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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 11,194

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The American Kennel Club fights to keep puppy mills open. They breed at puppy mills

I posted somewhere else that years ago I worked for a "breeder" of Corgies. They sold their dogs for over $1,000 and always had one or two making the dog show rounds. These dogs go from a crate at night that is like the one you take your pet to the vet with to a dog run during the day on concrete. They rarely get out to play. They are no different from animals who are looking for a home at animal shelters. There were always litters of puppies at various ages coming up. I find it hard to believe that they didn't kill some of them just because it would be hard to find a buyer for each.

Someone then told me that the AKC has been fighting to keep puppy mills alive. Maybe they are doing it because they are damned puppy mills.

I will NEVER go to a dog or cat show and I may just boycott the advertisers of their shows on TV.

TODAY Show Exposes Link Between Puppy Mills and the AKC

This morning, the TODAY Show ran a hard-hitting exposé on the American Kennel Club, revealing that the nation’s largest purebred registry group, one that self-identifies as “the dog’s champion,” is connected at the hip to the puppy mill industry. The program, as reported by Jeff Rossen, highlighted a report released by The HSUS that revealed that the AKC has now opposed more than 90 state and local bills to establish some minimum humane breeding standards for the care of dogs over the last five or so years. The central problem, also picked up in today’s news report, is that the AKC is financially beholden to the puppy mill industry through its puppy registration program. It is estimated that about 75 percent of its constituency are commercial puppy producers. The TODAY Show broadcast includes a variety of scenes from HSUS raids of squalid, overcrowded puppy mills that were registering puppies with the AKC.

This sort of exposure – which reminds people that AKC papers are essentially meaningless to anyone interested in acquiring a dog – is helping to drive consumers toward shelters and rescue groups and to more responsible breeders as the source for the new animal in their lives. That’s as it should be. More resources are readily available for consumers, such as the Shelter Pet Project for adoptable pets, and our guide to finding a responsible dog breeder.

Sales of dogs in pet stores, one of the primary ways puppy millers sell their dogs, have been steadily declining as a result of our investigations, consumer education and outreach campaigns, and policy reforms. The country’s two major pet supply chains – PetSmart and Petco – do not sell dogs from breeders, and make dogs available for adoption from shelters and rescues. In Canada, Petland stopped selling puppies completely because it is no longer profitable. More than 2,000 independent pet stores have signed our pledge not to sell puppies.


A new little alien baby just landed today!

She/him/hers/hims too cute!


Mo, Larry and Curly have joined forces and according to them

they will be one big superhero! (Sorry it's on the blaze but I was wandering around and found it and it was quite funny).



If there’s any truth to that saying, the establishment in Washington and progressives everywhere are likely none too pleased to hear that conservative personalities Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are on the same page and joining forces to help the country get back on what they feel is the right path.


The news is undoubtedly music to many conservative ears. Though Beck admitted progressives will not take the news well. He even jokingly referred to the trio as the “Wonder Twins.”

OK are these hamsters just playing dead or is someone shooting them?

I'm thinking from the lack of blood the answer is play but how do that do that?


Scientist's move levitating objects through space for first time.


Levitation isn't just for mystics anymore.

A Japanese technology team has demonstrated ultrasonic levitation of objects that for the first time works in three dimensions. This means that as opposed to merely lifting objects with sound waves, scientists can now move them through space in every direction. (See also "Watch Sodium and Water Levitate and Collide.")

First demonstrated in the 1940s, acoustic levitation has suffered its up and downs over the years, enjoying a resurgence in the past decade brought about by more powerful electronics. Researchers have dramatized the advances by levitating such things as bees, ants, and fish.

Now, in a study submitted to the Cornell University Library's physics archive, a team led by Yoichi Ochiai of the University of Tokyo reports that they have achieved a new level of control in acoustic levitation, moving plastic beads in three dimensions with an array of 285 sound-emitting transducers as the controllers.

Video of the feat has become popular on the Internet.

OK color me dumb but I have this 500 Lirasi note from Turkey

and when I did a exchange computation online it said it was worth about $300.

But then I see them selling for $14.99 on Ebay. I even saw one for a million lirasi for just a couple bucks.

What gives? It this not money anymore?

Here is the link to the 1 million Lira auction.


This email exchange will make it hard for you to breathe

from laughing so hard. I wish I could have copied it on here but I can't seem to.


Finally understanding the Bible.

Here is a beautiful youtube video with amazing pictures and song for relaxing.


This sort of thing helps me a lot so I thought I would share it.

With all the people who are having money problems right now I thought it might

be a good idea to share some ideas I learned from a prosperity class I took.. It really helped. Here are some ideas that they taught us in the class. And I understand that many people think this is all hogwash. I'm just sharing some things for whoever wants it.

(I don't want to appear like I am an expert on these things. I just remember, (some of) what we were taught.)

-Don't keep saying that you are poor. If you believe in Karma it means you will get what you most think about. ("As a man thinks so shall he be") We were told to look at everything in our lives are call ourselves prosperous now. Being grateful for what you have will bring more into your life. You can even look at the trees and be thankful for the prosperity you have to see all the trees (some people are living in slave situations and don't get to see the trees.

Keep telling yourself that money comes easily to you. You don't have to know where it is going to come from just keep this idea in mind and it will come to you.

On a practical note I have heard people who write down every single purchase they make just to see where they are wasting money. Starbucks is only a treat for me once in a while now instead of an every day thing. If you spend $2.50 a day for coffee that is $75 a month!

Give, and when you give say to yourself, "I am giving because I am prosperous and I love helping others." "What you give out will return to you 10 fold", (a woman who did Feng Shui told me that she always said that when people paid her.

The Feng Shui part of the house according to the Western school of thought is located in the far left hand corner when you are standing at your front door and facing in. You can put all sorts of things there if you believe in it to attract money. I have Chinese coins sitting on top of a mirror above my washing machine, I put red ribbons on all of my pipes that lead out and I always shut the lid on the toilet bowl now, . Here is a link for prosperity the Feng Shui way. http://fengshui.about.com/od/wealthcareer/qt/wealth.htm

There are plenty more ideas that you can try. Just google "creating prosperity" Here is one search. https://www.google.com/search?q=creating+prosperity&oq=creating+prosperity&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.5036j0j8&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8

Color me crazy but I have more money since I took that course and Feng Shui'd my house.

I wish everyone a very prosperous 2014!

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