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Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 20,444

Journal Archives

I feel very bad for Mick Jagger


You may not care for him or his music, but his girlfriend just killed herself. He must be hurting so badly.

for Jagger

Edgewater High School opens health care center for students


Funded by Florida Hospital and Florida Department of Health, the Orlando high school opened a new health care center on campus, that will be staffed with a full-time nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners can write prescriptions, give treatments, conduct sport physicals and serve various other medical needs of the students.

Darcy Ravendal, the school's nurse practitioner, was able to save Ronny Roman a trip to the doctor when the student needed stitches taken out of his hand.

"In middle school in New York, we didn't have this," Roman said. "They put a band-aid on everything and sent you off with an ice pack. Now you have somebody who can give you medical care as if you were in a clinic."

The clinic will also service six schools that feed into Edgewater High. For some students it's the only health care they'll get.


Awesome news from my alma mater.

Child sex sentence changed from up to life to 1 year


RENO, Nev. — One week after sentencing a man to 10 years to life in prison for sex acts with a 6-year-old girl, Washoe District Judge Brent Adams cut the sentence to a year in jail and five years of probation.

Adams cited a "mistake" on a clerical error in filing after he verbally sentenced Isaac Onsurez, 69, and electronically filed it with his signature the following day.

Several attorneys in the Washoe County District Attorney's office expressed disbelief and disappointment in Adams' change of heart. So did the mother of the victim in the case.

"It was the harshest sentence he could impose, and that was the justice we were looking for," said the mother, whom the Reno Gazette-Journal is not identifying per a sex crimes policy. "... then two days later we get a phone call."

*video at link*

Indiana Supreme Court rules on shoe cam peeper


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An appeal has failed for a man who attached a camera to his shoe to take video up teenagers’ skirts at Castleton Square Mall.

The Indiana Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld David Delagrange’s conviction for child exploitation.

Delagrange was arrested in 2010 after a store employee reported his suspicious behavior at the mall. Officers found the camera he was using. A jury convicted him and a judge sentenced him to six months in prison.

More than a year ago, a state appeals court threw out the child exploitation conviction, arguing the children in this case weren’t performing a sexual act. The Indiana Supreme Court, instead, agreed with the trial court.

116th Birthday:Japanese woman Misao Okawas secret for a long life


*bad translation*

She is the oldest woman in the world: Misao Okawa was in the 19th Century born – and now celebrating its 116th Birthday. For her long life, the Japanese woman has a surprisingly simple explanation.

The oldest woman in the world celebrates its 116th Birthday. Misao Okawa Osaka in Japan has committed their special day in a pink kimono and a headdress of red flowers. “It’s a pretty long time,” Okawa, who lives in a nursing home, about her long life said.

Okawa was still “in good shape,” said an employee of the nursing home. “She even takes on yet.” As a secret of her advanced age she always call good food and relaxation. Her favorite food is sushi. Happy birthday, the Okawa celebrates with relatives and other nursing home residents, but it also got a cake with candles – and a bouquet of flowers by the mayor.

The “Guinness Book of World Records” Okawa had certified last year that it is currently the oldest woman in the world. It was on 5 Born March 1898, married in 1919 and has three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Obamacare: 7 Things We Know Now


*heavily edited*

1. The March 31 Deadline Is Firm

2. You May Be an Exception to the Rules

3. Can You Keep Your Old Insurance? Maybe Not

4. Those Penalties Can Add Up

5. Premiums May Not Tell the Whole Story

6. You May Fall Through the Medicaid Gap

7. Dental Coverage Isn't Guaranteed, Except for Kids

article in Forbes needs debunking/critiquing about ACA, please....


Since it's Forbes, I'm not going to post the content here, but this is the kind of stuff that's being trumpeted out there. Know what the enemy is doing, etc. Thank you kindly.


Pvt. Manning seeks formal name change to Chelsea


The Army private who was tried and convicted as Bradley Edward Manning for leaking U.S. secrets to WikiLeaks is petitioning a Kansas court for a name change, to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.

Leavenworth County District Court has scheduled an April 23 hearing on the request, according to a Leavenworth Times legal notice sent Wednesday to The Associated Press by a spokesman at Fort Leavenworth, where Manning is serving a 35-year sentence. The petition was filed Jan. 27 and published March 1 after it was submitted by Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs of Providence, Rhode Island.

Coombs didn’t immediately respond to questions about the petition. Manning said in an October letter to supporters that Coombs would help her with the name change.

The Private Manning Support Network announced the petition on its website Wednesday. The group also said it is changing its name to the Chelsea Manning Support Network.

Ex-Democratic Chairman Robert Strauss dies at 95


WASHINGTON (AP) — Bob Strauss could work with anybody — Democrats and Republicans, Americans and Soviets, Israelis and Arabs. Playing the game and making the deal made his day.

Of Strauss' many accomplishments — earning a fortune in postwar investments, co-founding an international law firm, leading the Democratic Party, running one successful presidential campaign and surviving the loss of another — being welcome on either side of the political street might have been the achievement he most treasured.

A Strauss specialty was what he called "the art of making things happen instead of just tilting at windmills." A little sign he had kept on his desk put it succinctly: "It CAN be done."

"He is absolutely the most amazing politician," former first lady Barbara Bush wrote of the prominent Democratic powerbroker who died Wednesday at his home in Washington at 95. "He is everybody's friend and, if he chooses, could sell you the paper off your own wall."

Ex Microsoft staffer arrested for allegedly stealing Win 8 trade secrets


Alex Kibkalo, a former senior architect at Microsoft who most recently served as a director of product management in 5nine Software (according to his LinkedIn profile), has been arrested for allegedly stealing Windows-related trade secrets while working for Microsoft.

Kibkalo was arrested on Wednesday, according to a report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

According to a complaint filed on March 17 in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington, Kibkalo -- a Russian national and former Microsoft employee based in Lebanon -- passed on trade secrets involving Windows 8 to an unnamed technology blogger in France.

Microsoft's own investigation found that Kibkalo "uploaded proprietary software including prerelease software updates for Windows 8 RT and ARM devices, as well as the Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit (SDK) to a computer in Redmond, Washington, and subsequently to his personal Windows Live SkyDrive account." Kibkalo is then said to have provided the blogger with links to the file on his account.
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