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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 26,260

Journal Archives

The Akron, OH "Bowel Movement Bandit" is still at large...

*insert your own joke here*

Yes, yes, I know, if it was my car getting um defecated on, I would not think it's funny!


THE SUSPECT (seriously)

from: http://www.ohio.com/news/break-news/bob-dyer-akron-police-seek-serial-pooper-1.573746

(ok enough juvenile humor for the day, I'm done)

"Ma'am, please tell the guy in the back NO FREAKING SEMEN, please! Thanks!"


/juvenile joy off

rant about Logitech

If you're not in the mood to read a rant....thee hast been warned.

Ok, a while back I seriously considered replacing my Logitech headset with one with better battery life. I decided against it.

What really chafes my ass even worse (first world problem admittedly) is the crappy buggy software that comes with it. Turning volume up and down is a trial-and-error process, which it should NOT be. It should be really easy. Dead simple.

So, I finally got pissed off enough (cue grumpy old man) to write a old fashioned paper letter to the CEO of Logitech, who is in Switzerland. He (or one of his aides) will get it in probably one to two weeks.

Granted, I might have wasted my time. I damn sure feel better, though. IF THE CEO OF LOGITECH DOES NOT GIVE A **** ABOUT PRODUCTS, then all hope is lost.

I've written corporate CEO's before, and I've actually gotten results. SOME CEO's actually care, admittedly for the profit reason. F**** human goodness, it's all about the $$$$$.

/rant off

Have a lovely day, ya'll

"I don't want semen in my cheeseburger"


Thank you and shout-out to Omaha Steve...

and a few other posters who have educated me MORE about labor than I ever learned in 20 years of formal education.

Thank you, Omaha Steve.

How bad will the next "official depression" be ?

Note I said "official depression", instead of the unofficial one we have just been through.

xpost from Good Reads: 1908: Labor Unions suck, Loewe v. Lawler 208 U.S. 274


1908: Labor Unions suck, Loewe v. Lawler 208 U.S. 274


Loewe v. Lawlor, 208 U.S. 274 (1908), also referred to as the Danbury Hatters' Case, is a United States Supreme Court case concerning the application of antitrust laws to labor unions. The Court's decision had the effect of outlawing secondary boycotts as violative of the Sherman Antitrust Act, in the face of labor union protests that their actions affected only intrastate commerce. It was also decided that individual unionists could be held personally liable for damages incurred by the activities of their union.

Prosecution of labor under antitrust laws would continue until the enactment of the Norris-La Guardia Act in 1932, which included express exemptions of organized labor from antitrust injunctions. These exemptions were upheld by the Supreme Court in United States v. Hutcheson (1941) where it was stated that the act should be read broadly to provide a total antitrust exemption for labor unions, "so long as union acts in its self-interest and does not combine with non-labor groups." The majority opinion in Hutcheson was written by Felix Frankfurter who, before becoming a Supreme Court Justice, had served as one of the drafters of Norris-La Guardia.

Opinion here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/208/274

Supposed to get up to freaking 90 degrees F here today, the temp is too damn hot!

riffing off this guy:


Anyone else always want a sister (who doesn't have one) ?

I have one older brother, that's it. No sisters. It would have been awesome to have a sister, despite the fighting that would have surely occurred It's a bit too late now I think.

I envy those of you with sisters. I am blessed with a great brother, thankfully.

<~~~with cream and sugar, thank you!

No offense to black coffee drinkers.....

someone would have to hold a loaded gun to my temple to get me to drink
black coffee! Likewise for all of you with my warlock's brew, probably!

Isn't diversity GRAND ? Life does not get boring.
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