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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 21,860

Journal Archives

As of AM EDT, Flood watches/warnings across parts of Texas

As of 736 PM EDT, Tornado watches in parts of TX

last second change for obvious reasons, sorry.

As of 317 AM EDT, Severe Thunderstorm warnings in parts of New Mexico

U.S. states probe eBay cyber attack as customers complain


(Reuters) - EBay Inc came under pressure on Thursday over a massive hacking of customer data as three U.S. states began investigating the e-commerce company's security practices.

Connecticut, Florida and Illinois said they are jointly investigating the matter. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman requested eBay provide free credit monitoring for everyone affected.

Details about what happened are still unclear because eBay has provided few details about the attack. It is also unclear what legal authority states have over eBay's handling of the matter.

The states' quick move shows that authorities are serious about holding companies accountable for securing data following high-profile breaches at other companies, including retailers Target Corp, Neiman Marcus and Michaels and credit monitoring bureau Experian Plc.

*end of excerpt*

I've changed my Ebay password. I recommend others do so also.

As of 151 AM EDT, Fire Weather advisories in parts of Alaska

good news for you

No matter what the FCC decides, we can still access DU. It might be slower than usual, but we'll get here.

Care to expound on net neutrality ? You're right in the thick of that battle, sort of.

As of 335 AM PDT, Severe Thunderstorm watches in parts of KY and IN

adventures in computer hardware failure-land, volume 23

I'm doing my thing last night happy as a clam. All of a sudden I hear some noise from my case. My screen dims. My heart stops...but only for a second. A reboot later and BIOS reveals NO storage drives found ! Hmmm.....

I go to my local guy who does a great job fixing computers at a good price. He remembers me from 2 years ago, when my problem was, in his words, " the clusterfuck of the year". He was absolutely right about that.

Two hours later, the RAID card is replaced with this one . I guess I can't complain about 3.5 years of service from the old card.

Nirvana has returned.

As of 346 PM EDT, Tornado watches in parts of CO and WY

last second change to the subject line for obvious reasons, sorry.

Easiest way to tell maximal compatibility of a web page with your browser ?

I know Firefox and Chrome are very compatible with the vast majority of web pages. IE used to be the default one. I like Opera, so sometimes I'm out of luck.

What's the easy way ? Look at page source ? Thanks.
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