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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 12:04 PM
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Rats dream about the places they wish to go


Do you dream of where you'd like to go tomorrow? It looks like rats do.

When the animals are shown a food treat at the end of a path they cannot access and then take a nap, the neurons representing that route in their brains fire as they sleep – as if they are dreaming about running down the corridor to grab the grub.

"It's like looking at a holiday brochure for Greece the day before you go – that night you might dream about the pictures," says Hugo Spiers of University College London.

Like people, rats store mental maps of the world in their hippocampi, two curved structures on either side of the brain. Putting electrodes into rats' brains as they explore their environment has shown that different places are recorded and remembered by different combinations of hippocampal neurons firing together.

Dear Skinner, Elad and EarlG, please read this thread and post and comment


Thank you kindly, gentlemen! Keep up the good work.


Dylann Roof, Charleston Suspect, Wore Symbols of White Supremacy


CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Facebook profile picture chosen by Dylann Storm Roof in May is thick with symbolism. It shows Mr. Roof, a scowling young white man, against a distinctly Southern backdrop: a swamp dripping with Spanish moss. His black jacket is adorned with two flags — one from apartheid-era South Africa, the other from white-ruled Rhodesia — that have been adopted as emblems by modern-day white supremacists.

Law enforcement officials identified Mr. Roof, 21, as the suspect in the mass shooting at an African-American church in Charleston on Wednesday night that left nine dead, including the pastor, Clementa C. Pinckney. Mr. Roof was arrested Thursday in North Carolina.

A cousin of Mr. Pinckney who had spoken to a witness, Sylvia Johnson, told NBC that the gunman entered the church, asked for the pastor and sat next to him during Bible study before opening fire. “I have to do it,” he said, according to Ms. Johnson. “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” The shooting was being investigated as a hate crime.

Mr. Roof’s current address is listed in public records as Eastover, S.C., a very small town southeast of Columbia with an overwhelmingly African-American population. On Facebook, many of his 88 friends are black. He attended high school in Lexington, about 40 miles west of Eastover.

I'm glad the NY Times is highlighting this important fact.

how I'm approaching this group

If I post something really personal here, I KNOW for a fact someone on the internet will mock me. I don't care at this point and I don't really want to know, either. Knowing won't improve my life one bit.

On the other hand, if a DU'er drags my personal life into GD or another sub-forum here, I WANT to know. I will alert on them and even go to Skinner. NO DU'er should be doing that, period.

I respect your feelings though, mopinko. It's a lot easier to say you can ignore than actually DO it. I haven't posted anything really personal yet, so my theory is untested. I've been "suffering in silence", so to speak. Much good will to you!


That's a shame he said that

Of course I didn't agree with him on a few things (guns, Hillary), but he was a good guy and a good guy to me. He stuck up for me once (not that I ever need it) and I always remembered that.

Since he was here for so long and made good contributions, I'd like to see him be able to make a sincere apology in GD and be reinstated.

New homes in California will face watering limits


Water-guzzling lawns have taken significant flack in California’s four-year drought, and officials delivered another hit Friday by sharply limiting how much water newly constructed landscapes can use.

The limits came from the state’s Building Standard’s Commission in response to Gov. Jerry Brown’s executive order that urban water users cut back 25 percent during California’s four-year drought.

Builders and developers can meet the new rules by planting shrubs and bushes instead of grass, or by installing slow-trickling valves instead of traditional sprinklers.

“You can still see grass, you are just going to see a lot less of it,” said Bob Raymer of the California Building Industry Association, which supported the changes.

They are really pissed off over at WoW about not being able to fly


At least the forum posters are.

"I was so naive...I had no clue so many Democrats hated Democrats"

You just wandered into the Barack Obama Group. Go read the rules before you post, thanks kindly.

Skinner said that, in ATA.

(Democratic Underground) was intended to imply an aggressive anti-Republican orientation.

We were the "Underground" fighting against the Republicans, who were in power at the time.

Ironically, it seems that many people took the name to mean "Underground fighting against Democrats." I was so naive. Back when I started this site I had no clue so many Democrats hated Democrats.


He nailed it. Anti-Republican takes a back seat these days to anti-Obama, anti-HRC, anti-Democratic Party, etc.

Exhibit A: This thread of mine http://www.democraticunderground.com/10026654863 got 5 recs. On Democratic Underground. I wasted my time, I think.

36 Historically Profound Images That Will Make The Past Come Back To Life

from: http://inyminy.com/36-historically-profound-images-that-will-make-the-past-come-back-to-life/

A disabled First World War veteran begging for his livelihood on the streets of Berlin, (1923)

Hitler asking a frostbitten and snow ravaged soldier not to salute him, but to instead rest and recover

Images sent from a Soviet probe, Venus, (1970)

Ann Hodges, the only confirmed person in history to have been hit by a meteorite, shows a giant bruise on her side and hip with doctor Moody Jacobs by her side, (1954)

A boy watches TV for the first time in an appliance store window, (1948)

Maud Wagner, the first known female tattooist, circa 1911

An Opium Party, France, (1918)

Three friends enjoy a joyride on their new vehicle, Ohio, circa 1924.

Pornstar Linda Lovelace shocks other race-goers as she attends the Royal Ascot races in a revealing morning suit, England, (1974)

Meryl Streep as a High School Cheerleader, Bernardsville, New Jersey, (ca. 1966)

Actress Veronica Lake demonstrates what can happen to female factory workers who don’t tie their hair back, (1943)

Two African men walk past a sign common in apartheid South Africa, Johannesburg, circa 1956.

Babe Ruth pays his respects to Lou Gehrig at his funeral, (1941)

The rest at link above. Enjoy!

Breach Exposes I.R.S. Tax Returns


WASHINGTON — Criminals used stolen data to gain access to past tax returns of more than 100,000 people through an application on the Internal Revenue Service’s website, the agency said on Tuesday.

Using Social Security numbers, birth dates, street addresses and other personal information obtained elsewhere, the criminals completed a multistep authentication process and requested the tax returns and other filings, the I.R.S. said. Information from those returns was used to file fraudulent returns, the I.R.S. said, and the agency sent nearly $50 million in refunds before it detected the scheme.

“We’re confident that these are not amateurs,” John Koskinen, the I.R.S. commissioner, said. “These actually are organized crime syndicates that not only we but everybody in the financial industry are dealing with.”

The agency has opened an investigation into the breach and has temporarily shut down the Get Transcript application, which was used to gain access to the information. More than 200,000 attempts to view the past returns using stolen information were made from February to mid-May, and about half were successful. It is unclear whether the criminals were operating inside or outside the United States.
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