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beam me up scottie

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Green Mountain State
Current location: Red state in the bible belt
Member since: Sun Oct 10, 2004, 08:05 PM
Number of posts: 55,002

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Bernie Sanders on Palestine, Israel and the Middle East 03-10-1988

Someone stated tonight that Bernie just now came out in favour of Palestinian rights, it took me ten seconds to find out that's not true:

Posted by beam me up scottie | Fri Apr 15, 2016, 12:38 AM (24 replies)

Where's the mystery? Here's the link to Bernie's full financial disclosures going back to 1990:


People who are concerned about his being beholden to special interests, hiding millions, etc. should be looking through those disclosures, I know I would be.

And here's a thorough article on Bernie's finances from Money Nation including a breakdown by year, if there was something fishy they didn't find it:

We estimate Bernie Sandersí net worth at $528,014. Thatís 7.8 times larger than the net worth of the median American family. However, since all senator net worths are estimates, itís possible Bernie Sandersí net worth is much lower. In fact, Bernie Sandersí net worth could be as low as $222,026. Thatís 3.3 times larger than the net worth of the median American family. Finally, the Bernie Sanders net worth average of $528,014 is about twice the net worth of others in his age group.

According to Center for Responsive Politics and Money Nation data:

Bernie Sanders Net Worth August 2015: $528,014

Bernie Sanders Net Worth May 2015: $440,511

Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2014: $330,408

Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2013: $330,506

Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2012: $460,506

Net Worth 2011: $308,005

Net Worth 2010: $429,004

Net Worth 2009: $105,003

Net Worth 2008: $219,504

Net Worth 2007: $345,503

Net Worth 2006: $188,504

Net Worth 2005: $128,001

Net Worth 2004: $115,501

Bernie Sandersí net worth has fluctuated over time, from $115,501 in 2004 to $345,503 in 2007. The 2008 financial crisis may have caused a drop of 36% of Sanderís net worth in that year. Sandersí net worth sunk as low as $105,003 in 2009 and has gone as high as $460,506 in 2012.

Our figures above show a rise of $87,503 in Bernie Sandersí net worth between May and August of 2015. However, only part of that rise comes from an actual change in Bernie Sandersí net worth. Most of the change comes from amendments to disclosure forms. In other words, Sanders didnít suddenly make an extra $87,000.


Get a shovel and start digging kids, I'm sure Brock missed SOMETHING.

Happy hunting! Do your duty as Americans!

Posted by beam me up scottie | Sun Apr 3, 2016, 08:56 PM (68 replies)

You find an article from Free Beacon much more interesting than one from crooksandliars?

Why I'll just bet you do, some folks do love their right wing sources.

Posted by beam me up scottie | Sat Apr 2, 2016, 08:52 PM (1 replies)

No, Social Media Warriors. Bernie Sanders Did Not Get $23M In 'Illegal Contributions'

From Crooks and Liars:

No, Social Media Warriors. Bernie Sanders Did Not Get $23M In 'Illegal Contributions'

For weeks now, I've seen social media warriors put out the claim that Bernie Sanders has received $23 million in "illegal campaign contributions" from donors. Another common allegation concerns one contribution from a corporation that the FEC questioned.

These allegations stem from an FEC inquiry into the Sanders campaign's December, 2015 campaign finance report of small donations. In a 43-page letter, the FEC questioned contributions in excess of the legal limits, one contribution from a LLC, and the total contributions shown for individual small donors.

I reviewed the whole report -- all 99,000 pages -- when I first saw the rumors swirling. After looking at it, it seemed to me that there were some fairly egregious errors in the report, but nothing nefarious. At best, it was incompetence and little more than that.

The allegation that he received $23 million in "illegal contributions.
" He did not. Here's what actually happened. ActBlue transmitted their collections on his behalf to the campaign, along with a report on who made the donations. When the Sanders campaign transferred those ActBlue donations to their report, they reported the entire amount transmitted by ActBlue as the aggregate contribution per donor, instead of each small donor's total contribution to the campaign.

So, if John Q Public made three $25 contributions via ActBlue to the campaign, his report entry showed the $25 contribution with an aggregate for the cycle of $23 million, instead of the correct amount of $75. The same is true for Jane Q Public's $25 contribution, and so on. There wasn't anything illegal about John and Jane Q Public's contributions at all, but it triggered a query because the aggregate contributions for them was over the aggregate limit of $2,700 for the primaries or $5,400 for the primary and the general.

Again. Not illegal, and not dishonest. Just a really bad error that will surely be corrected.

Posted by beam me up scottie | Sat Apr 2, 2016, 04:43 PM (43 replies)

Why are you linking to the blog of a homophobic racist and right wing tool?

From go blindly:

Project fucking Veritas, O'Keefe's corrupt organization that exists soley to smear liberals:

Project Veritas Video Documents Aussies Illegally Working in Sandersí Campaign
Posted on March 26, 2016 by Grace Laine

Project Veritas, an investigative film project headed up by James OíKeefe, is credited for documenting the illegal use of Australian Labor Party (ALP) workers in the Bernie Sandersí presidential campaign.

The group first broke the story and its accompanying video about a month ago but it gained traction when a New Hampshire lawmaker filed a complaint against the ALP and Bernie 2016, the principal campaign committee of Sanders.

The Project Veritas video is making the rounds at conservative talk shows such as GrokTALK, with emphasis on the socialist aspect of the ALP (see below).

Using a Republican's bullshit lawsuit to smear Bernie:

NH Legislator Sues Bernie 2016 for Use of Foreign Workers
Posted on March 26, 2016 by Grace Laine

NH Rep. William OíBrien files complaint with the FEC against the Australian Labor Party and the Bernie 2016 Presidential Campaign

Representative William OíBrien of New Hampshire has filed a complaint against the principal campaign committee of Bernie Sanders (Bernie 2016) and the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

The legal complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Here are her tweets:

"Does anyone think it *odd that all these white boys are soo in love with Bernie? Time to come out of the closet boys!"


Would you rather a President who has worked her life for equal rights, or a President who treats women like sex slaves? Reply at ballot box.


You knew about this because I told you about it the other day but I guess some people don't care where they go to get dirt on Bernie.
Posted by beam me up scottie | Sat Apr 2, 2016, 12:41 AM (5 replies)

I'm going to copy and paste this threat for my journal, just in case.


20. Did you ask around yet about who is harassing my family with screeshots of du and dkos?

They sent screenshots from here and my dkos profile so I'd like to know who it is.


43. I could care less what ANY OF YOU thinks about my credibility after these anti black racist memes

That they pretent do not exist. They lack the credibility to ever be judgemental. I do care that people are harassing my family. And I think I know exactly who it is. Just let them know that if they keep it up, they will have somebody harassing them back and he is not nice like me and won't feel one bit bad after he stops the abuser from harassing him further. Even if he has to track them down and have a face to face.

Now read my sigline and listen to some music about my lifestyle.

Now read my sigline and listen to some music about my lifestyle.


Posted by beam me up scottie | Fri Mar 25, 2016, 11:46 PM (2 replies)

Sure, since you asked I'll be happy to point out what your associates said about Bernie.

Now's your chance to show how clever you are.... just give me some links .... you see we have to examine the evidence to see that your interpretation is valid.

According to Hillary supporters on DU Bernie is Israel's #1 shill, a pro-Israel Marxist, an old crusty jew, a diehard communist, who belonged to a Soviet-sympathizing kibbutz, a pro gunner that thinks women enjoy being raped, that we should abolish pedophilia or rape laws, is a racist, condescending motherfucker, gun nut, draft dodger, scheming little sneak, socialist throwback jackass, drooling, sweating old fool, scumbag, pandering phony braggart with some kind of emotional instability, tool for the NRA, Republican man with his head between women's legs, who protects the minutemen militia, pedophiles, racist cops, has rape fantasies, thinks that orgasms prevent cancer, wants the guns in the streets, is trying to suppress the black vote, has a nest egg in Israel, is supported by Stormfront and whose supporters are groomed by psychopaths.*

You're welcome.

*note to jury: the op asked for evidence of my "interpretation" with links and I provided some. Since he linked to to other posts it's obviously not against the TOS and posts on DU are a matter of public record. No one was called out by name and this post contains no personal attacks. Thank you for serving.
Posted by beam me up scottie | Wed Mar 23, 2016, 06:49 PM (2 replies)

Right here:


134. I don't not need to lie. People smear themselves.

I cannot get that op to load. It is too long for my bandwith.
AK does not have the best internet yet.

Let me guess? About the relationships between certain women and other women and how difficult it would be for them to find girlfriends? It is the way those women attack feminism as weak and something beneath them, they are so much stronger and better than us weak feminists. That is why.
And as the mother of a dead child myself, I hate to watch people use that pain to attack others. I have seen it and it hurts. I have done it and hated myself later. Having close girlfriends helped me make it though. I do not trust women who are so very hard on other women.


You accused her of using her pain to attack others.

You did it to wound her, it was vicious and cruel.

But I'm sure you'll say you were provoked, right? And just spoke in anger. That's your go to excuse when you're caught.

Posted by beam me up scottie | Sun Mar 20, 2016, 03:14 PM (2 replies)
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