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Profile Information

Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: US
Current location: US
Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 26,263

Journal Archives

Sources: State Dept. hack the 'worst ever


(CNN)Overlooked in the controversy over Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, is the fact that suspected Russian hackers have bedeviled State Department's email system for much of the past year and continue to pose problems for technicians trying to eradicate the intrusion.

Federal law enforcement, intelligence and congressional officials briefed on the investigation say the hack of the State email system is the "worst ever" cyberattack intrusion against a federal agency. The attackers who breached State are also believed to be behind hacks on the White House's email system, and against several other federal agencies, the officials say.

The issue is relevant because one criticism of the Clinton private email use is that it was likely less secure than emailing within the State Department's system. But the hack shows that State's system has major security issues. The State system, investigators believe, was compromised in the past year, likely after Clinton left the State Department.

Last November, the State Department shut down its email system over a weekend to try to improve security and block the intruders.

My question is, when are we going to get heart-attack serious about security for our government servers ? This is NOT a new issue.

University of Oklahoma minorities say 'casual racism' permeates their lives


Naome Kadira walks with the practiced gait of a beauty pageant veteran, which she is, and speaks the language of the social justice activist — validation, micro-aggression, othering.

But the University of Oklahoma junior with the red streak in her hair wasn't always so self-assured.

There were darker times, especially in her freshman year, Kadira said, when she never felt so different and so alone.

It's part of the black experience at the university, Kadira said, a notion that you're always outnumbered and out of place, forever identified by the color of your skin.

more at link above

Steinem, Other Women Announce Plan to Walk Korean DMZ


Making a dramatic statement in Korean relations, Gloria Steinem and other prominent women on Wednesday announced plans for a rare walk across the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea to call for reunification.

The DMZ is the world's most fortified border, with the two countries still technically at war. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers face off across the heavily mined zone.

Organizers of the effort called WomenCrossDMZ.org on Wednesday said they hope for 30 women, including two Nobel Peace laureates, to cross from North Korea to South Korea on May 24, which is International Women's Day for Disarmament.

The walk also marks the 70th anniversary of the division of the Korean Peninsula.

Umiat, AK: -43 F, hallelujah, winter finally arrived in Alaska!


Walk away slowly. Gators can actually run pretty fast at first, for a short distance.

One more tip: Do NOT walk your small dog by a river, canal, pond or lake in Florida. Your cute doggie may end up as a tasty snack for a gator.

ETA: The "slowly" reference is to not making the gator think you are prey.

Giant 'dinosaur-looking' gator found on Florida golf course shocks natives


A massive dinosaur-like alligator found crawling on a Florida golf course has even the natives shocked.

The giant prehistoric-looking gator was spotted last weekend at the Myakka Pines Golf Club near the Gulf Coast, moving from one pond to another, the Englewood club posted on Facebook.

"Another view of the Gator on the course yesterday," Myakka Pines wrote. "What a dinosaur looking reptile!"

The gator, estimated to be about 13-feet long, has been calling the golf course home for the last week, Myakka Pines general manager Mickie Zada told the Daily News.

Wish me luck, going to my credit union tomorrow for a loan


/lame humor off

Yes, I'm joking. I'm sure it's a lovely watch (38 mm 18-Karat Rose Gold case with Rose Gray Modern Buckle).

NY Daily News: Un-patriot games: GOP senators' letter to Iran is a treacherous betrayal of the U.S.


Full title: Un-patriot games: GOP senators' letter to Iran is a treacherous betrayal of the U.S. constitutional system

Regardless of President Obama’s fecklessness in negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, 47 Republican U.S. senators engaged in treachery by sending a letter to the mullahs aimed at cutting the legs out from under America’s commander-in-chief.

We join GOP signatories in opposing the pact as outlined, but we strenuously condemn their betrayal of the U.S. constitutional system.

The participants represented the bulk of the Republicans’ 54-member senatorial majority, vesting their petulant, condescending stunt with the coloration of an institutional foreign policy statement.

They are an embarrassment to the Senate and to the nation.

more at link. Ok, Satan only strapped ONE ice skate on.

Turkey’s ‘family’ ministry wants to ban Minecraft — just like it did with 4Chan


Minecraft is too darn violent.

This is the conclusion Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry came to after investigating the megapopular block-building game (as first reported by Hurriyet Daily News). As a result, that government agency wants to ban Minecraft. The ministry claims that the open-world game encourages children to resort to violence against enemies and animals. The report goes on to claim that children who play Minecraft are in danger of “social isolation.” The ministry is now petitioning the government’s legal department to go forth with the process to ban Minecraft. The country has a history of blocking websites that it finds offensive. It has previously prevented access to the image-sharing message board 4Chan, the website of atheist author Richard Dawkins, and — on occasion — Google’s video site, YouTube.

Turkey does not have a reputation for limiting the sale of video games. It has a bustling mobile-gaming market that is growing north of $500 million. And while most people play online in Internet cafes, the big consoles makers are also sell their systems in the country. So it is out of character for the country to take action against something like Minecraft — although it maybe felt compelled to do so since the game has such a grip on children.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world as well as in Turkey — especially among children. Last year, developer Mojang and its founder, Markus “Notch” Persson, sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. It is widely seen as a creative outlet that enables young people to explore a virtual world while building structures and tools. If Turkey does go through with a ban, it will go down as the first country to do so when it comes to Minecraft.

The University of Oklahoma Student Rights and Responsibilities Code 2014-2015


I think the University President and his legal team probably perused this document in addition to others before making a final determination. The language in here is pretty broad.
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