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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 21,860

Journal Archives

Pope Francis begs forgiveness in meeting with abuse victims


POPE Francis has begged forgiveness in his first meeting with Catholics sexually abused by members of the clergy and went further than any of his predecessors by vowing to hold bishops accountable for their handling of paedophile priests.

Abuse victims and their advocates have long demanded that higher-ups be made to answer for the decades-long cover-ups of rape and molestation of youngsters in a scandal that has rocked the church and dismayed its worldwide flock of 1.2 billion.

The pope celebrated a private Mass with six victims — two each from Ireland, Britain and Germany — at his Vatican residence, and spent the rest of the morning listening to their accounts, one on one.

“Before God and his people, I express my sorrow for the sins and grave crimes of clerical sexual abuse committed against you. And I humbly ask forgiveness,” Francis said.

Arne Duncan dismisses union call for resignation


Education Secretary Arne Duncan has brushed off a call for his resignation from the National Education Association.

The NEA adopted the resolution last week at its representative assembly in Denver, where the air was charged with anger and members buzzed with frustration at Duncan and other education reformers — especially their emphasis on high-stakes testing.

The resolution blamed Duncan for a “failed education agenda” consisting of policies that “undermine public schools and colleges, the teaching education professionals, and education unions.”

The teachers union has considered similar resolutions in previous years, but this was the first time it won approval from a majority of the 9,000 delegates attending the NEA’s annual convention.

Official 2012 Democratic Party Platform position on choice


Protecting A Woman’s Right to Choose. The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. Abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her clergy; there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way. We also recognize that health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also reduce the need for abortions. We strongly and unequivocally support a woman’s decision to have a child by providing affordable health care and ensuring the availability of and access to programs that help women during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, including caring adoption programs.

Maybe it's time to change the TOS, eh ?

Typhoon Neoguri moves towards Japan, Invest 98E moves WNW, Invest 99E moves west

Last Updated 7/7/2014, 2:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 23.7N 233.8E Movement NNW at 14 mph
Wind 125 MPH

Last Updated 7/7/2014, 8:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 11.5 106.0W Movement WNW at 15 mph
Wind 30 MPH

Last Updated 7/7/2014, 2:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 9.4 119.1W Movement W at 10 mph
Wind 40 MPH

F-16 Lands Uncomfortably Low, Close To Air Show Spectators


You will duck while watching this video.

Via TheAviationist

3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Growing Up

(yes original headline)


*heavily edited*

1. People don't judge you as harshly as you think they do

2. You should think of intelligence as something you develop.

3. Playing isn't a waste of time.

Typhoon Neoguri churns towards Japan

Last Updated 7/6/2014, 2:00:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location 19.7N 230.9E Movement NW at 16 mph
Wind 150 MPH

"Actors and Actresses: What Hollywood stars have a reputation for being difficult to work with?"


I think you may have to register to view it. Lindsey Lohan (no surprise) and Bill Murray get mentioned, amongst others.

Japan DU'ers, Typhoon Neoguri may be headed your way very soon

Atlantic: P-TC Arthur rains on Canada; Pacific: Typhoon Neoguri moves WNW, P-TC Douglas moves NW

Last Updated 7/5/2014, 11:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 45.0N 65.5W Movement NE at 24 mph
Wind 60 MPH Pressure: 983 MB

Last Updated 7/5/2014, 8:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 16.7N 224.2E Movement WNW at 14 mph
Wind 135 MPH

Last Updated 7/5/2014, 11:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 23.7N 120.1W Movement NW at 9 mph
Wind 35 MPH Pressure: 1008 MB
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