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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 12:04 PM
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An Oklahoma Suburb, Tornado-Ready


SHERMAN, Tex. — SOMETIMES it appears as if there is a target hanging over Moore, Okla.: Storms seem to find it.

Although the city was spared last week as tornadoes swept nearby, overturning cars and destroying dozens of homes, Moore hasn’t always been so lucky.

In 1999, 2003 and 2013, powerful tornadoes struck the area, killing dozens and causing billions of dollars in damage. The 1999 storm had the highest wind speed ever recorded when it hit the nearby town of Bridge Creek. In all, 36 people died. Twenty-four more were killed in 2013 by another extraordinarily powerful tornado, including seven children at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, one of two schools hit in the town.

But tragedy can breed resolve, and last year, Moore adopted a stricter building code for residential construction, becoming perhaps the first municipality in the country to approve rules aimed at significantly enhancing the structural strength of new homes and making them more tornado-resistant.

Man detained outside White House for trying to fly drone


Washington (CNN)Secret Service detained a man Thursday afternoon who eyewitnesses tell CNN was trying to fly some sort of remote-controlled aerial device over the White House fence.

The park on the north side of the White House was placed on lockdown while the incident is being investigated. As of Thursday afternoon, the lockdown had been lifted.

President Barack Obama is not currently in the White House and is at Camp David. Additional details of the incident were not immediately available Thursday afternoon.

It's the second drone incident at the White House this year, coming four months after another man -- a U.S. intelligence agency employee who had admittedly been drinking alcohol earlier in the night -- lost control of a borrowed personal quadcopter drone that he'd been flying around his apartment, intending to send it out his window and then bring it back inside.

video at link

help for student loan payers from Consumer's Union

*from CU email to me*

Are you or a family member struggling to pay student loans? We're here to help.

Register for The Borrower's Hotline next week, then pull out your paperwork and get ready to dig in. We'll help you untangle your complicated problems and find a path to reasonable repayment.

If you've got big student loan problems, you are not alone. A recent study found that nearly a third of student borrowers who are supposed to be making payments are at least 30 days behind.

If you or someone you know -- friend, family member, social connection -- is struggling to pay student loans, register for The Borrower's Hotline. We'll have trained volunteers, lawyers and loan experts standing by.

Register to call our student loan hotline for borrowers!

After you register, you will get instructions to help you prepare for your call to our hotline. In order to give you information about all your options, we need you to pull out some of your paperwork before you call.

You may have already been victimized by people claiming to help. That's why we created The Borrower's Hotline. Finally, you can call someone who has no financial relationship with any lender, servicer or agent. With all the misinformation out there, its no wonder borrowers don't understand their rights and responsibilities.

We are just here to help.

Register for The Borrower's Hotline. It will be available next week.

The week of May 18 we will launch a national ad campaign designed to direct borrowers to our hotline, where you and others like you can get help. We will provide unbiased, truthful information, and we're not taking a cut of the money at stake. We just want to help people!

So take a moment and register today, follow the instructions, and be ready to call in next week.

Christopher Casey
Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Consumer agency opens review of student loan services


WASHINGTON — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opened a public inquiry Thursday into student loan servicing practices that it says can make paying back loans “stressful or harmful.”

Private and federal student loan debt totals more than $1.2 trillion. Loans often are not serviced by lenders but by a company that processes monthly payments, assists borrowers with repayment options if they lose their jobs, and performs a variety of other tasks. Such service companies — among them Navient, Nelnet, American Education Services, and Great Lakes Higher Education Corp. — typically get a flat monthly fee per account.

Eight million student loan borrowers are in default, and the agency is concerned they weren’t told of available options that could have kept them out of the situation.

“Student loan servicers often make more money when they spend as little time as possible on each account, and they typically get paid more when a borrower is in repayment longer,” Richard Cordray, the director of the agency, said at a hearing in Milwaukee focused on student loan servicing. “So we are evaluating whether the typical methods of servicer compensation can jeopardize the interests of borrowers.”

Hackers stealing money from bank accounts of Starbucks customers through mobile app


Thieves are stealing money from people's credit cards, bank and PayPal accounts by first tapping into their Starbucks mobile app. Starbucks on Wednesday acknowledged that criminals have been breaking into individual customer rewards accounts.

video at link

The GOP Senator In Charge of Homeland Security Disagrees With The Pentagon On Climate Change


WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, says he disagrees with the Pentagon's assessment that climate change is a national security concern.

The Pentagon released a report in October that assessed the national security implications of climate change. "Politics or ideology must not get in the way of sound planning," wrote former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in the forward to the report. "Our armed forces must prepare for a future with a wide spectrum of possible threats, weighing risks and probabilities to ensure that we will continue to keep our country secure."

But Johnson said at an event in Sherwood, Wisconsin, on Saturday that he did not concur with the Pentagon's analysis.

"I disagree with that assessment," Johnson tells a questioner at the event, which the Democrat-aligned political group American Bridge 21st Century captured on video. "We're sitting here in Wisconsin. Twenty-some thousand years ago this was covered by about 5,000 feet of glaciers."

I used to agree with you

I think Limbaugh et al certainly do.

DU is much more representative of the left than the Democratic Party, to me. It always has been. Before 2009, we had common cause against the evil Republican Party. Now, we differ on many things, even within the ranks of the party. The left and the party do overlap, but as you can see, many are not in the party and many have no desire to be in the party. Which is totally cool. As long as we keep R's out of office, I'm happy.

I always did want my very own shitting robot

Thanks Obama!

in case I must

SF demands McDonald’s clean up drug activity at Haight location


San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera Tuesday sent a letter to McDonald’s Corp. complaining about its restaurant at the corner of Haight and Stanyan streets. Herrera told the multinational fast-food chain that it is “legally on the hook” for drug dealing and other illegal activity at its Haight-Ashbury store.

According to the letter, the police have received 1,100 calls since Jan. 2012 for everything from drug sales, fights, assaults and auto burglaries at the store. That’s more calls than for any other business in the area, Herrera said.

The drugs confiscated by police at the property include LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, hashish and marijuana. Drug use near the Haight Street McDonald’s and in the east end of Golden Gate Park across Stanyan Street has long been a problem.

Herrera publicized the demand letter to McDonald’s via a tweet with the line “San Francisco is not lovin’ it” — a play on the chain’s “I’m lovin’ it” slogan.

Scott Stapp says alcohol and drugs abuse, bipolar disorder led to ‘psychotic break’


Scott Stapp says he's finally on the road to recovery after a troubling bout with alcoholism, drug abuse and bipolar disorder.

Late last year, the Creed singer suffered a paranoid breakdown during which he threatened to kill President Obama, claimed he was a CIA agent and said the terrorist organization ISIS had infiltrated his family.

In an interview with People, the 41-year-old rock star admitted the dark period was "a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse."

"I was hallucinating. I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of my car," Stapp said.

more at link
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