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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 11,109

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I don't have netflix or any of those movie and tv thingies but I really want to watch

a movie called "The unmistaken child". It there any way I can watch it on my computer because I have looked at Youtube and Googled it and all I find is trailers and parts of it.

Oh and it I want to pay for one of those thingies. Which one is the best and cheapest. I feel like I am paying too much for tv as it is.

Thanks everyone!

I have an idea that could save the lives of children. I don't

know what to do about it so I am putting it here.

They now have solar AC working in race cars. Why not make it mandatory to have this system installed on all new cars? This would be most important for people with young children so if they do end up leaving the child in the car it would stay on a livable temperature even when the engine is off. I am not saying to leave the car running, just enough solar power to keep the AC on. And what a better place to put solar but on the top of your car.

And then you would not have to buy a new electric car for much $$$$. It would be a fraction of the cost.

Plus it would be great for people who get mad hot in the summer and do not like going straight from the heat outside to they worse heat in their car. My car gets so hot the steering while burns my hands.

This would also be great for people who take their dogs in the car with them. When I take my dogs around in summer it is only to go through a drive through and take them for a ride. It would be great if I could take them and do some errands too.

I understand there will be problems like wearing down your AC. But I think people who are smarter than me could find a way to fix that.

I had a long conversation going with someone on gmail and I wanted to find it and it's gone!

Can the other person delete from their end and it all gets deleted? I've looked in inbox, sent mail, and trash and I cannot find the damn thing. It contains information that I really need.

Thanks in advance to anyone.

What what happens to this food from McDonald't after ten weeks sitting in a jar.

It's amazing.

I need some information about SS retirement benefits and I can't it on the net.

My brother is 59 now and has never paid into social security. I think years ago he thought that ss would not survive for his retirement. He also is a minister and I read that some churches do not pay into ss.

My question if anyone can answer is: Can he start paying into ss now and be eligible for benefits in 10 years? Or any shorter length of time? I read that in his income taxes he has been paying into it all his working life.

I really appreciate if anyone knows about or can send me in the right direction.

OH, he said he will get medicare at 65 and I thought you needed to get ss to get medicare. Who is right?

Can't wait till a scientologist owned company wants to refuse psychiatric care to its employees

I wish someone would just do it and in turn make a really big statement. Besides they think it is all evil so they would have the same reasons for denying it as Hobby Lobby does contraception.

But now the anti-contraception form looks like it may be, possibly, with the help of all the Deities in the world starting to crash and burn.


A Two-Page Form Spawns a Contraceptive Showdown

WASHINGTON A two-page federal form has provoked a titanic clash between the government and many religious organizations.

The form allows some religious organizations to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage, which many insurers and group health plans are required to provide under the Affordable Care Act and related rules.

The opt-out sounds like a way to accommodate religious beliefs. But many religious employers like Wheaton College and the Little Sisters of the Poor are unwilling to sign the form. By signing it, they say, they would authorize their insurers or plan administrators to pay for contraceptives, including some that they believe may cause abortion.

Fights over the form are playing out in dozens of courtrooms around the country. In a separate case, the Supreme Court ruled on June 30 that family-owned for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby Stores were not required to provide insurance coverage of contraceptives to employees if the companies objected on religious grounds. The Senate planned to take up legislation to reverse that decision this week.

This email from Charlie Christ about the real reason R Scott did not implement the highspeed

For years now, we've been asking why on Earth Rick Scott would turn down $2.4 billion in high-speed rail.

Finally, we're starting to get answers.

Scott said no to high-speed rail in order to cut out competition for a private company with strong ties to his chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth.

Scott's showing his true colors once again. He put special interests and personal connections above real Floridians. Scott has got to go.
railway that the Floridians voted for.

Dear Maraya

This story is disgusting, but not surprising:

Adam Hollingsworth was an advisor on the Scott transition team in 2010. He pushed Scott to turn down the infrastructure investment.

Then Hollingsworth took a job outside the administration and immediately began lobbying Scott to move forward with All Aboard Florida, the intercity transit system his company had connections with.

Scott said yes, and now All Aboard Florida is receiving millions in Florida taxpayer dollars. Hollingsworth later rejoined the Scott government.

And there you have it. When you're sitting in traffic on I-4, you know who to blame.

Sick of this? Chip in $10 or more before tomorrow's filing deadline:



Charlie Crist for Governor 2014

Does anyone know what just happened on America's got talent?

These 2 guys. pushed on Howie Mandel's head and he could not read the 3 signs that the other judges could read. Then they stopped pushing and he could read them.

The only thing I can think of is they had it set up so that the way they showed the signs made them legible or illegible and that was the slight of hand.

So my 82 year old mom who had a stroke 3 months ago is now home with her boyfriend.

And I noticed she does not look as well as she did in the rehab. The first day home she was saying, "I'm so tired" and yesterday I noticed a lethargy about her also. And one of the big problems I know is her boyfriend, who is 83, insists on keeping the AC off or at around 85 degrees all the time. It was 85 degrees when I went there yesterday.

And he fights me like a wild boar to keep it hot like that. I went to the AC thingy and tried to turn it on and could not get it on. He finally turned it on after yelling at me some nasty things like he always does.

So later on I noticed it was very hot again and I went toward the AC and it said 85 again so I made some comments and he said, "Don't touch that. You don't live here" So when I was trying to turn it on again he pushed me out of the way. My mother got right in between us, (even though she has a lot of trouble talking she knows what is going on).

I don't know how I can get him to stop heating up the house. He says he pays 1/2 the AC, (it is my Mom's house) so I called my brother who is POA and told him to have the boyfriend just pay the basic amount he is paying now for electric and then pay the rest with Mom's money and tell him he can't shut the AC off anymore, (Mom,boyfriend live in FL as do I)

I was wondering if I could call an agency that could check in on them and tell him he has to keep the air on for her health. It was different before she had the stroke. For one thing she was out and about all the time. Also now she is supposed to be doing her lessons for speech and from what I can tell she doesn't do them unless I am there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just wrote to a lawyer about this gift card I have for Hobby Lobby

First I called their corporate headquarters and told them I wanted my money back because of their abuse of women concerning blocking contraception. I got the CEO's assistant and he was very curt and told me they would not give the money back and then hung up on me.

In case anyone else wants to contact them and tell them what a bunch of shit asses they are, (or maybe don't use those words) And to tell them that you will never shop in their store and you will tell all your family and friends not to shop there. (And whoever else - you church?)

DAVID GREEN - Hobby Lobby

405-745-1110 - Wouldn't it be nice if their phones blew up?


We really can do something about this travesty if we try. I imagine they don't pay their female workers much so it would be hard for them to get contraception without health care. (more abortions you hobby lobby misogynists!)

Here is a link describing the reason these people do this things.


Here is my letter to the lawyer in case anyone wants to read it and see some of the points I made - not that I know they will contribute to his taking my case.

Hello Mr.

I am writing to you because I am furious that Hobby Lobby, who just got permission from the Supreme Court to deny its employers birth control coverage. I have a gift card that has a small amount of money on and I called the corporate office and spoke with his assistant. I was told that they would not give my money back and that was that.

I believe that should I find out a company is doing harm to its employees I have a right to not support that company and in this case it would be to get my money back from a gift card I got while bringing and an item to the store. Instead of giving my money back they gave me the gift care, (a practice that I also think it unfair since they are basically saying you can only spend that returned in their store)

I find their views on contraception misogynist, irresponsible and manipulative. I believe at the bottom of all these anti-contraception laws are men who don't like women in the workplace. Of course this highly religious company does not care that by not covering contraceptives that are only increasing the number of unwanted pregnancies and thus the number of abortions.

I would like to sue them for the amount they owe me on the card and hopefully it will get publicity and others will do the same, (or a class action suit). I believe there are not many people who do not want the gift card or maybe their purchases from Hobby Lobby now.

And I did not know about their desires for this ability to deny health care when I brought back the item that I received the gift card from. It was a few years ago.


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