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my highly edited summary

1. Reagan fought against civil rights for African Americans.

2. Reagan vetoed an anti-apartheid bill.

3. Reagan supported the exploitation of Mexican-American farm workers.

4. Reagan actively participated in some of America's most infamous witch hunts against alleged Communists.

5. Reagan illegally sold weapons to Iran and helped create the Taliban and Osama bin Laden regime.

6. Reagan's economic policies caused a spike in unemployment and led to severe income inequality.

7. Reagan helped kick off the war on women.

8. Reagan failed to confront the AIDS epidemic.

9. Reagan is directly responsible for increasing American homelessness through his large-scale defunding of mental institutions.

10. Reagan added trillions to our national debt in an attempt to redistribute wealth from the poor to both the rich and the military.

10 Real Facts About Ronald Reagan That Republicans Never Choose to Admit


A CPAC attendee wearing a Ronald Reagan mask.

Republicans sure love to talk about Ronald Reagan. Just look at some of these quotes from the Conservative Political Action Conference last week:

"Once again, the GOP is where the action is, just as it was in Jack Kemp's day at the beginning of the Reagan Revolution." - Congressman Paul Ryan (WI)

"It's time for the Republican Party to stop talking about Ronald Reagan and start acting like him." - Senator Mike Lee (UT)

"We need to turn this country around. We did it in 1980 with the grassroots movement that became the Reagan Revolution and, let me tell ya, the same thing is happening all over today." - Senator Ted Cruz (TX)

much much more at the link, keep reading

Dallas Superstars - Helium - Official Music Video (HQ)



Ok, now that I got the obligatory ass-covering out of the way, I think non-PoC need to hear vignettes of subtle racism that PoC endure everyday. I've read many examples, so I'm very aware of those I know about. I'm always fascinated to hear more, but if no one wants to share, that's totally cool. I know it's a difficult subject.

Somehow non-PoC need to understand that racism exists on a continuum. It's not just the KKK and the neo-Nazis and the n-word and blatant discrimination.

Anyway... floor is open. Thank you sincerely for your time and effort in this thread. I will sit back and learn!

more evidence of alert stalking, imho


RNC Debate Watchers Appreciation Thread

Thanks a lot, ladies and gents, sincerely. You spared me much angst.

GOP Debate Hunk's Identity Revealed


There ya go, Agschmid et al.


I think I already know the answer, but here goes.

The support groups we have here on DU are great, a nice resource for people between meetings and for people, for whatever reason, that cannot or will not go to a real life meeting. As you know, in real life AA/NA/OA/name_your_support_group_acronym, confidentiality is a gigantic thing.

Is there any possible technical way that the support groups can be PASSWORD-PROTECTED ? Obviously, if the same password was given out to everyone who walked in, pretty soon the sociopaths on the net would be in there. So, the password would have to be unique to each person and easily revocable. In addition, I think you admins would need to mull over the password request for a while to see if the person really merited it (i.e, was not a troll and was not a potential trouble-maker).

On a totally OT tangent, it would not surprise me in the least if you've been DDOS'ed at least once by the numbskulls on the other side of the aisle.

Anyway.... idle minds are the devil's workshop

Leftists clash with right-wing anti-refugee protesters in Leipzig


Date 15.09.2015

After largely disappearing from the German media in recent months, demonstrations by PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) hit Germany's headlines this week after Monday's rally in the eastern German city of Leipzig turned violent.

The city's police reported that some 500 LEGIDA marchers where confronted with a counter movement of around 1,000 people who blocked the route of the rally. The evening became violent, however, after dozens of "hooligans" joined LEGIDA's ranks, with some protesters successfully breaking free from the area secured by police.

Two officers were injured after bottles and fireworks where thrown by right-wing marchers, while a water cannon was also deployed to hold back counter-demonstrators.

Almost a year since PEGIDA began its first demonstrations in the Saxony capital of Dresden, DW spoke to Marcel Nowicki, co-founder of Leipzig's anti-PEGIDA movement "NO LEGIDA," to assess the the current situation.

I always hate to read stories like this out of Germany.

Poll for fun only: How vigilant are you about cyber-security ?

Again, this is only for fun.
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