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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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I couldn't understand how those jurors could not grasp how all the inconsistencies, the comments

that seemed to come out of a Stand Your Ground textbook and the physical impossibility of Treyvon Martin seeing Zimmerman's gun while he was up at his armpits with his legs straddling Zimmerman and then reach for that gun only to have Zimmerman be able to get his gun which is under him, while laying on his back and having someone sitting on him. And that is just one example of the very high number of implausibilities the Zimmerman said.

Then I remembered all the people I'd read about on the net and a few in real life who insisted that Z would not get a fair trial because the jurors would be afraid of those scary black people rioting. And how Fox news was so supportive of Z and all the other conservative websites and then I remembered this study.


Despite their important implications for interpersonal behaviors and relations, cognitive abilities have been largely ignored as explanations of prejudice. We proposed and tested mediation models in which lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice, an effect mediated through the endorsement of right-wing ideologies (social conservatism, right-wing authoritarianism) and low levels of contact with out-groups. In an analysis of two large-scale, nationally representative United Kingdom data sets (N = 15,874), we found that lower general intelligence (g) in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, and this effect was largely mediated via conservative ideology. A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact. All analyses controlled for education and socioeconomic status. Our results suggest that cognitive abilities play a critical, albeit underappreciated, role in prejudice. Consequently, we recommend a heightened focus on cognitive ability in research on prejudice and a better integration of cognitive ability into prejudice models.

And this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/27/intelligence-study-links-prejudice_n_1237796.html

Why might less intelligent people be drawn to conservative ideologies? Because such ideologies feature "structure and order" that make it easier to comprehend a complicated world, Dodson said. "Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice," he added.
"Reality is complicated and messy," he told The Huffington Post in an email. "Ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simpler solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies."

So 6 conservative racist women on a jury pool might sound like a statistical anomaly but remember that racist and conservative is exactly what the defense wanted and they had professional jury pickers helping them find them. Perhaps the prosecution lost the trial right after the last juror was seated.

Basically these women could not put it together in their heads what most of us put together. They went for the simple, "too many robberies and they were all done by black men so of course a person would be suspicious of a black man walking around in the neighborhood." (although I can't find information to support that statement that all the robberies were committed by black men..........but racists and conservatives would not think to look for supportive information. The "fact" fits right into their simpleton thinking.)

And so does their inability to think abstractly and be able to "see" how Zimmerman's explanation of what happened could not possibly be true. Nor would they see all the Stand Your Ground lines he kept repeating and realize how contrived it was.

If they were all conservatives, (and remember the defense was purposely looking for them and I suspect that the prosecution did not realize the implications of those types of jurors.) then 2 little centimeters cuts on his head was the result of his head being smashed against the concrete maybe 25 times.

Anyway I hope you get my point.

The prosecution just mentioned something about Zimmerman's head wounds and the blood

so I looked at a picture and realized that if, in fact he was hurt by being bashed on the concrete the blood would have pooled around the injuries and only after he got up would the blood run down because of gravity. But there is no pooling and in this picture the cut on the left side of the back of his head shows the blood going kind of toward his ear. That is consistent with him leaning over someone.

He got these injuries while he was standing up. Also there is very little bruising. If your head is bashed against concrete you are going to have big bruises and swelling. There is no swelling either.


So in arguing for an acquittal from the judge it is customary for the defense to outright LIE over

and over?

There is no evidence that does not support my client's claim that he was attacked by Trevon Martin.

The testimony of _______ proves that Trevon Martin was going to kill my client.

The testimony of _______proves that George Zimmerman did absolutely nothing wrong.

Everything said so far in this trial goes to show that my client should be granted an acquittal right now.

That is basically what this defense lawyer is saying. He is the biggest liar of them all!

Why would an EMT say a person could probably "use" stitches in their head but they'd rather not

put them in as long as you didn't mess with your head.

That is what Zimmerman just said, "She said I could use stitches but she'd rather not put them in as long as I didn't mess with my head. She didn't have to put stitches in right away.

This was from a video after the night of the shooting during the day when he was explaining he version of the events at the apartment complex.

That makes no sense to me. Are stitches inherently dangerous and one should only get them if absolutely necessary? And when ever do they say that you might need stitches in the future, (after your wound begins to heal)?

I think it is going to be easy to shoot holes in this man's statements.

Edit: I'll just stick this in here. Some conservative I know said that Zimmerman is Jewish and liberal and voted for Obama so that makes it self defense because he wouldn't have gone stalking a kid just because he was black. Pardon the stupidity of the statement but if anyone knows what Zimmerman's religion is I would love to know. I know that on Breitbart Zimmerman's brothers said that Zimmerman voted for Obama but that is worth nothing.

What a way to get away with murder.

1. Stalk your enemy and freak them out.

2. Either start a fight with them or let them throw the first punch.

3. Fall on the ground, pull your gun out and shoot them dead.

It's all self defense! Brilliant!

EDIT: I forgot to add this only works with white people. Sorry to the rest of you.

So, apparently there is a drug for Alzheimer's that works but has not been on the market for 30 years.

If this surveillance program is so in-dept why haven't they broken up the child prostitution

rings and child pornography rings?

Just a question. I don't have the answer.

What. The. Fuck.

I can't believe this is happening in our United States.

Jury Acquits Texas Man For Murder Of Escort Who Refused Sex

A Texas jury acquitted a man for the murder of a woman he hired as an escort, after his lawyers claimed he was authorized to use deadly force because she refused sex.

Ezekiel Gilbert shot Lenora Ivie Frago in the neck on Christmas Eve, after she denied his requests for sex and wouldn’t return the $150 he had paid her, according to the San Antonio Express-News. Under Texas law, an individual is authorized to use deadly force to “retrieve stolen property at night,” and Gilbert’s lawyers cited that provision as justification for Gilbert’s action, reasoning that Frago had stolen $150 from him by taking his money without delivering sex. In a police interview played for jurors, Gilbert “never mentioned anything about theft,” a detective told the San Antonio Express-News. Frago, who was 21, was critically injured and died several months later.

While the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida has generated notoriety for NRA-backed Stand Your Ground laws, which authorize the unfettered use of deadly force without a duty to retreat in defense of one’s person or home, Texas’ exceedingly broad law goes well beyond this, to allow deadly force in protection of any piece of “tangible” or “movable” property.


The biggest "takers" and societal parasites are the rich, not the working class or poor.


In the past twenty years, corporate profits have quadrupled while the corporate tax percent has dropped by half. The payroll tax, paid by workers, has doubled. In effect, corporations have decided to let middle-class workers pay for national investments that have largely benefited businesses over the years. The greater part of basic research, especially for technology and health care, has been conducted with government money. Even today 60% of university research is government-supported. Corporations use highways and shipping lanes and airports to ship their products, the FAA and TSA and Coast Guard and Department of Transportation to safeguard them, a nationwide energy grid to power their factories, and communications towers and satellites to conduct online business.


Turning Taxes Into Thin Air

Corporations have used numerous and creative means to avoid their tax responsibilities. They have about a year's worth of profits stashed untaxed overseas. According to the Wall Street Journal, about 60% of their cash is offshore. Yet these corporate 'persons' enjoy a foreign earned income exclusion that real U.S. persons don't get.
Corporate tax haven ploys are legendary, with almost 19,000 companies claiming home office space in one building in the low-tax Cayman Islands. But they don't want to give up their U.S. benefits. Tech companies in 19 tax haven jurisdictions received $18.7 billion in 2011 federal contracts. A lot of smaller companies are legally exempt from taxes. As of 2008, according to IRS data, fully 69% of U.S. corporations were organized as nontaxablebusinesses.

There's much more. Companies call their CEO bonuses "performance pay" to get a lower rate. Private equity firms call fees "capital gains" to get a lower rate. Fast food companies call their lunch menus "intellectual property" to get a lower rate.
Prisons and casinos have stooped to the level of calling themselves "real estate investment trusts" (REITs) to gain tax exemptions. Stooping lower yet, Disney and others have added cows and sheep to their greenspace to get a farmland exemption.

E.W. Jackson - A new Tea Bagger threat. Watch this jackass on the video.

I am amazed at some of the things he says.
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