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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
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President Obama Holds a Press Conference (links)


live video at link

Nazism and the Wehrmacht


If you're a WW2 history buff like I am, I recommend that wiki article. Granted, it may not be 100% accurate, but it's interesting reading to be sure. Many facts I had never read before! Like this quote I had never read before:

On August 22, 1939, in a conference between Hitler and all of the Reich's senior military leaders, Hitler stated quite explicitly that the coming war against Poland was to be a "war of extermination" in which Hitler expressed his intention to "...to kill without pity or mercy all men, women and children of the Polish race or language". The British historian Sir John Wheeler-Bennett wrote that whatever doubts the Wehrmacht might still have had about the sort of regime that they were about to go to war for and the kind of people that they would be fighting for in this war, should have been clearly dispelled by Hitler's genocidal comments during the conference of August 22, 1939, and that the claims made after the war that the Wehrmacht simply did not understand the nature of the regime that they fought for, are not believable. Anti-Semitic and anti-Polish attitudes like the views expressed above coloured all the instructions that came to Wehrmacht during the summer of 1939 as part of the preparations for the invasion of Poland.

a poll for fun: Who thinks the Nazi soldiers image for Trump was a simple accident ?

If it was a simple accident, the person who obtained it was very careless. To wit,



Armed Forces
World War II
German Culture
Historical Reenactment
Camouflage Clothing
Five People
Concepts and Ideas

Personally I think Trump will quit the race, but if he doesn't.... if I was a Democratic Party official, I'd be hammering
on this "Nazi accident" theme.

eta: changed my vote to "accident".

'Joe, they called me a lame duck. No, seriously.'

'Joe, they called me a lame duck. No, seriously.'
9:40 AM - 14 Jul 2015
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meta ‎@metaquest

THANK YOU, Secretary @JohnKerry and Secretary @ErnestMoniz for your unrelenting work for nuclear non-proliferation.
10:05 PM - 13 Jul 2015
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✔ ‎@petesouza
Pres Obama talks w Sec of State John Kerry last night: http://bit.ly/1GjLKDw

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is here, rescuing news reporters in need!

from: http://uberhavoc.com/the-14-best-funny-news-bloopers-that-have-ever-happened/9174/13

Windows 10 available on July 29th

A poll for fun only!!!!

Are you going to use it ?

wanted to confirm or deny something I heard today

Thank you for your time, sincerely.

A man said today that "a county in Texas" had mandated some type of gun ownership, and the crime rate went down dramatically. I realize I can do a Google search, but I figured you all would know the truth or lack thereof to this.

Thank you.


How is everyone doing ? Please check in

I'm about a 6 on 0-10 scale. Working on it as well as I can.

How about you ?

poll on background color for DU (an option only, not the default)


That thread sparked this poll. I'm asking about an OPTION, not the default. I realize brown or black background is unconventional.

Greece was occupied during WW2 by Germany, Italy, and Bulgaria



I'd say they might have a word with the Italians and Bulgarians, also. Does anyone have further facts to add to this ?
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