting population of the USA is NOT going to do that, or cannot do that, a combination of both.

Yes, there are profoundly stupid people out there, but most of the voting population are APATHETIC and IGNORANT. Ignorant is not a horrible word, I'm ignorant of some things myself. It simply means not being informed of something.

We need to start saying apathetic and ignorant. Do they have good reasons to be apathetic and ignorant ? Arguably, yes, but still..... it's OUR freaking country. Being apathetic and ignorant only makes it WORSE.

My $0.02 / fraction of a euro or yen or pound.

On this date in 1879, record low for Manhattan NYC was 23 F


As always, I'm sure you lovely Manhattanites were breathlessly awaiting that factoid

eta: same figure for Manhattan KS was 25 F in 2010.


**********BARACK OBAMA GROUP****President Obama did a GREAT job at his press conference

ETA for those who don't know:

Statement of Purpose

A safe haven for members of Democratic Underground who support the president and his policies.

He controlled his frustration.

He was pragmatic and diplomatic.

He wants workable, bipartisan (if possible) policies.

He is willing to use his EO pen if he has to.

He dodged the obvious gotcha questions.

He made me proud that he is the POTUS and the leader of our party.

Following last night's results, it was the best press conference possible. Attached to reality but not despairing, not defiant, not belligerent, very reasonable. He wants to
work with the other side, but I saw no hint of "capitulation" or "excessive compromise".

Now we need to support him until January 2017 against the tsunami of negativity that will be coming his way, even moreso than before.

Does President Obama have a "Kansas accent" ?

Not a troll question, honest, I just notice how he speaks seems like Kansas, maybe ?

His grandparents were from KS, right ?

We Democrats could have beaten the rich rat bastard alien last night

The Democratic turnout was sub-optimal. The Republican turnout seemed on par for a mid-term election or perhaps above.

My OP from last night: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025760706

Party registration stats: http://election.dos.state.fl.us/nvra/affiliation.asp

The Democratic Party is naturally the party of the PEOPLE. That means, we should be winning elections. It's an old story, the Republicans manage to get their people to vote via church, media propaganda, etc and we have to have a "rock star" candidate like President Obama to get ours to vote. For Christ's sake, MMJ was on the ballot, which should have brought out younger voters (largely Democratic) in droves.

Yes, I'm frustrated.

President Obama does a live news conference in about 90 minutes, link here


Medical marijuana went down to defeat in Florida

57.55% is a decent showing, but it takes 60% to win for a constitutional amendment.


It had pretty stiff opposition from law enforcement and the medical community. I do hope my son and his friends voted.

Florida turnout percentages, by county: pretty amazing....


Yes, all the results are not in yet, but look at some of the smaller counties' percentages.

67.39% for Sumter County, which is very rural and due west of Orlando. You better believe the vast, vast majority of those voters went for SCUMBAG CRIMINAL ALIEN.

ok, I'm calm again.

eta: Also consider this is a non-Presidential year election, so this high percentage of turnout is pretty amazing, to me.
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