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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 23,574

Journal Archives

Tropical Storm Bertha Hits the Lesser Antilles


The center of Tropical Storm Bertha was passing between the Lesser Antilles islands of Martinique and Dominica near 4 pm EDT on Friday, but has brought little in the way of strong winds or heavy rain to the Lesser Antilles Islands so far. As of 4 pm, Martinique had received 0.35" of rain, with top winds of 22 mph. Dominica had a wind gust of 43 mph at 4 pm EDT, and had picked up 0.08" of rain. The storm's top winds of 50 mph were located about 100 - 150 miles east-northeast of the center, and this portion of the storm will affect the northernmost Leeward Islands Friday night as Bertha speeds west-northwest at 22 mph. Visible satellite loops on Friday afternoon showed that although Bertha's surface circulation was exposed to view due to wind shear, the storm was growing more organized. Bertha had a modest area of heavy thunderstorms on the east side of the circulation, but heavy thunderstorms were beginning to fire up near the center of circulation. Martinique radar also showed increased organization, with more spiral bands forming and growing more intense near the center. This modest increase in organization may be due to the fact that wind shear due to strong upper-level winds out of the west had dropped by 5 knots since Friday morning, and was a moderate 15 knots on Friday afternoon. These winds were still driving dry air to the west of Bertha into the circulation, limiting heavy thunderstorms on the west side of the storm. An Air Force C-130 hurricane hunter aircraft was investigating Bertha early Friday afternoon, and found that the storm's central pressure had fallen 3 mb since Friday morning, to 1007 mb. Top surface winds measured by the plane were about 50 mph.

more at link above

Very worst movie of all time, in your opinion only, of course

Plan 9 from Outer Space ?

grouchy papa grumble here....

You kids need to return phone calls to your PAPA. I had to call my kid's mother today to find out if he was in jail, hospital, dead, etc. He is fine. Thank God.

/grumble over

Psychopathy, an intro



It's a fascinating topic. It's easy to fall into "hammer meets nails constantly" syndrome, so one must be aware of that. Narcissism, especially malignant narcissism, is closely related. Wiki only serves as an entre'e into this field, so, further reading is required.

Enjoy !

Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken


Computer users pass around USB sticks like silicon business cards. Although we know they often carry malware infections, we depend on antivirus scans and the occasional reformatting to keep our thumbdrives from becoming the carrier for the next digital epidemic. But the security problems with USB devices run deeper than you think: Their risk isn’t just in what they carry, it’s built into the core of how they work.

That’s the takeaway from findings security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell plan to present next week, demonstrating a collection of proof-of-concept malicious software that highlights how the security of USB devices has long been fundamentally broken. The malware they created, called BadUSB, can be installed on a USB device to completely take over a PC, invisibly alter files installed from the memory stick, or even redirect the user’s internet traffic. Because BadUSB resides not in the flash memory storage of USB devices, but in the firmware that controls their basic functions, the attack code can remain hidden long after the contents of the device’s memory would appear to the average user to be deleted. And the two researchers say there’s no easy fix: The kind of compromise they’re demonstrating is nearly impossible to counter without banning the sharing of USB devices or filling your port with superglue.

“These problems can’t be patched,” says Nohl, who will join Lell in presenting the research at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. “We’re exploiting the very way that USB is designed.”

‘In this new way of thinking, you have to consider a USB infected and throw it away as soon as it touches a non-trusted computer.’

more at link above

Tropical Storm Bertha moves towards Puerto Rico and eastern Caribbean islands

Heads up....

Tropical Storm Bertha moves towards Puerto Rico

Last Updated 8/1/2014, 8:00:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Location 13.6N 57.9W Movement WNW at 20 mph
Wind 45 MPH Pressure: 1008 MB

Reading the news lately is so depressing

I find myself only reading headlines, unless I'm really interested in a story. Bad Steve, but it's a coping mechanism. I just can't deal with seeing bodies of dead kids and other horrors, omg.

Who has GOOD news to share ?

Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom feud: Celebs and fans react on Twitter....

Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom feud: Celebs and fans react on Twitter, including calls for actor to receive knighthood

The Internet has reacted to the alleged fight between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, and sorry Beliebers: the majority are Team Bloom.

When not tweeting about “Sharknado 2,” celebs were sharing their opinions on the two stars reportedly almost coming to blows at an Ibiza club Wednesday.

Poor Justin, no one loves him any more.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/orlando-bloom-knighted-alleged-justin-bieber-punch-fans-article-1.1887190#ixzz396VCimS4

Good News, There's a Christian Alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey


Hmm...sounds exciting.
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