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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
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for your smiles, I hope....

(yea yea it's about windows 10 but....)

Poll: Jeb! opened his dumb mouth about Medicare. Consequences ?

Just curious. I think it cost him the election (if he gets the nomination, which I think he will).

An Alligator Tours New York City, Joining Some Famous Fauna



So this alligator was crossing 9th Ave in #Inwood...no, really. At 205 Str. Cops took him to Animal Control #whatnext

Curmudgeon moment: typing on cell phones!

Cannot stand it. My net is down.

Jeb Bush said he wants to "phase out" Medicare. RT (retweet) to tell him he's wrong.


Jeb Bush said he wants to "phase out" Medicare. RT to tell him he's wrong.



(yes original article headline)

NASA boffins peering through the Kepler space telescope have spotted a huge Earth-like planet that could be home to alien life.

"This is the closest thing we've yet found to another Earth," said Jon Jenkins, Kepler data analysis lead at NASA's Ames Research Center.

At a press conference on Thursday, NASA unveiled Kepler 452b, an alien world orbiting a star very similar to our Sun in the constellation Cygnus. The planet is said to be perfectly placed in its solar system to be habitable.

Specifically, 452b lies in what's called the Goldilocks Zone, which is the distance a planet needs to be from its star for liquid water to exist on its surface. Water is, of course, an essential building block of life as we know it.

more at link

I think Jeb Bush just lost the election...phase out Medicare ? HUH?!


my bottom line is, who is going to keep the Republican from sitting in the White House ?

The worst Democrat is better than the best Republican, just saying.

At this moment, I'm going to vote for Senator Sanders in the Florida primary, and I hope he can win. I have my doubts. He has a big hill to climb, and the nastiness from the other side has only started (the smear about him being a Nazi, gimmeafugginbreak). The communist smear is coming any day now, or maybe it's already started.

To be clear, I'll take Governor O'Malley also. Secretary Clinton works for me, as well. As I said, the worst Democrat is better than the best Republican. I'll take Secretary Clinton over, oh, Senator Lisa Murkowski from AK. Yes, I know Sen. Murkowski is not running but you get my point.

With a Cell Phone and a Meat Cleaver, Graham Responds to Trump


The day after Donald Trump read GOP rival Lindsey Graham's cell phone number to the public, the South Carolina senator offered a dramatic, tongue-in-cheek video response entitled "How to Destroy your Cell Phone."

In the video from IJReview, Graham takes a meat cleaver, a golf club, a microwave, a blender, lighter fluid, and various other instruments to a small black flip-phone.

"Or if all else fails, you can always give your number to the Donald," he says at the end.

"This is for all the veterans," he adds, right before hurling a cell phone offscreen.

video at link

Verbatim: Marco Rubio Says the President ‘Has No Class’

Verbatim: Marco Rubio Says the President ‘Has No Class’


F*** YOU, Rubio, talk about class, pffttt!!!!

We already have a president now that has no class. We have a president now, that, you know, does selfie stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there, you know, people who eat cereal out of a bathtub.”

— Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on Fox News, comparing President Obama to Donald J. Trump.

xpost from GD
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