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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 26,990

Journal Archives

Do you have MDD (aka major depressive disorder, clinical depression or major depression...)


A DU'er needs your assistance


Just trying to help.

Just for fun: how good is your hearing (especially treble/high frequencies) ?

Two websites to check out




Warning: Don't do this if the results might depress you! Most of us lose some range in treble when we get older. Also, the results on these kind of tests are never the gospel truth, only a very rough estimate if you are super careful with it. You have to see an audiologist to get really accurate results.

Have fun (maybe)! I can only hear up to 14 khz at normal volume, 16 khz if I crank it up super loud.

Taskbar bug in latest build of Win10 drives me batty

Minimizing and maximizing apps from the taskbar, for me, is a royal pita, very very buggy. They better fix this asap.

Am I the only oddball who loves goa psy trance ?


I probably am, unless MrScorpio likes it too.


The Dirty Fucking Hippies were Right (time for this again!)

My defaults for DU (in case I'm too lazy to post or depressed, etc)

If it's bad news, I'm automatically sympathetic to the victims.

If it's good news for Democrats and President Obama, I say yay.

If it's good news for the country and the vast majority of people, I say that's wonderful.

If it's good news for any DU'er, I say congrats.

If it's bad news for any DU'er, you have my sympathies.

If someone's dying (and I miss the thread), many good vibes.

I guess I could go on but... sometimes I'm just too damn lazy and/or depressed to click and type. True story.

The dying threads just are the hardest for me. I usually don't know the people, and I don't what to say really.

The "please help me, I need a donation" threads are the second hardest - I wish I was a billionaire but alas I'm not I also have a son I'm still getting "launched" into the adult world, so to speak.

Anyway....that's me.

Burger me! Microsoft's chainsaw rampage through sacred cow herd



Such is Microsoft’s anxiety to get developers writing for its trailing-in-the-distance mobile platforms, it did an unthinkable thing. Six times before breakfast. And several times again between breakfast and “brunch”. And then it carried on. What made it all quite surreal was that the first hour contained no indication of what was to come.

CEO Satya Nadella paddled about with a music app for Surface, like a supply teacher killing time politely. Then, after he ambled off, came lots of new Important Cloud stuff. Then the surprises started.

We got Android apps running on Windows. A Microsoft IDE running on Linux. .NET ported to Linux, too. Support for Objective C, the language that only Apple and NeXT has ever really used. Support for Google and Apple APIs - in fact, just carry on writing for Google and Apple. Wild, untamed Win32 binaries scaling the ramparts of the Microsoft Store. Phones turning into proper PCs when you plug them into a monitor and keyboard.

Somewhere underneath the stage you could imagine Steve Ballmer’s disembodied spirit howling in pain.

My Gomer Pyle "Golleeeee" moment today....

I had to go to my county courthouse to conduct some business. It's about 20 stories tall and has banks of elevators. No big deal.

Here's my moment: the elevator bank has a computer screen with instructions on how to use it, and you board the correct elevator for your floor!

GOLLEEEEE! *takes hayseed out of mouth*

going to heaven via last minute confession of sincere faith

I'm just going to relate what my ex-pastor (she moved) told me:

You can be Adolf Hitler. But if you confess your sincere faith in God before you die and wish to follow God's ways, and accept Jesus Christ and God into your heart, etc, you WILL go to heaven.

You can be a wonderful person for 99.9999999999999% of your life. You have also confessed your sincere faith in God, etc. You will go to heaven.

I'm sorry fellow Christians, but that has always bothered me. Ok, let ********* Hitler into heaven but put him in the BASEMENT or somesuch. Godwin's law violated in OP

Was she wrong ? Is this the widely accepted faith in confession and going to heaven ? Ok, I'm going to sit back and read and get educated, thanks in advance.

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