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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 23,495

Journal Archives

Spoke too soon, Typhoon Rammasun to assault China soon ! , TS Matmo and TS Wali also

Last Updated 7/17/2014, 8:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 19.1N 247.7E Movement WNW at 13 mph
Wind 145 MPH

Last Updated 7/17/2014, 8:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 10.9N 225E Movement N at 4 mph
Wind 45 MPH

Last Updated 7/17/2014, 11:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 13.7N 141.4W Movement NW at 11 mph
Wind 45 MPH Pressure: 1003

(yes the map is very messed up at WU)

Shoot-out in Stockton CA, and the official NRA position


This is in LBN also. To me, it's obvious from the story that the criminals had no regard for human life. The NRA says "arm more good guys with guns to stop the bad guys with guns". I admit, I'm no law enforcement or gun expert, but my thinking is, IF everyone in that bank was armed, the criminals would have simply entered immediately shooting everyone dead and then robbing it with explosives etc.

Your thoughts ? Obviously I back gun control efforts.

Florida scientists press Gov. Rick Scott on climate change


TALLAHASSEE — In an effort to push Gov. Rick Scott into the debate on climate change, 10 prominent Florida scientists on Tuesday asked for an opportunity to explain to him the impact human-induced global warming will have on Florida.

"We note you have been asked several times about how, as governor, you will handle the issue of climate change," the scientists wrote in a two-page letter to Scott. "You responded that you are 'not a scientist.' We are scientists and we would like the opportunity to explain what is at stake for our state."

Scott initially denied the impact of human-induced global warming when he first ran for office in 2010, saying he has "not been convinced that there's any man-made climate change." He has since been reluctant to engage on the issue, answering only, "I'm not a scientist," when asked about it.

The scientists, professors at the University of Miami, Florida State, Florida International and Eckerd College, believe they can explain simply why they believe the governor should care.

I'm sad to say, he will probably ignore this or issue some BS statement.

UK Police Arrest 660 Suspected Pedophiles


UK police have arrested 660 alleged pedophiles following a six-month investigation. The suspects include doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers.

The UK’s National Crime Agency said Wednesday that the operation occurred across the UK and involved 45 separate police forces. The agency estimated that over 400 children have been protected as a result.

The operation, which was kept secret until the arrests were made, involved targeting those accessing pedophilic images online. A total of 39 of those arrested were registered sex offenders though the vast majority was unknown to the police. Those who have been charged are accused of a range of crimes, from possessing indecent images of children to serious sexual abuse.

“This is the first time the UK has had the capability to coordinate a single targeted operation of this nature. Over the past six months we have seen unprecedented levels of cooperation to deliver this result,” said the agency’s deputy director general, Phil Gormley.

Innovative phishing scam, supposedly from US Postal Service

I won't post the details here, because it's against the rules. Supposedly I have a PO Box in Benicia CA (which I've never heard of and never visited), and I have to renew it. When I looked at the raw data of the email, it looks pretty convincing, except I know it's BS.

Be on the look out for this scam, and of course don't click any links in those emails.


Tim Tebow playing for the Orlando Predators? David Siegel wants it to happen


Could Tim Tebow end up playing for the Orlando Predators? New team owner David Siegel wants it to happen.

“If anyone knows Tim Tebow, tell him to call me,” Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts, said. "The team number is 844-455-PRED.”

The time-share magnate made that pitch after he was asked about potentially recruiting big-name athletes during a news conference introducing him as the team's new owner Tuesday at the Amway Center.

Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback for the Florida Gators, isn't playing pro ball right now after his stints with the Broncos, Jets and Patriots. Instead, he's going to help launch the SEC Network with ESPN -- but he does have an out clause in case a playing opportunity is available.

Holocaust Museum opens UN archive on WWII crimes


WASHINGTON (AP) — From Adolf Hitler down to the petty bureaucrats who staffed the Nazi death camps, thousands of perpetrators of World War II war crimes were eventually written up in vast reams of investigative files — files that now, for the first time, can be viewed in their entirety by the public.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington has obtained a full copy of the U.N. War Crimes Commission archive that has largely been locked away for the past 70 years under restricted access at the United Nations. On Thursday, the museum will announce it has made the entire digital archive freely available to visitors in its research room.

Although information in the documents has long been known to investigators and historians, the public was kept out. Even researchers at the U.N. must petition for access through their governments.

Many of those named in the archive were never held accountable.

Invest 90E moves west, Invest 90C moves west also, Typhoon Rammasun VANISHES

Last Updated 7/16/2014, 8:00:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location 11.3 140.1W Movement W at 15 mph
Wind 30 MPH

Last Updated 7/17/2014, 2:00:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location 11.1 141.0W Movement W at 5 mph
Wind 30 MPH

I'm sure the Chinese are grateful that Rammasun vanished.

What's the real rate of inflation ?

Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 2.1 percent before seasonal adjustment.


That's the latest official BLS report. Does that number seem low to you ? From my own experience and other anecdotal reports, it does seem low.

Woman spends $35,000 to look exactly like Kim Kardashian


Can the real Kim please stand up: 24-year-old Kim Kardashian-wannabe Claire Leeson alongside her idol. Photo: Instagram/claireleeson_c and Getty

A 24-year-old has opened up about her quest to look exactly like reality star Kim Kardashian - and her transformation hasn't come cheap.

Claire Leeson claims she's already spent an estimated $35,000 on breast implants, hair extensions, spray tans, makeup and clothing in an attempt to emulate her idol, and she is preparing to move on to Kardashian's most well-known, ahem, ass-et next.

Appearing on a British TV show, the Essex resident explained that the extreme measures she's taken to look more like Kanye West's wife were done in an attempt to gain self-confidence after being bullied as a teen.

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