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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 10:32 PM
Number of posts: 12,010

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I am just going to say this now.

Half of the time I read posts I don't know what the Hell you are talking about.

EDIT: To those of you who think I should call 911 and go straight to the looney bin ask yourself one question.

How many times have you had to leave to figure out what the new LETTER texts mean.


Remember those?

And have you ever wondered what a particular post means to the thread? Like telling everyone you are going out for ice cream under the OP: "Trump is #1 in the GOP primaries"

Then again, going out for ice cream would seem like the right thing to do at such a time.

Maybe people have seen this but study finds homophobes have gay tendencies


There is some evidence to suggest as much. In a 1993 study, levels of homophobia were assessed among 64 men along with their sexual arousal (measured by increases in penile circumference) in response to erotic videos of heterosexual, same-sex female, and same-sex male encounters. Those who scored high on homophobia were more likely to also manifest sexual arousal in response to the videos of male homosexual encounters.* In a more recent study it was found that men raised in authoritative households were more likely to repress same-sex attractions and to exhibit more hostility to gay people.**

Emile Griffith, a recently deceased welterweight and middleweight champion, pummeled an opponent to death after he had called him an anti-gay slur, Griffith continuing to punch him in the head well after he had clearly won the fight. Though he denied he was gay or bisexual at that time, later in his life Griffith admitted to having had affairs with several men including a male partner who cared for him up until his death.

Add this anecdote to several others including that of right wing politician Larry Craig, who pled guilty to lewd behavior toward other men in an airport bathroom but who also championed anti-gay legislation during his political career, and Ted Haggard, leader of the famously anti-gay National Association of the Evangelicals, who resigned after it was discovered he was engaging male prostitutes.

They are studying the homaphobes now!! Interesting finding.

Homophobic People Often Have Psychological Issues
by Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor | September 11, 2015 08:41am ET

Homophobic attitudes may say a lot about the person who holds them, new research suggests.

A new study of university students in Italy revealed that people who have strongly negative views of gay people also have higher levels of psychoticism and inappropriate coping mechanisms than those who are accepting of homosexuality.

This doesn't mean that homophobic people are psychotic; rather, psychoticism is a personality trait marked by hostility, anger and aggression toward others. But the study does suggest that people who cling to homophobic views have some psychological issues, said lead researcher Emmanuele Jannini, an endocrinologist and medical sexologist at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

"The study is opening a new research avenue, where the real disease to study is homophobia," Jannini told Live Science.

The psychology of homophobia
Homophobia and anger

Overall, the better the mental health of the person (based on the responses to the questionnaire), the less likely he or she was to be homophobic, the researchers found. People with "fearful-avoidant" attachment styles, who tend to feel uncomfortable in close relationships with others, were significantly more homophobic than those who were secure with close relationships. The researchers also found that people with higher levels of immature defense mechanisms were more homophobic than those with mature defense mechanisms.

High levels of hostility and anger, measured as psychoticism, were also linked to homophobia, the researchers found.

But other mental health issues had the opposite association: Depression and neurotic defense mechanisms (like hypochondria or repression) were both linked with lower levels of homophobia.

MORE: http://www.livescience.com/52146-homophobia-personality-traits.html

PLEASE call to save this man's life! The real killer confessed!!!

Not only did the real killer confess his conviction was based on one witness!

Please call and spread this or the Gov of Oklahoma will murder an innocent man tonight!!

Oklahoma plans to execute an innocent man this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.1

Governor Mary Fallin has the power to stop this deadly mistake by issuing a 60-day stay of execution—but we need to act fast to save Richard Glossip.

Can you call Gov. Fallin right now? Tell her: "Don't execute an innocent man. Grant Richard Glossip a 60-day stay of execution."

Here's the number:

405-521-2342 (It may take 30 seconds or more to hear anything after calling. When you hear the automated menu, press 2 to talk to the governor's receptionist, which is better than leaving a message on the governor's comment line, given the urgency. Call volume if high. So if you are unable to leave comment the first time, try again.)
Then, please report your call by clicking here:

There's no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, and no motive linking Richard to the crime. His execution is based solely on the testimony and credibility of one man: Justin Sneed, who confessed to the gruesome murder but said Richard hired him to do it. By saying Richard masterminded the murder, Sneed avoided the death penalty and now is serving a life sentence in a medium-security prison.2

Because Richard didn't have the money to hire good lawyers, he ended up on death row. This is someone whose record was so clean that he had never even had a speeding ticket.3

But now, one of the best death penalty lawyers in the nation has taken up Richard's case pro-bono, and this morning—two days before the scheduled execution—he released new evidence showing that "Sneed lied to save his own life."4

After learning about some of the new evidence, a juror from Glossip's trial stated, "If the defense would have presented the case that they are presenting now in the original trial...I would not have given a guilty verdict."5

Unbelievably, Gov. Fallin says she's going forward with the execution.6 It's up to each of us to express our utter outrage, disgust, and heartbreak that our government would execute an innocent man—and to compel the governor to act. All we are asking for is 60 days to give Richard an opportunity to be represented in a way that will save his life.

Please call Gov. Fallin right now—we have no time to spare. Her number is 405-521-2342.

Tell her: "Don't execute an innocent man. Grant Richard Glossip a 60-day stay of execution."
Then, please report your call by clicking here:

(Remember: Call volume is high. It may take 30 seconds or more to hear anything after calling. When you hear the automated menu, press 2 to talk to the governor's receptionist, which is better than leaving a message on the governor's comment line, given the urgency. If you are unable to leave comment the first time, try again.)

In statements to the media this week, Richard said, "I just want everyone to know the truth. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone."7

New largest penis? 19 inches compared to the 13 inch one of the man

from the US.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera -- the man sporting a 19-inch penis -- just got an offer that could change his life...and the way he walks.
We're told Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch offered to pay for medical treatment on Cabrera's two pound penis.
Apparently Hirsch was so shocked by the pics of Cabrera's penis, he agreed to pony up the surgery loot, even if they couldn't strike a deal on a sex tape.
FYI ... some reports claim Cabrera only has a 6-inch penis and the rest is excess skin.


The second video from Youtube shows an X-ray taken of the penis. The video from TMZ shows it but with an ace bandage wrapped around it. The X-ray looks like part of it is really thin and they said it might be just skin. Anyway the guy is a bachelor and wants to get disability because it's hard to walk around with that thing.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/09/06/19-inch-penis-man-vivid-sex1-tape-surgery/#ixzz3lC4sJ7AW


A funny great musical number about Kim Davis.

Just like Broadway. It was done very well.

Something to show to conservatives. Colin Powell supports Iran deal.

This came in my mail today. I'm happy about it.

This is the first real attempt at getting rid of Citizen's United that I have seen. I'm sure most people in this country would sign it if they were told what it is and had the opportunity.


Thanks for signing on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United!

Will you help us keep up our momentum by forwarding this and asking three friends to join you as a co-sponsor?


5OO,OOO Co-Sponsors Needed: Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United >>

Years ago a horrifying thought popped in my head.

"What if I wake up someday and I am a pedophile"

We all know that these types of attractions feel sick to us. But to some they are natural. Why? Well pedophilia is a mental illness, (something I did not know or didn't consider) and people are born with mental illnesses.

And then this article has a bold quote, "Nobody chooses to be a pedophile"

We all know how many different types of groups of people that quote applies to.

Now I have found much more information from an article on the Daily Beast.

There is much evidence now to show that pedophiles are born with certain abnormalities in their brains. They also believe that prevention would probably work but since in the 1990's people in the psychiatric field are obligated to report if a person shares that they have these types of urges. So most of the men, (90% of all molesters) studied are incarcerated or have been.

Also the part where the molester is considered to be "grooming" the child is not as much of a calculated set of actions as it is something that that is inherent in the workings of their brains. When they were asked what age they felt when they were in the act of molestation most of them said they felt the same age as the child. It makes you think of the man hanging around the playground as interested in the children as much as playing with the equipment.


" on average, pedophiles have an IQ that is 10 points lower than the average population, they are 2.5 centimeters shorter, and they are significantly more likely not to be right-handed (i.e., they’re left-handed or ambidextrous). Non-right handedness has been shown to occur more often among people with both autism and schizophrenia, two “clearly biologically based” psychiatric conditions".

(This part hit me in the head)
 “We don’t know why we experience the sexual desires that we do. For so long, we’ve looked at it as if it’s simply a moral issue—people are supposed to have certain attractions—and often society said if you experience a different kind of sexual temptation or feelings, you’re not as morally worthy a person,” 

" Using brain-scanning technology, he discovered significant differences in the white matter—the substance that connects one brain region to another—of pedophile versus non-pedophile brains (both groups were composed of convicted criminals, to rule out the confounding variable of criminality). In the pedophile group, Cantor found significantly less white matter in two different regions, suggesting a connection deficit."


Personally as far as everything other than someone acting on an impulse I think that I am going to practice more compassion for the person behind the pedophile. Nobody is born a monster.

The clean climate change plan

I'm glad to see some good news for a change. I hope that these changes do not have to be approved by congress.


The Clean Power Plan sets achievable standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. By setting these goals and enabling states to create tailored plans to meet them, the Plan will:


Prevent up to 3,600 premature deaths
Prevent 1,700 non-fatal heart attacks
Prevent 90,000 asthma attacks in children
Prevent 300,000 missed workdays and schooldays

Leading to 30 percent more renewable energy generation
in 2030
Creating tens of thousands of jobs
Continuing to lower the costs of renewable energy


Nearly $85 a year on their energy bills in 2030
Save enough energy to power 30 million homes
in 2030
Save consumers $155 billion from 2020-2030
There is also a button where you can see what is happening in your state.

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