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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 25,131

Journal Archives

Fun with climatology: look closely at Koppen-Geiger climate classification map

Accompanying text: http://www.hydrol-earth-syst-sci.net/11/1633/2007/hess-11-1633-2007.pdf

For example, southeast Florida has some monsoonal features, and I think there is a very tiny spot of "polar" in Colorado ? You can download the map from my photobucket link or from that pdf file.

/climate and weather geek off, enjoy !

on edit: The only way you can really see the "micro-climates" is if you download the map and use an image viewer like IrfanView. That's how I found the tiny spot of polar, which is probably very high in the mountains.

Idle question: who moved from sub-tropical/tropical to "regular seasons" kinda place ?

I know a common template in the US is to move from north ("regular seasons") to south, possibly subtropical (Florida) or tropical (Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc).

How many moved north, to a place where seasons are distinct ? For the record, we do have seasons in Florida, they're just more subtle (from stifling humidity and 93 degrees F in summer to 72 degrees and lower humidity in winter).

Google CEO Larry Page: Million Dollar Houses In Silicon Valley Should Only Cost $50,000


Google CEO Larry Page thinks houses in Silicon Valley are needlessly expensive.

He believes million dollar homes should be going for $50,000.

Richard Waters at the Financial Times interviewed Page, and reported the following:

"Even more than technology, he puts this down to policy changes needed to make land more readily available for construction. Rather than exceeding $1m, there’s no reason why the median home in Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley, shouldn’t cost $50,000, he says."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/google-ceo-larry-page-houses-should-only-cost-50000-2014-11#ixzz3HrXVZtcB

So fellow Florida Democrats, are we going to turn out Gov. Voldemort ?

I sure hope so !

GOTV 2014 !

Lovely fall day on the Greenland ice cap: -30 F


Julia Gillard, question from an American

I've made some Aussie friends, and as a result, gotten more interested in Aussie politics. Particularly Julia Gillard.

Was she forced out mainly because of sexism and misogyny ? To my American eyes, she seems like a pretty decent human being.

Thanks for tolerating my sincere question.


Florida finally gets REAL fall on November 1st !

Forecast for Orlando in the morning of that day, is 44 F. I'd call that fall.


Be happy for us, northerners, Canadians, Aussies, Brits, etc ! Yea yea, I know 1) fall officially started weeks ago and 2) many in Florida hate cold weather. I like a touch of cold, before we go back to endless summer.


Times poll: Florida medical marijuana amendment in deep trouble


A bit old news (Oct. 15th), but not sure if people had seen this.

UPDATE 1-Microsoft names next operating system 'Windows 10'


Huh ?

(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp announced its 'Windows 10' operating system on Tuesday, skipping a number, to replace the largely unpopular Windows 8 from two years ago.

The next version of Microsoft's flagship product, which still runs the vast majority of personal computers, is aimed at recapturing the lucrative business market, which generally ignored the new-look Windows 8.

Windows 10 will be "our greatest enterprise platform ever," said Terry Myerson, Microsoft's head of operating systems, at an event in San Francisco.

He said the new Windows, long known by the project name 'Threshold' internally, represented a new type of system for the company. The name represented that leap, he said.

Tropical Storm Rachel no threat to Baja right now; Tropical Storm Phanfone; Invests 97L and 90E

The rest here: http://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/
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