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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 27,350

Journal Archives

The world’s most famous climate scientist just outlined an alarming scenario for our planet’s future


A handout photograph provided by NASA shows glaciers and mountains in the evening sun during an Operation IceBridge research flight, returning from West Antarctica, 29 October 2014. EPA/MICHAEL STUDINGER / HANDOUT

James Hansen has often been out ahead of his scientific colleagues.

With his 1988 congressional testimony, the then-NASA scientist is credited with putting the global warming issue on the map by saying that a warming trend had already begun. “It is time to stop waffling so much and say that the evidence is pretty strong that the greenhouse effect is here,” Hansen famously testified. Since then, he has drawn headlines for accusing the Bush administration of trying to muzzle him, getting arrested protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline, and setting forward the case for why carbon dioxide levels need to be kept below 350 parts per million in the atmosphere (they’re currently around 400).

Now Hansen — who retired in 2013 from his NASA post, and is currently an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute — is publishing what he says may be his most important paper. Along with 16 other researchers — including leading experts on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets — he has authored a lengthy study outlining an scenario of potentially rapid sea level rise combined with more intense storm systems.

It’s an alarming picture of where the planet could be headed — and hard to ignore, given its author. But it may also meet with considerable skepticism in the broader scientific community, given that its scenarios of sea level rise occur more rapidly than those ratified by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its latest assessment of the state of climate science, published in 2013.

ok put on your geek hat here

1- Make sure all your drivers are up to date, especially your video (graphics) drivers. Go to the Nvidia or AMD or your OEM website for this. You might want to totally uninstall your graphics drivers and reinstall them with the very latest. I use Revo Uninstaller or if you feel more geeky, you can use DDU.

2- Scan your hard drive. Do an elevated command prompt, type in "chkdsk /f" (without the quote marks), tap the Enter key, then type Y to the question, then exit out of it. Reboot. Windows does its magic on your hard drive.

3- Again, do an elevated command prompt. Type in "sfc /scannow" (without the quote marks) and tap the Enter key. This fixes some flaws in Windows 8. Anything it can't fix, it tells you in very arcane geek language in a .log file.

4- The nuke software fix is to save and backup all your data, totally wipe and reformat your hard drive, and reinstall Windows 8. A pain in the ass, but always fixes the problems unless you have a hardware problem.

5- Could be a hardware issue if all this fails. Unless you have a good geek friend, take it to a reputable shop.

6- Come to the Computer Help and Support sub-forum. Hobbit709 and other very proficient people hang out there. I'm just the lowly moderator.

eta: Oh yea, if you upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free, it boots up by default to the desktop, which I like much better than that atrocious Metro/Modern screen. You upgrade by going to the Microsoft store.

Do bears get hangovers ?

I feel sorry for that poor bear who guzzled 36 beers

What do they take for hangovers ? Hair of the dog ?


First FAA-Approved Drone Delivery in U.S. is Successful


A medicine-delivering drone from Flirtey completed the first-ever FAA-approved package delivery on Friday, bring supplies to a rural hospital in southwest Virginia. Said trip normally takes 90 minutes of driving (on winding roads) to ferry supplies from an Oakwood, VA-based staging area to the Remote Area Clinic in Wise County, VA.

In this case, two aircraft were used instead. A larger aircraft basically piloted from the ground (though using a real-life pilot for takeoffs and landings) took the medical supplies on a 20-minute flight from the staging area to Lonesome Pines Airport in Wise County, VA. From there, a smaller drone was going to make six separate flights to get the supplies from this secondary staging area to the clinic—a three-minute trip (plus whatever time it took took to load and unload said drone's payload).

The multi-step, multi-aircraft journey does feel a bit less impressive if you were assuming that a drone automatically carried and dropped supplies across a 35-mile distance. Unfortunately, that just wouldn't work due to the battery life required for the trip. (Perhaps someday, just not today.)

However, the drone's first two (shorter) flights were so successful that organizers decided to just go ahead and cram four additional flights' worth of supplies onto a single load and deliver that in one go—saving even more time than expected.

**********AFRICAN-AMERICAN GROUP: Please read the SOP before posting******* feedback about Netroots


The above thread sparked this. I admit, I have not watched any video from the event.

I'd appreciate it if non-regular members of this group do NOT post in this thread. One can hope. At least I asked politely.


When you ask for help, please post your Operating System and details....

Operating System (OS) = Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, OsX, Linux distro, etc.

Application and its version number = Firefox 39, Adobe Flash, etc. If you don't know the version, we can tell you how to find it.

Details = As much as you can, describe what's wrong. We need to know details to help you quickly.

The OS does matter, because different flavors of Windows do things a bit differently. Thanks.

super tiny "tick box" for DU login on Win10 build 10240 and Opera 32.0.1926.0

Should I inform Microsoft and Opera both ?

I'll be back to link a png of Firefox.


Screenshot for Firefox 39.0 on Win10, same build png:

Ok, it's an Opera quirk. Reporting to Opera.


eta: By the way, with MS new browser Edge, it hates DU (won't progress normally past initial click to login, have to play with it). I've already complained once. I might have to complain again. FYI.

eta2: here's the SS of bad Edge login, you might want to complain to Microsoft yourselves:

You have to click CANCEL very fast and then hit the manual refresh link very fast. Sucks.

Doctors Save Man’s Severed Hand By Actually Attaching It To His Leg


A Chinese man’s severed hand was kept alive by being attached to his ankle for several weeks.

According to Daily Mail, the man known as Zhou lost his left hand in an accident involving a spinning blade at the factory where he works.

Describing his initial reaction to the damage, Zhou told People’s Daily Online,

My mind went blank at that moment, and I just thought that I had lost one hand.

Is the movie "The Color Purple" a good one ?

http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1187&pid=18507 (post by Bravenak inspired me!)

The Color Purple

What “The Chronicles of George” can teach us about technical support

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