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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 10,878

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Florida bomb squad detonates "suspicious" package found outside early voting site

Source: Yahoo

A Florida bomb squad has detonated two suspicious packages that were discovered outside one of the state's early voting stations on Saturday morning.

Voting was suspended until 2 p.m. on the final day of early voting, with a long line of reportedly upset voters waiting to cast their ballots. Early voting has been popular in Florida, with an estimated 3.9 million votes already cast before next week's official Election Day.


The AP says officials evacuated the library after the cooler and garbage bag were discovered. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson has asked Gov. Rick Scott to issue an emergency order extending early voting hours through Sunday. But Scott has rejected similar requests and has not yet responded to Nelson's request.

In his letter to Gov. Scott, Sen. Nelson writes, "You should be doing everything in your power to make sure everybody has the chance to vote, and that their vote is counted. Instead, Gov. Scott, you are allowing people to be turned away and jeopardizing the credibility of Florida's election."

Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/florida-bomb-squad-detonates-suspicious-packages-found-outside-204336465--election.html

Never thought they may use bombs as voter intimidation.

Cher and Kathy Griffen ad to get out the vote. It's really funny.

Does anyone else wish there were polls about the Ryan/Rob Zerban congressional race?

I look every day and every day I see nothing! Do the polling places just not do it because he is "potentially" the VP? Well he is not going to be the VP and I don't want him in Congress either!

I've read about Rob Zerban and how he was doing an hour of charity work every day and how he just seems to be "with" the people. If anyone is in his district and can do some phone banking for him please do.

I would just love to see Paul Ryan out of a job. And I would love to see a good man in his place.

If things don't change in the next Presidential session with Congress there has to be a

concerted effort to inform the people of the Republicans successful attempt to block everything that President Obama has tried to do. Just look at this congressional rating from Real Clear Politics.


Republicans are winning by .5 Now how in the HELL can that be if people in the United States knew what they were doing these last 4 years? How could Paul Ryan be leading the incumbent Ron Zerban when he espouses Ayn Rand's theory of greed is good and writes a budget that cuts funding for all good services and gives tax breaks to the very wealthy?

The problem is there is no good concise, easy to read distribution of what these Republicans do. What should there be? A Republican quarterly? A Republican handout? That explains what exactly they are doing to the average Joe?

I don't know, but I know low information voters are what caused the majority in congress last time and what will probably still cause it this time. Because people vote with their guts and not with their heads. We need to learn to teach people how to vote with their heads. The easy way.

I've been on disability most of my life. I've been helped from money from an apartment

complex my family owns, (well my mother owns now) in New Jersey. It's only 10 units but it has provided her income and has helped me too.

I just found out it was completely flooded and my mother did not have flood insurance on it.

I am so upset/mad/angry/pissed/you name it.

Because of my illness my mother has always treated me as if I were not "as knowing" as she. And even though years ago I lived there and took care of it, (the apartment building) before I moved to Florida she insists now that she is the only one that can do anything for it. I cannot say anything to her now as I know she feels really bad.

I just called my brother who lived in PA and asked him to help and told him, (which I believe to be true as my mother is now 80) that she is not as "with it" as she used to be or thinks she is, and would he please help her. I told him the situation of the insurance.

Does anyone know if FEMA helps in a situation such as this? I guess it couldn't hurt to ask them.

Very interesting post over at Newsworks by a man named Martin Jones about the black vote

# The Black Vote will exceed expectations Martin Jones 2012-10-29 15:38
As was the case with the abolition of slavery, the end of Jim Crow segregation, the Major League Baseball debut of Jackie Robinson and the establishment of the Martin Luther King,Jr. national holiday, the African-American community broadly regards the presidency of Barack Obama to be an historic benchmark of racial progress that must not ever be reversed. Only the re-election of Barack Obama would prevent that reversal, as a defeat for the president would amount to a national repudiation of his historic 2008 victory. Those who voted for him in 2008 thus know that a second victory in 2012 is still required in order to both validate and consummate his first White House victory. Black voter turnout can therefore be expected to reach as high as 90 percent with Obama receiving well over 95 percent of those voting (in particular due to Mitt Romney's controversial "47 percent" remarks at a private all-white fundraiser).


Mitt Romney took a $10 Million Federal bailout for Bain and never paid it back AND pocketed $4 Mill!

Edit: I know it sound weird 2008 but that is what the video says and that is what the guys profile says his last activity was.


Romney campaign calls police on Sensata workers trying to deliver a letter.

All they wanted to do is deliver a letter in hopes of getting Romney to talk to them.

I'm afraid Rove and one of his ilk are going to try and screw with the unemployment

numbers this month. I know they are protected but just look at everything they are doing. It is amazing the voter suppression that is going on. The lying. The cheating. I would not put it past them to try and get in there and fudge the numbers, or just fudge the numbers of a few states! A few states with some radical right winged governors.

If the unemployment numbers go up in a few days when they come out I will be highly suspicious.

There's a wonderful thread with our President. Here's Romney with babies. Pic heavy

with some babies.

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