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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 11,565

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We have a very important election coming up. Why don't we do like the republicans do and not hang

our own party!!! It is now that we should be extolling the virtues of having a Democratic president and a democratic controlled senate and congress.

I think everyone voting up a post that is anti-Obama is just hurting our chances for Democratic victories this Nov. I guarantee you that republicans don't and won't do this. That and a bunch of illegal activities are the reason they win elections in the first place. I say NO to illegal but YES to unity!

So please do not vote up anti-democratic OP's. Because that is not what we want the thousands of lurkers here seeing on our front page.

You can spend all the time you want after the election bitching about our president. But remember one thing. It was because of this man that millions of Americans will not die because of lack of health insurance. Remember when children were kicked off health insurance because of pre-existing conditions? Remember the numbers that showed how children in a hospital with no insurance DIED at a much higher rate that the Health insurance kids did? Remember all the people who lost their houses because of medical bills?

Remember the bikini graph where it showed how the bush administration caused the US to hemorrhage jobs and how it turned around with the new administration? And that is considering how republicans have done everything in their power to keep the job reports dismal - because that's just how caring they are. Remember how we were at the precipice of a real depression when President Obama took office?

Remember the Lilly Ledbetter act?

Remember the auto industry? What would have happened if a Mitt Romney were in charge and let them go bankrupt?

Remember how he pumped money, (and still is) into green energy and other environmental concerns? Can you fucking imagine what our country would look like if a Koch loving republican were in charge?

Please just remember that we need to keep the senate and because of gerrymandering it is going to be hard this time around.

Remember the government shutdown because Obama would not repeal Obamacare?

It is called "MARKETING". If you want to sell Barbie doll accessories and at the same time constantly talk about everything that is wrong with the Barbie doll you are going nowhere.

Our country needs all of us. We do not need anyone putting down any democrat. And I don't care if you think it is something that "should be said" or that "I have the right to say it" or whathehell ever egotistical reasons some will use to justify their need to bash. I say you are not a friend but a foe if you keep this shit up.

And the trolls just love you and love to click a thumbs up.

EDIT: I don't care if you believe whatever bashing you say is, "the truth". It is not the time.

If you are going to donate apparently this race is pivotal AND it's against Scott Brown

I don't know. I got this in my email from


The Washington Post gives Democrats a 51% chance of holding the Senate and RealClearPolitics calls New Hampshire anyone’s game! In a toss-up like this, whoever wins New Hampshire will take the Senate.

Nate Silver says New Hampshire is one of the ONLY competitive states where the GOP is outspending Democrats on advertising.

We need your immediate support to fight back, Pennee, or we will lose: We need to know by 8 p.m. if we have $50,000 to extend our ads on the air. It’s the only surefire way to reach every New Hampshire voter before it’s too late.

At this point, you have to know what’s at stake. Please, jump in and give now to save our Senate.

If you've saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

DONATE HERE: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/jeanne-shaheen?refcode=20140919am-nd&amounts=5,25,50,100,250,500

Look at the Ferguson records for car pull overs by race AND the results!


Look at the contraband hit rate. The hit rate for whites compared to number of searches is 34.02 and the hit rate for blacks is 21.71. This shows that most of the time blacks are pulled over and harassed for no reason and have done nothing wrong. But it also shows that in this area whites have a higher crime rate and I would personally like to shove that in certain people's faces.

What would happen if they pulled white people over and searched them at the same rate as black people based on the population percentages? Because right now there are 2 times the amount of black people to white people and yet contraband is found in more white cars. (And I understand that this figure could be misleading since the police don't just routinely pull over whites. But that being said we still do not know what would happen if they were pulled over at the same rate as blacks based on the population so just according to the information we have now white crime would rise very high.)

If anyone can figure out the exact numbers white crime, (based on contraband only) would rise if they were pulled over at a rate of 1/2 the number of blacks, (since they represent 1/2 the population) I would love to see and and I'll post it on here and site you as the source.

These numbers are actually X 100

Local population % of race
White - 33.65
Black - 63.00

Stops: Total - 5384
White - 686
Black - 4632

Searches: Total - 611
White - 47
Black - 562

Contraband hit rate: Total - 22.59
White - 34.04
Black - 21.71

goods that have been imported or exported illegally.
"the police looked for drugs, guns, and other contraband"
goods forbidden to be supplied by neutrals to those engaged in war.
noun: contraband of war; plural noun: contrabands of war
(during the US Civil War) a black slave who escaped or was transported across Union lines.
adjective: contraband
imported or exported illegally, either in defiance of a total ban or without payment of duty.
"contraband drug shipments"
synonyms: smuggled, black-market, bootleg, under the counter, illegal, illicit, unlawful; More

Some shocking graphics about Tibet.


I watched a youtube video of a Buddhist nun and she was talk about getting "bad" people

out of your life. Of course they are not bad, but being around them leads you to confusion and you stop your Darma practice, (well I do) and engage in non-virtuous behavior.

I say this because I feel like I need to divorce my family, (My mother, her boyfriend and my brother)

The boyfriend has never liked me and would make comments like, "I don't know how your mother stands you" He would get mad if my mother gave me food that she had made. Now since my mother had a stroke 4 months ago and cannot speak yet very well she has stopped defending me and even lies, (it seems like lies) by keeping his lies.

When my mother was in the hospital and he said that sentence, "I don't know how your mother stands you" I started to fight back. I said mean things that are against my practice. I would love to go into everything he did and said but that would be non-virtuous although I'm not sure how.

And I started calling my brother after my Mom got home and I he seriously believe to this day that I am a big part of the problem and I just need to learn how to get along with the boyfriend. I actually recorded him and some other people twice and sent the recordings to my brother. I asked him if he listened and he said that he started to but I was just baiting the boyfriend so he turned it off. This was all after the boyfriend said he was going to break up with my mother unless I just leave him and don't come down to their house anymore.
So I feel like I should just not talk to my brother anymore, (or for now I'll say) and obviously the boyfriend, (he says I am the reason he wants to leave my mother anyway) I don't even want to talk to my Mom.

After I made this decision I felt relieved. And I started looking for monasteries where I could go for a short time.

But there is a part of me that feels kind of guilty. I am fairly new to Buddhism so I'm not sure what prayer or mantra or meditation I should say to rid myself of these feelings. I've done plenty of "cherishing others and wishing the happiness" but maybe because I would have contact with them it would fly out the window.

Thank you so much for anyone who can give me some guidence.

Just got this in the mail. I can't believe they are trying to file impeachment proceedings

for this president. I don't even know their reasons. Anyway here is the email.

A brand-new CNN poll shows Boehner's lawsuit getting CRUSHED in public opinion! By a 57-41 margin, Americans say Boehner and Republicans should NOT file their lawsuit.

But instead of stopping their attacks, Republicans are doubling down! A GOP-run committee just voted 7-to-4 to advance the lawsuit, and a top White House aide says Boehner has even "opened the door" to impeachment!

Taking this fight to the states and holding Republicans accountable for this extremism is the ONLY way to stop Boehner's lawsuit and derail the Tea Party's march to impeachment. A group of generous donors has agreed to TRIPLE-MATCH all grassroots donations for the next 24 hours to help Democrats go on offense:

Please donate

Boehner is moving forward with his lawsuit, but the voters are on our side. Now it's ESSENTIAL that we keep up the pressure and stop this extremism. Please donate $10 now to stand with President Obama and defeat the Tea party.


Michael Sargeant
Executive Director
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

P.S. MSNBC reports that "donations to the left have skyrocketed" since Boehner announced his lawsuit, and Republicans are PANICKING. Please rush $10 now to stop the Tea Party.

If you want to donate go here:

I don't have netflix or any of those movie and tv thingies but I really want to watch

a movie called "The unmistaken child". It there any way I can watch it on my computer because I have looked at Youtube and Googled it and all I find is trailers and parts of it.

Oh and it I want to pay for one of those thingies. Which one is the best and cheapest. I feel like I am paying too much for tv as it is.

Thanks everyone!

I have an idea that could save the lives of children. I don't

know what to do about it so I am putting it here.

They now have solar AC working in race cars. Why not make it mandatory to have this system installed on all new cars? This would be most important for people with young children so if they do end up leaving the child in the car it would stay on a livable temperature even when the engine is off. I am not saying to leave the car running, just enough solar power to keep the AC on. And what a better place to put solar but on the top of your car.

And then you would not have to buy a new electric car for much $$$$. It would be a fraction of the cost.

Plus it would be great for people who get mad hot in the summer and do not like going straight from the heat outside to they worse heat in their car. My car gets so hot the steering while burns my hands.

This would also be great for people who take their dogs in the car with them. When I take my dogs around in summer it is only to go through a drive through and take them for a ride. It would be great if I could take them and do some errands too.

I understand there will be problems like wearing down your AC. But I think people who are smarter than me could find a way to fix that.

I had a long conversation going with someone on gmail and I wanted to find it and it's gone!

Can the other person delete from their end and it all gets deleted? I've looked in inbox, sent mail, and trash and I cannot find the damn thing. It contains information that I really need.

Thanks in advance to anyone.

What what happens to this food from McDonald't after ten weeks sitting in a jar.

It's amazing.

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