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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 23,215

Journal Archives

Verizon continues to call Netflix's bluff on buffering


The ongoing public spat between Netflix and broadband providers continues this week with one of the most vocal telco opponents issuing another rebuttal.

That would be Verizon, which has been at odds with the online video giant for months now -- a battle that served as one of the catalysts for the heated net neutrality debate.

David Young, vice president of Federal Regulatory Affairs at Verizon, penned a new memo on Thursday that essentially attempts to call Netflix's bluff once again on buffering rates.

Young rebuffed claims that Verizon was "throttling" Netflix traffic on its FiOS network. Netflix has been called out in numerous surveys in past months proving to be one of the largest single sources for bandwidth usage nationwide.

IT people, feel free to chime in.

You know, I'm so envious of Democrats in deep blue areas...

Ok ok, I get it, not everyone in the US loves President Obama. Not everyone liked FDR. I can accept that. What's hard to accept is minding my own business and not bringing up politics or his name, and trying to get along with people like my neighbor, who brought his name up out of the blue. WTF. I'm trying hard to get along with this man, and he brings up President Obama, in a negative way. He saw quickly I did not agree by my facial expression, and changed the subject. Smart man, in this instance.

Go Prez ! Go Dems ! GOTV 2014 !

fire alarm problem (maybe ?)

I moved into my condo 10 months ago, so I don't know the precise condition of my fire alarm. There's never been any fires or even smoke of any kind.

Today I was taking a nap. The fire alarm started blaring off intermittently and woke me up. I jumped out of my bed, confirmed there was no fire quickly and turned the damn thing off at the breaker box. I just now restored power to it and it squawked briefly as I did.

The power supply where I live has gone down twice (both in the last month) in ten months, and had some brownouts/surges, per my UPS hooked up to my computer. Could the fire alarm have been triggered by a brownout, surge or outage ? Besides that, I have no idea why the fire alarm would go off when there's no fire or smoke. Thanks for your time.


Tropical Storm Neoguri moves by Japan, Invest 98E moves NW

Last Updated 7/9/2014, 8:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 32.4N 229.1E Movement E at 17 mph
Wind 50 MPH

Last Updated 7/9/2014, 8:00:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 16.9 115.6W Movement NW at 10 mph
Wind 30 MPH

Tropical storm Neoguri hits Japan's main islands


TOKYO (AP) A major storm dumped heavy rain on western Japan Thursday after sweeping through the southern islands of Okinawa, where it caused extensive flooding, knocked out power and injured at least 32 people. The storm also boosted rainfall levels in other parts of the country, leaving two people dead.

One of the biggest storms ever to hit Japan during the summer, tropical storm Neoguri reached the southernmost main island of Kyushu on Thursday morning, and was forecast to travel up the Pacific coast of Japan to major cities including Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Kyushu's Fukuoka prefecture issued warnings for strong winds, high tides and heavy rains, and advised people to stay indoors as much as possible.

Neoguri, which hit Okinawa on Tuesday at typhoon strength, was downgraded to a tropical storm Wednesday after losing strength. It toppled trees and flooded cars in Okinawa, which experienced its heaviest rainfall in a half century, according to the Okinawan government.

Stay safe, Japan DUers !

French: Terrorists targeted Eiffel Tower, Louvre


France stopped a terrorist plot targeting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and a nuclear power plant, it was revealed Wednesday as French authorities announced new measures for combating terror.

French police discovered the plot after decoding messages between a 29-year-old Algerian butcher living in southern France, referred to as Ali M by French authorities, and a man known to be one of the highest ranking members of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, The Telegraph reported.

After meeting on an allegedly Islamist website, the al-Qaeda member asked the father of two for "suggestions concerning how to conduct jihad in the place you are currently," according to Le Parisien.

Ali M, using an encryption program, listed nuclear power plants, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum in Paris and "planes at the moment of takeoff" as potential targets.

Fed mulls policy exit, eyes October end of asset purchases


(Reuters) - The Federal Reserve has begun detailing how it plans to ease the U.S. economy out of an era of loose monetary policy, indicating it will end its asset purchases in October and appearing near agreement on a plan to manage interest rates in the future, according to minutes of the last Fed policy meeting.

The minutes from the June 17-18 meeting indicate the Fed envisions using overnight repurchase agreements in tandem with the interest it pays banks on excess reserves to set a ceiling and floor for its target interest rate.

Though no decisions have been announced, the discussion has become detailed enough for Fed officials to contemplate the proper spread between the two - mentioned in the minutes as 20 basis points.

The minutes showed the Fed participants also "generally agreed" that monthly bond purchases would end in October, with a final reduction of $15 billion in monthly purchases of U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities.

Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps, etc: how much of a problem now ?

From what I've read, they are as big of a problem now as in 2008. Is the situation worse now ? Thanks for your input.


"Crazy cat" goes berserk in Florida; owner calls 911


DELAND, Fla. -- A 4-year-old Russian blue cat named Kush is being quarantined after apparently going berserk inside a central Florida home, prompting its owners to call 911.

Police say the feline scratched owners Teresa and James Gregory on their arms and legs Saturday, causing the couple to retreat to a bedroom, where they called 911.

"She freaked out. ... She's got us locked in our bedroom," Teresa Gregory said, according to CBS affiliate WKMG. "She's never been like this.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports Teresa Gregory told the dispatcher she had mistakenly stepped on the cat's tail earlier in the day and the cat went after her husband. They locked Kush in the bedroom for most of the day. When they finally opened the door, Kush wasn't happy.

Tropical Storm Neoguri moves ENE, Fausto becomes a TD

Last Updated 7/9/2014, 8:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 31.8N 232.2E Movement ENE at 10 mph
Wind 70 MPH

Last Updated 7/9/2014, 11:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 11.7N 129.5W Movement WNW at 17 mph
Wind 30 MPH Pressure: 1007 MB
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