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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 11,085

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Little orange alien baby amigurumi


They should be tried for treason along with sedition.

A great post was here that showed how these tea baggers were guilty of sedition. I stuck it on Boner's Face Book page and also Ted Cruz's Face Book page. Some guy on Ted Cruz's page jumped on me but he seemed upset and there was back and forth and a couple of people chimed in and took my side. I realized then that treason seemed more appropriate, or at least I think so. Anyway here is the definition. I would love it if some people used it when they called some of our Democratic leaders in case they think it is a good idea to bring charges against the stupid idiots. That would certainly stop them in their tracks and they would not dare go over the ceiling cliff if charges of treason were looming against them. And I think they fit the definition. I also told Cruz that we know about how they planned this from the time of Obama's second inauguration and that it was funded by the Koch brothers. The fact that at his first inauguration their big plan was to ruin the president is attempting to overthrow the government right there.

-the crime of betraying one's country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government, treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness, sedition, subversion, mutiny, rebellion; high treason,lèse-majesté;apostasy;

This is who Ted Cruz reminds me of

And not just in this picture. I've thought this about him for awhile now.

OK someone just posted on FB that for a family of 4 the AHA policy is $540/month with a $2,600

deductible. I said they were wrong right off the bat because I just know that can't be true. But does anyone know what the deductible is for a family of 4? Or for each person if they are paying the full amount?

These greedy GOP'ers want to lower the amount of money a person gets from the

government. They want them to eat peanut butter several times a month just to get by while they eat caviar. They want those people to not be able to get their teeth fixed while they get porcelain veneers. They want single mothers to feed their kids from the dollar menu at McDonald's while they spend $500 for a dinner. They want them to suffer with chronic pain while they go to their doctors. They want them to die while they live.

They are loathsome creatures who I don't even understand. They must be filled with fear in order to have such hate.

I'd like to hear other people's opinion about why the teabaggers continue to try and defund


Me, I think it is that they are terrified at the thought of another Democratic law becoming really successful and
them - once again - looking like idiots.

Or maybe they are all stoned and can't remember that they did it already, 40 times.

A bunny


I hate bipolar disease

i have been having the worse time with mania lately. Not saying that depression is a cake walk but mania, to people who don't get it, can be very aggravating, causes all sorts of social and even dangerous problems, and is just plain tormenting.

I finally went to sleep around 5pm today after being so manic and rageful all afternoon and now it is almost 7am am I am still awake. I took another Saphris, (anti-psychotic) after the 2 I took this after noon to go to sleep and it is not working. And all I am thinking about is whether I should just stay up all day so I can sleep tomorrow, (Wednesday) or try and go to sleep sometime this morning and hope not to sleep too long to ruin my sleep for tomorrow night.

This has been my life. I have always been a night owl but it get just stupid sometimes.

And I have lost a friend this time around. But I am pissed at her because she is Schizophrenic and I never threw her problems back into her face but this time when I wrote a nasty letter to someone and then apologized she still told me how, "shocked" she was at my letter. Of course she forgets the time when she thought her co-workers were witches who were putting spells on her. But MY outburst just looks like someone who has no class so I am vilified for it.

I hate that I lose control and do things I regret. They aren't big things anymore but usually just raging or sending raging emails. but still I wish I had the sense at that time to see clearly and realize that I am just in a mood and it will pass and my thinking is not all that straight right now.

So that's my rant right now. I feel a little relaxed so I hope I will be able to sleep within a couple hours.

To all you who battle with mania I understand, I really do. And to everyone dealing with brains that are wired fuckedup-idly I understand too. God bless us everyone.

Bill Clinton is using Buddhist Meditation and is a vegan!


Former American president Bill Clinton has taken his exercise regime to spiritual heights – by learning the art of Buddhist meditation to help him relax.

The politician, 65, has recently taken up a healthier life-style including becoming vegan after a string of heart problems over the years.

And in his latest bid to improve his well-being, the Democrat has hired his own personal Buddhist monk to help him learn how to meditate properly.

Radaronline quoted a source as saying: ‘Ever since his heart scare, Bill has looked for ways to help him relax.

‘He has a hectic life, he travels a lot on business as an ambassador for the U.S. and needs something to keep him sane.

‘Meditation offers him that, he has a mantra that he likes to chant and after every session he feels transformed and full of positive energy.

Elizabeth Warren said something very important about Syria.

“What’s important is that we have a plan and a realistic way to execute on that plan. We need to remember unintended consequences of any action. Good intentions alone will not help us. What Assad has done is reprehensible. It violates international law, and it violates the law of humanity. But it is critically important that before we act that we have a plan, a goal and we have a reasonable way for ensuring that goal. I think we’re now in a state of flux.” Elizabether Warren

Instead of going like cowboys and Indians like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan isn't it possible that something could be done that could deter Assad and keep causalities to a minimum - like only Assad, (and I know, blah blah blah it's a war crime to assassinate someone. Well why didn't that law apply when we killed Bin Lauden?)

Flame away!
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